Recap: Swasan meeting in Swara’s home.

After Sanskar leaves, Shekar scolds swara for her misbehave with him. Swara gets angry again thinks that till no one in my family scolds me, but now because of him, my dad is scolding me. Everything is because of him. Her angry completely turns to only Sanskar.

Next day she went to Pankaj’s home to hand over the albums and CDs of the function. She takes an auto and reached there. Pankaj and his son came to the door step and helps her in taking the stuffs from her. While doing that pankaj tells her, “As he said, it is really weight. how you manage to get it on your own.”

Swara thinks who is that “he”? She just thinking and enters inside the home with them. There she saw Sanskar talking with Anjali. He looks at her and welcomes her. Swara is shocked to see him there but did not show it out. She just gives him a fake smile and turns to Anjali and smiles at her. Sanskar notices this and smiles broadly by seeing her behaviour.

Anjali, “Hi Swara, so how the pictures came. Mmmm…i mean, is everyone looks good is it?” She gets shy before completes her sentence. Swara understood this and smiles at her saying, “Ha ha Anjali, you, your fiance everyone looks good”.
Anjali shies and gets the album from her and starts looking at it. Sans, “Great, album came. i think i came here at the right time only.” Before he completes his sentence, pankaj says to sanskar, “First you see the albums. We will see it later”. And he asked Anjali give the albums to sanskar and immediately Anjali also gives that to him.

Swara is spell bound by this and just blinks at Sanskar. Sanskar sees her with a cute naughty smile and says to Anjali, “No Anjali, its your function so you should see it first. Then you show it to Shiva also. Then others including me we will see it later.” Anjali nodes happily and takes the albums and went inside.

Sanskar looks at swara and raised his eyebrows with a cute smile on his lips. Swara is dumb and thinks “Whether he is just showing his influence to me or what? Yesterday i did not allow him to see the albums but now everyone is asking him to see it first. Is he doing a show off to me?” She lost in this thoughts and did not look at him. She takes the bill and give it to pankaj and ask him to check it once. Pankaj, “No need to check Swara. I believe you. And i want to share one more happy news to you”.

Swara: What is that sir?

Pankaj: No sir, call me uncle. And you know from the bridegroom family they have requested to book you people only for the marriage also. Everyone likes all your preparations, decorations and work. All are impressed and we all want you youngsters only to do it for marriage also.

Swara is stunned to listen and very happy. She smiles broadly and starts jumping by holding pankaj’s hand and says “Thank you sir. Thank you so much. Sorry Thank you uncle.”

Pankaj: Sanskar came here to inform that news only and you also came at the right time.

Swara looks at him and did not know how to react. Sanskar: So you will not thank me is it?

Swara did not reply and stands still but Sanskar voluntarily extends his hands to her. Swara hesitantly extends her hand also to him. He holds her hand little tightly and congratulates her for this new order.

Swara felt something odd and takes her hand away from him and lost into deep thoughts, “whether he really came here to inform this or is he doing some prank on me? She couldn’t believe it actually. If anyone else means she would have definitely believed them but since it is Sanskar she is unable to have faith on him. Meanwhile, pankaj’s son came there with the money and hands it over to her. While she is ready to leave, Anjali came there running and holds swara’s hands and says, “Thank you soooooo much Swara. All the albums are looking so so good. especially the small one is awesome.” She turns to her father and says, “Papa, i want swara only to take video and pictures for my marriage also. Pls pa.”

Pankaj: I was talking to her about that only Anju. Don’t worry we will give the complete marriage order to them.

Anjali is so happy by and hugs swara happily. Swara just now started realising that it is true and they are really discussing about giving the order to their company. When pankaj asked her she replied him to talk about all these to her parents and her brother Akhil. She is ready to leave from there. Sanskar stops her and says, “Just wait Swara. Anyway you have to go to mainroad and catch the auto right. I will only drop you there” He did not wait for her reply and greets everyone there and starts leaving. Swara doesn’t feel good to refuse it so she started following him.

In the car,

Sans: I thought you are smart and intelligent, but when you get a good offer to shine, why you did not accept it firts place Swara?

Swara: How can i believe that it is a good offer.

