Recap: Swasan first meeting in the flower market.

Engagment ceremony is over. Next day, Swara with her friends help she made an album of the engagement photographs and for the videos she matched the movie songs according to the videos. She completed that work and packed all the stuffs that day itself.

She started to home by carrying the albums. She gets irritated by thinking about her scooty and the 6 feet tall guy. She thinks, “Yesterday he got my scooty and till now he did not return it. Did he lost it or he forgot? I know only his name as Sanskar, that too true or not who knows? No no, everybody in the mandap knows him, so contacting him will not be a big deal but it should be his responsibility right. I helped him at the right time and he should return it once he done with his work right. Hmm…” By thinking like this, she got an auto and reached her home.

Once she entered her gate, she saw a new polished car and nearby her scooty with full damaged. She gets shocked and tensed. She runs towards her scooty and looks around it. She heard somebody is talking inside the house. She went inside and looks there, as she expected Ranjan explains him about his family history. Swara stops him in the mid and Sanskar also looks at her and smiles. But she looks outside once and looks at him. Sanskar understood her and gives her a sorry reaction. She did not say anything and went inside. Good thing is that time no one is there at home.

Actually when sanskar reached his office in her scooty and he got only 2 mins before the meeting starts. He just park the scooty there itself and runs to his cabin. His meeting goes for more than 2 hrs after that they had a business dinner and other normal discussions. Amid he forget about that scooty itself and left his home. After reaching home only he remembered about the scooty and thought anyway it is in the office only, so tomorrow will return it.

Next day he came to office and he saw the scooty fell down in the ground with few damage. By seeing him there the watchman came and told him that yesterday somebody parked it at the wrong area and another vehicle came and hit this. Sanskar felt bad seeing it and remembers Swara’s face. He got Swara’s address somehow and asked his drive to drive to her home. And he too follows him in his car. But in home only Ranjan was there and once ranjan got to know why he came he make him to sit and have fresh juice. He started talking continously and tells Sanskar about their family story.

Sans: So you r related to them is it?. Ranj: Yes, Shekar and Ram are my uncles. My mom is their sister.

Sans: So it is a marriage relation is it?. Ranj: gets shy & says, “Yes” and smiles.

Sanskar did not give any reaction and ranjan continues, “My dad married my mom from this family. My mom was the only daughter”.

Sans: So history is repeating?. Ranj: smiles and says, Swara is beautiful only but what to do i cannot manage her. And anyway they scientifically proved that we should not do marriage with blood relations. Actually sir, that day you have mistaken us. We were just checking the garland but u misunderstood us.”

Ranjan tells him everything what happened that day, how Swara was complaining about him to Ranjan and how finally Ranjan made her to shut up. Sanskar is laughing loudly by hearing all these. Then Ranjan was telling him about his family business everything. That time only swara entered inside.

Swara reached the kitchen area and calls ranjan to help her in getting the ice cubes. Ranjan goes inside and asks her. She started scolding him, “Are you describing the history of our family? Have you told everything or anything is pending? Next stree, some dogs delivered 7 puppies na, did you tell that also to him?”

Ranj: Oh Swara, see i forgot. Instead of dogs, i told him about the cats. Ok i will tell him again.

Swara really got angry and raised her hand to beat him but ranjan escaped from her and stands at the entrance of the kitchen from where he can see Sanskar also. He says to him, “Nothing sir, swara says whether you want Orange Juice or Grape juice”. Sanskar understood him and smilingly says that, “Orange Juice”. Ranjan signs her and goes near to Sanskar.

Swara don’t have other option she got 3 glasses of Oranje juices in a tray and asked him to take it. Ranjan drank the juice in a gulp and comments it, “My Sumi is great. She makes a very tastey juice”. Swara, “No one asked you. So better keep quiet”.

Sans: Y should? If it is good then we have to appreciate it. There is nothing wrong in it. Well i am about to say but Ranjan did it.

Swara looks at him and did not give any reply. She thought of asking about the Scooty and her mind is full of that thought only.

After finishing the juice, Sanskar looks at the sofa where she kept all the albums related to engagement ceremony. He asked her, “So you have completed all these work is it? Shall i see that once?.

Swara: gets happy inside, “sorry sir, i can’t show it to you. I have to give this first to Pankaj or to Anjali only (bride). Not to anyone else”.

Sans: surprised and says, “I think you have seen your scooty outside”. Swara becomes silent and did not say anything.

Sans: Actually some vehicle dashed it where i have parked. I asked my driver to do some repair and painting for this. And its my responsibility to give it back to you.

While he was explaining to him , they heard a car sound. Shekar comes inside and saw Sanskar seated. He directly goes to him and welcomes him, “Hello Mr. Sanskar, welcome to our home. I saw the news of your new deal. Congratulations. What you want to have?” He turns to swara and ask her to get something to eat.

Sanskar cuts him in the middle and says that, “Already your daughter and niece gave me a juice made by your wife. it was really tasty”. and smiles at him.

Swara to herself, “Hmm, he did not even asked me Sorry for damaging my scooty and now he is appreciating about the juice”.

Sans: But i came here to say thanks to ur daughter.

Swara already in a tense and she did not like that everybody is so nice to him. She rudely replies him, “I wont get cheated with your one thanks. I want money to repair my Scooty compeletly. You have damaged it very badly.”

Shekar: Swara, what is this? You are asking money from him to repair your scooty. Just keep it in our shed i will take care of it.

Swara: But y dad. he only damaged it right. Then y u have to spend it. When you bought me this scooty what you told me. That i only have to manage the expense for this right. When ranjan took it and damaged it, that time also you asked me only right. But why not now? she looks at him angrily.

Shekar becomes silent by her question and looks at sanskar helplessely.

Sans: smiles at her and says, “Your daughter saying is correct only sir. She helped at the right time and it should be my responsibility to give it back as how it was. I will give the money for the expenses.”

Swara thinks finally he accepted but somehow she is not happy for his decision. She cannot understand it and did not think about it more.

Swara: she calls him and says, “Tomorrow i am going to Pankaj’s home to hand over these albums. If you want you can get it from them and see this. But even i am feeling very bad that i could not show it you before them.” she makes a puppy face and looks at him.

Sanskar sees her expression and smiles at her says, “I Know”. She wants him to understand and should feel guilt but instead of that he is smiling at her. Swara doesnot understand this and looks him confused.

Before leaving, Sanskar says, “Tomorrow also you have to carry all these right, if you don’t mind shall i send my car to pick you up”.

Swara, “Why, no need. Even my dad has car. if i want, i will go in that. I dont need your help”.

Sanskar still smiles at her and leaves from that place.

Precap: Swara reaches Pankaj home and sees Sanskar talking to Anjali.

Guys, How is this episode. Please provide you comments, i am trying to entertain you all as much as i can. Hope i have done some justice.

Credit to: Satz

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