Swara is shocked by sanskar’s explanation but soon she compose herself and says, “You did not have time to eat food in the

function itself, so i hope you would have not come here just like that without any reason. So tell me now what i need to

do just a photography shoot or Video coverage?”

Sanskar says, “Hmm…impressed by ur reply” and he too starts discussing about officially. He gave her the order of doing

a video and photography shoot of his business function.

Sans: “Swara you remember that day i went urgently for a meeting right, you did a big favour by giving ur scooty and it

helped me to reach on time for the meeting and it ends up successfully. So we have arranged function for that deal only.

Since you are one of the reason for this success, i want you to take up this order. After the function we have arranged a

dinner for those clients and that also you have to take and remember you should take a very nice pictures of them which

means how you have taken in Shiva’s engagement., like that.” He gave a pause after that.

Swara immediately replies, “Aaahhh..Pankaj sir told me to take like that, that’s y i have taken you.

Sans, “Its not wrong Swara. Infact we are very much satisfied by your work and we want the same for this function also. If

you don’t mind can you come with me tomorrow, so that i can tell where and how i want.

Swara, “At what time?”. Sans, “Your wish. Give me a call atleast 1 hr before your work is done, so that i can start from

my place and pick you up.” She too agreed for this. she informed this to her family and get the permission from them to go

with sanskar.

Next day, Sanskar came to her studio and picks her up and they both reached Sanskar’s office. Swara is wondered to see his office and she never imagined that sanskar belongs to this empire. She is stunned and says, “WOW”, but sanskar its really an empire as far as i know. Now i understood why u were running that day, to safeguard all these right?”

Sans, “Hmmm.. ofcourse Swara. I have to run to maintain this business and pls don’t think that it is belongs to me only,

actually it belongs my whole family.”

After that he showed her where they are going to have a function. She looks at the place and noted down what she needs to

do. He makes her to sit in a bench and tells her that he wil be back in a while. Swara is sitting there and waiting for


Sanskar’s parents DP & AP comes there and she greets them. They also talks to her sweetly and offers her to drink some

juice. They are really impressed seeing Swara’s standing on her own and her skills. They asks her about her family and

all, in the meanwhile sanskar also joins with them. They had a good talk for a while. Then she reminds him about the place

where the client going to have dinner. So all are leaving to Sanskar’s home. They welcome her to their home. She sees it

and wonders seeing its beauty.

Sanskar takes her where the dinner will happen but before that he turns and nods his head by seeing his parents. Its a

garden area where the party is going to happen. Swara notes everything and she started to leave. Before leaves she came

inside to inform his parents and there she sees a jewel box near the table and gets confused. Before she asks them,

Sanskar looks at his parents and ask swara to come with him. She did not understand but still she greets them and leaves

with him. Bue before she leaves, AP gives her a sweet box and ask her to take this with her. She sees it and becomes happy

saying, “Ranjan likes this very much”. AP asks, “Who is that Ranjan?”.

Sans, “Mmm, he is like her another brother. Its time for you to go now, shall we leave?”. Swara stares him and did not

know what to reply. She silently nods to the elders and leaves with him.

Swasan gets into his car but before he starts it, another came to the portico. A fat guy and a girl comes out from the

car. That guy sees sanskar and runs to him. Sanskar open the window and says, “Hi Pratik, Mom and dad is there in home, i

am going out for an urgent work so you pls carry on”. by saying this he starts his car engine and about to leave. Again

Pratik stops saying, “I will go and see them but mahira came here to see you only specially”.

Swara’s attention goes to that girl who is walking towards their car. She thinks, she is really beautiful but why she wants to meet sanskar. Suddenly she compose hers and thinks why it bothers her much. But she noticed pratik stares her immediately she turns to see him, but he looks away.

Sans, “I will see some other day Pratik. You both carry on”. By saying this he immediately starts the car and leaves the place with swara.

Swara is completely disturbed today and she thinks about the girl and thinks in her mind, “what kind of relation it could be with sanskar. She recalls Pratik’s interest on Sanskar by pointing to Mahira. Is this a marriage relation?”

Suddenly she thinks about hers and Ranjan’s relation and thinks , “Though we have the relation but me and ranjan are like brother and sister only. Might theirs also could be the same”. By thinking like this she composed herself and starts talking about the dinner arrangements.

Swara, “So Sanskar sir, if you could tell me the time when the dinner gets over, i can ask my dad to pick me up if it gets late”. Sans, “Its ok Swara, i can drop…”. She cuts his words and says, ‘No sir, we will not take any advantage with the clients. I can go in my scooty only but if it gets very late then it will be a problem that’s y i asked you”.

Sans, ” I don’t understand onething Swara. You know me very well and you have spoke to my parents also, still you maintain a distance from me and i can’t leave like this because it is important for me”. he looks at her intently.

Swara, “Actually my mom advised me to keep distance with the business clients…”

Sans, “I will come to ur home and will ask your mom that is there any rule only for me to address me as “Sir” and not to believe me. Not only asking i am gonna fight with ur mom.

Swara, “Oh god, nothing like. Rule is not only for you for all.”

Sans, “Hmm so you are a very very obedient daughter is it?. Do you really want me to believe it?”

Swara, “Haa ofcourse. I am a obedient daughter in my home”.

Sans, “I have to check this also with ur mom then. Anyway for my mom i am disobedient son”.

Swara looks surprised. He says, “Yes Swara, if i am obedient to my mom, by now i would be father of atleast 2 kids. My mom asked me to get married from my age of 24. She used to run behind me like anything. If i would have agreed with my mom, i would be meeting you with my kids only. Is it ok for you?” He looks and smiles at her.

Swara imagined him with 2 kids and his wife, she got Mahira’s image but her heart is protesting against it. She understood one thing that she couldn’t imagine Mahira with him. She composed herself for now to avoid his questions.

But without her knowledge, there is a spark started in her heart.

Precap: Pratik hates Swara being with Sanskar.

Guys, How is this episode. Please provide you comments, i am trying to entertain you all as much as i can. Hope i have

done some justice.

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