Sans: What you can’t believe it? It is a marriage offer from the maheswari group though the request came from the bridegroom’s family.

Swara: Ha that’s the reason i can’t believe it. She says and gives him a side look.

Sanskar is confused for a sec and understood her hesitation, immediately he starts laughing at her and says, “Why swara, like the album matter, you thought i will pull your leg in this order also?. No never. This request came from my family and i just came here to pass the message that’s it. Now can you believe it?” and looks at her for her answer.

Swara gets embarassed and thinks how he found out what i am thinking. Suddenly she looks at him and understood that he is wating for her reply.

Swara: That’s fine but still to confirm the order my parents and brother has to decide it. I can’t decide it. Better you can talk to them.

Sanskar smiles at her and turns his attention to the road. Swara asks him to stop the car since the main road came. But he cuts her and tell her that he will drop her in studio itself.

Swara: But my studio is at the extreme opposite of this route. you no need to drop me i will go by myself.

Sans: Don’t lie to me. yesterday your ranjan that chatterbox told me everything about your studio also. So don’t try to lie to me. It will not work. By saying this he winks at her and continues his driving.

Swara bites her lips in angry and starts scolding badly about Ranjan in her mind. She keeps silent in the car and sanskar notices this.

Sans: Why are you so silent swara. i heard you will talk non stop and people will beg you to be quiet but now you are not uttering a single to me. What are you afraid of me or will anyone think wrong about being with me? That chatterbox did not say anything like that to me. Or do u have any secret even that chatterbox doesn’t know about it? he asks her with a cute smile.

Swara: Instantly replies, “Yes. Even ranjan will not know few things. so better you can drop me here itself”.

Sans: Its ok, if anyone asks me then i will give them right answer. you don’t need to worry about it. he continously drives and drops her at the studio itself.

Swara gets down from the car and says to him, “Thanks for dropping me in your busy schedule. If you go now also, i wont think wrong. Anyway you will be having lot of work and meeting and all”. Actually she doesn’t want him to come inside her studio and that’s y she is trying her best to stop him. But our sanskar understands her very well and doesn’t oblige her.

Sanskar locks his car and comes to her saying, “You know Swara, sometimes i like trees”. First she did not understand and blinks at him, but soon she too understood what hint he is giving. Which means he will behave like trees sometimes by not hearing other’s words.

Swara couldn’t do anything and soon she felt bad by behaving rudely with him. She welcomed him to her studio. He looks at her studio and comments that, “you kept your work place very neatly. But it looks small, and if you get big and many orders will you be able to accomodate here”?.

Swara understands his hint that he is talking about their family marriage order only it needs more people to do the work. She replies him, “If i am not able to then i will give it to one of my friend (guy). He will also do the same thing”.

Sans: Friend? So Ranjan knows about your this friend?

Swara is about to say no but stops and says, “Could be”.

Sans: You yourself is not confirmed or what?

Swara: I did not even tell to Ranjan then why should i have to tell you.

Sans: Is ranjan only is not aware of this or even you also don’t know.

Swara: even i will also becomes like a tree when unwanted discussions happens.

Sanskar laughs at her act and leaves from her studio.

Swara comes to her place and lost into deep thoughts.

Precap: Swara starts missing Sanskar and Swasan special bond starts.

Guys, How is this episode. Please provide you comments, i am trying to entertain you all as much as i can. Hope i have done some justice.

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  1. It sounds like kalyana vaibogame written by ramani chandran. I just love it a lot. Yours is very much similar to it

    1. Yes.. U r right. I have taken the plot from that story only. I want other language people to know that story. I love that a lot.

      1. Ok dude sorry if I hurt you actually ramani chandran is one of my favorite authors so I reacted this much. Gudluck

    2. No no. Don’t be sorry yar. BTW I am so happy that someone knows Ramanichandran novels in this site. You know we will get so many good plots from her story. Apart from Tamilians other people would have not get chance to read hers. I thought it would be good if we give them the spice of her story. Do u agree with me?

  2. Omg… Wats going on sans mind ???

  3. Superb..pls show sanskar’s POV… Very cute…

  4. Super..

  5. Did sanskar fall for swara? Y is he giving special attention to her? No.. I mean does he also like her?

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