Swara came early on the function day. Once she entered her eyes are started searching for him. She feels upset of not finding sanskar anywhere. Suddenly a voice comes from her back saying, “Well Swara, are you searching for me?”. Swara gets shocked and turned back with a jerk. She loses her balance and about to slip but sanksar holds her at the nick of time. They had a cute eyelock and forgot where they are. They comes to senses and gets seperated from each other.

Sans, “Are you OK?”. Swara, “Haa.. i am ok Sir”. Sans, “But am not ok”. Swara looks him confused and asks, “Why sir? what happened?”

Sans, “This sir is the problem. Pls don’t call me sir. I am not that much elder to you that u r calling me as Sir sir sir. I hate it Swara that from your mouth hearing sir is like eating a raw bitterguard”. he makes his face as if he eats the bitterguard really.

By seeing his reaction swara laughs heartily. Sanskar mesmerized to see her laughing and lost himself by seeing her. Swara noticed his stare and composes herself and shoves her hands on his face. He comes back to his senses and felt embarassed.

Sans, “So what you decided”. Swara, “what”. Sans, “How you will call me?”. Swara looks him and thinks for a while.

Sans,”ok i will tell you. Call me as Sanky. Everyone is calling me like that”. Swara feels shy and tells that, “No i cannot call you like that”.

Sans, “Y so. Isn’t it a good name?” Swara, “it is good only but how can i call you with ur pet name. it wont be good.”

Sans, “But i don’t like these Sir Swara. Pls look at me. Am i look old to call me as Sir”. Swara sees him and smiles and says, ‘Ok, since you are pleading like this, i will call you by your name”.

Sans, “Means?”. Swara, “Means, I will call you Sanskaaaarrr. ok?” She gives more stress while saying his name. by hearing that Sanky laughs and swara too joins with him. People around there looks at them and smiles seeing them together as if they are appreciating their jodi.

But a pair of eyes are in full rage seeing them together, its none other than Pratik. He stares swara angrily when she is with Sanskar.

Pratik, who is this Pratik. let me introduce him in few lines. He is a distant relative for sanskar family. He came to one of the marriage happened in sanskar’s family. He wonders by seeing their wealth and money. He also wants to join in this family as a member so he planned to make her sister mahira married with sanskar. So that he will live a wealthy life by using his sister’s money after the marriage. That’s the reason he always makes his sister go infront of Sanskar. He makes a sad story and tells this to AP who is soft hearten person allows Pratik and his sister to come to their home. But Pratik wants to use this sympathy in his plan. But now by seeing swara he gets scared that his plan might be spoiled by this girl. he hates their closeness.

All this is planning only Pratik he is using his sister in his plan but nowhere she is interested in it. He always forces her to be with sanskar, to talk to AP & DP. She did what her brother told but nothing with her whole heartedly. Pratik never cares all about this and concentrate only on his plan. He couldn’t stand there seeing them together. He walks toward them and interfere in their talks. He goes to them and says, “Sanskar ji, I came here…” he stops and sees Swara and starts talking to her saying, “Oh you are the one who takes Video and photo is it. AP maa was saying about you only from yesterday. You are doing this on your own and you are very talented and intelligent girl. Hmm maa said true only you are not only talented but beautiful too”. By saying this he stops and looks at her. Swara gets embarrassed and looks at Sanskar. Sanskar also did not like it but still he introduced him to Swara as Pratik his distant relative. But before swara responds, he says, “Pratik, there is still time for the function to start, y u came so early?”. Pratik, “I got Mahira to help maa in her work and i came here to help u in your work”.

Swara looks here and there and thinks anyway everything is finished no work is pending and she feels proud seeing sanskar and his perfectness in his work. Pratik notices this and says, “I know sanskar ji will finish everything on time. If not for him i can help you in your work na Swara ji.” he gives a broad smile in his face. Sanskar did not like this at all and he becomes irked by his behaviour. Before swara replies, he interrupts her and says, “No need Pratik. She will manager alone. You go and help dad in his work.” By saying this he makes pratik to leave that place.

Precap: Shiva teases Swara. Swara to Sanskar, “See Sanskar, i will not take the video order for your marriage”. Sanskar to Swara, “First of all Who will call you for that”? Swara looks confused.

Guys, How is this episode. Please provide you comments, i am trying to entertain you all as much as i can. Hope i have done some justice.

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