Recap: Pratik gets angry seeing Swasan together. Swasan gets close to each other.
Function started and Swara also started her work. One by one invitees are coming and Sanskar’s family welcomes them. Swara in her Camera, she noted Sanskar who is welcoming everyone heartily. She sees him smiling broadly, she turns her camera towards the direction where sanky smiles, she see Shiva and Anjali comes together for the function. She also feels happy seeing them together. Anjali sees swara and goes towards her. Swara handed over her camera to her assistant and starts talking to Anjali. Soon Shiva and Sanskar also joins with them. After all the formal talks Shiva says, “Swara, i heard that for all our upcoming functions, you are the one who is gonna take video and photo it seems”.He winks at Sanskar.
Swara, “Yeah good to hear, i will make my studio big if i get your orders”. Shiva, “Hmm you will because u have enough talent” and he said thanks to her for her albums.
Sanky, “Ya Ya, nowadays, he is spending his time by seeing the albums only, he is not even listening to any one. Aunty complained me about him. everything is because of you only Swara”. He laughs at her.

Swara, “What, hmm…you are pointing me Sanskar. See, i will not gonna take order and i am not gonna do anything for ur marriage”. She shows them fake anger.
Shiva and Sanky looks at each other and talks through their eyes. Shiva, “First of all who will call you for that. You know…” Sanky interrupts him and drags him saying that, “They will come at anytime. Come we will go there”. He takes shiva away from that place. Swara looks confused and started thinking what happened just now.
She recalls the sentence she said that she will not take video or photo for Sanskar’s marriage. She thinks how come she said that. Infact, if Swara’s wish will happen means, definitely she cannot take video or photo for his marriage, because she will be sitting with him in the Mandap right.
She is stunned by he thoughts and recalls Sanskar drags Shiva before he completes his sentences. She understood something that might be Sanskar also has same feelings on her. She becomes happy by thinking like this and continues her work with full enthusiasm.
The clients comes and the function also started. Sanskar seated in the stage with the clients and from there he continuously sees Swara wherever she goes and whatever she does. He calls Shiva and pass some message to him.

Shiva comes to Swara and says that, “No need to video the function completely, we will edit it. Don’t carry this weight on your shoulder for long. It might pain you and you can keep this down for sometime and take rest. Order from higher official”. he laughs and shows his eyebrows towards Sanskar.
Swara understood this taunts and smiles says, “I am the higher official for this section, so apart from my insist, i won’t take anyone else’s order. You can tell this too”. She sends him by saying this.
Shiva laughs loud and says, “Waareh wahh, so in your home all time diwali only, we can hear crackers bursting everyday”.
She notices Shiva saying to Sanskar and Sanskar also smiles broadly after hearing it from Shiva. Swara notices everythinng in her Video and smiles to herself. Sanskar also watches and smiles seeing her smiling.

Now the function is almost completed so she kept the video camera in the chair and takes rest for sometime. AP notices her and comes towards her. Mahira also goes with her, swara did not like but still she has a thought in her mind that, probably AP also likes mahira and wants her to get married with Sanskar. She feels bad by thinking like this but still she did not show anything on her face. AP comes to her and says, ” I was watching you all the time Swara, you were so sincere in ur work. yu know your uncle likes this type of people only. He also likes you. And i want to talk to you so much but now i don’t have time, since the function is over and i need to go home to look after the arrangements for dinner. You will come there na i will see u there. After dinner over you should stay for some time and talk to me ok.” By saying this she touches swara’s cheeks and leaves from there. Mahira also goes with her whereever she goes, all this was taught by her brother Pratik and she simply follows it.

Swara feels very relaxed and happy after AP talks to her. But Pratik who stands there gets angry seeing her. He thinks, “All of them are very soft to her and how much they are pampering her”. but he cannot keep quiet. he goes to swara and says, “AP maa makes my sister to learn all the habits which is followed in their families in this kind of functions. It will be useful in future right. that’s y.” Swara sees him and did not think anything negatively since she get little confidence after talking to AP. She tells him, “Your sister is so beautiful and obedient also, definitely she will get married into a good family only. Don’t Worry Pratik”. Pratik, “Definitely Definitely”. he laughs loud.

Swara turns to the stage and sees Sanskar’s irked face. She worries seeing him like that so she excuse herself from Pratik and goes to the stage and asks, “Sanskar, What happened? Any problem?”. Sanky, “Any fevicol is there with you or what. That Pratik is nowhere moving away from you. Is his sticks there or what?”. Swara is speechless for sometime but suddenly a cute naughtiness comes and plays in her eyes. Swara, “This is your place, you only know where the fevicol is placed and that Pratik also your relation only. If you don’t mind i will ask him what happened to his legs? Why it is sticking at the same place? Is it ok Sanskar?”. She makes a cute face and ask him, by seeing her sanskar forget everything and smiles seeing her.
Sanky, “Anyway you told na he is my relation, so i will take care of him. you no need to do anything. You start to home now. I will also come there. Now i ll join with the clients. you come safe better come alone only. Don’t take any fevicol with you”. By saying he just touched her nose for once, smiles and leaves from there. Swara is stunned by his act and starts blusing.
Pratik doesn’t hear anything what they were talking but he observed sanky’s softness towards her and thinks to do a big plan against Swara.

Precap: AP makes Swara to stay after the dinner is over. Swasan nokh jhok starts.

Guys, How is this episode. Please provide you comments, i am trying to entertain you all as much as i can. Hope i have done some justice.

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