Recap: Swasan cute fight and Sanskar drops her in studio.

In the next continuous days, swara could not meet Sanskar and her charm has reduced in these days. Her assistant arthi asked her “what happened”?. Swara just give her a convincing answer to her. After that Swara tries to control her emotions infront of her atleast.

Suddenly Arthi informs her, “Mam, one a person came to meet you, his told his name as Sanskar”. That’s it, Arthi finds the lost charm in swara’s face and surprised by this.

Swara sees her and controls her reaction and says, “What he said?”. Arthi, “He wants to discuss with about some marriage order. Initially he told he will wait till you come. He waited for more than 45 mins but after that he informed that he has some work and he left. I asked him whether i need to tell you anything. But he told he has to tell this directly to you only it seems. But Madam, onething i have to say he is so handsome madam. From the time he came and till he did not get angry coz of delay. While leaving also he informs me very politely.”

Swara feels happy listening about him but she didnot show it to arthi but she itself surprised by her feelings. But immediately she stops feeling for him and says to herself, “What happened now, anyway he came for order only na. He would have seen the engagement pics, he liked it so he want me to do it for his other work. He wants his work to be done. Why i should feel happy?” thinking this she says to arthi, “Ok Arthi, anyway he told na he will come back. Will see. Now we will do our work ok.” By saying she started concentrating on her work.

Whole she continues her work but at the same time she is waiting for Sanskar, but he never turned up. Evening also when she about leave she thought what will happen if he comes after she left. by thinking this she stayed in her studio till late night and she informed her family also saying some urgent work. But she did not see him that day.

Next day she came very early and waiting for him. Arthi comes to studio and shocks to see Swara so early. She comes to swara and asks, “Madam, what happened. Any urgent work came madam?”. Swara, “Yeah arthi, i have got a call about one order that we need to finish it fast. That’s y.” She somehow convinced arthi and asks her to continue the work”. But still arthi asked her some questions swara got irritated and sends her to buy some necessary things from the shop.

She sits idle and gets upset since sanskar did not come and see her. To her surprise she got a call from sanskar. She already practiced how to talk to him if he comes. So she continues the same but stammers a little.

Sans: Hi Swara. I am Sanskar

Swara: Hi Sanskar. You…you came…yesterday it seems. She hits her head coz of her stammer.

Sans: laughs and Oh so you are talking like studio owner is it?

Swara realized her weakness and understood his taunt and as always her nature character came for her help. She replied back, “You only informed Arthi that you want to have a talk with studio owner only, that’s y”.

Sans: If not so?

Swara heart stops beating for a sec and she looks at him blankly. She finds the difference in his talking that he meets her only two days before within that time he is talking as if he is very close to her.

Sans: interrupts her thinking, “what no answer?”

Swara: If i understood ur question then only i can answer right?

Sans: Why can’t you understand? I asked “how you will talk if i haven’t come for business proposal but for a normal visit”.

Swara is shocked by his explanation and blinks at him.

Precap: Sanskar gives her an order of his business function.

Guys, How is this episode. Please provide you comments, i am trying to entertain you all as much as i can. Hope i have done some justice.

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