Recap: Swara and cousins starts their work in the marriage.

Pankaj asks swara to take more pictures of that tall guy. She looks at him for a sec and thinks, “Anyway pankaj has given

the order , so i should do what he says.” She starts taking video and pics of him.

But when she shoots him, she feels something odd. She thinks that she has seen him somewhere. She starts thinking deeply

where she met him before. Meanwhile, Anjali asked to change the sarees and the elders makes her to sit for the other

rituals. Swara is shooting all these continuously but still she is thinking and trying to find where she met that tall


After sometime, Shiva says, “Sanky, Now i can remove the garland right. Oh god how much weight it is. They did all this as

for engagement itself”. By saying this, he removed the garland and handed over it to the tall guy who is standing beside

him. Suddenly Swara remembers where she met that guy. All those scenes are started running in her mind.

Flash Back – Swara and Sanskar first meet

The Gadodia family children used to work at their free time with their parents. Likewise sometime back for one marriage

order, they were working with their elders. Generally after the marriage, they will do the ritual of exchanging the

garland between the couples. But they found that the garlands are not so good and they did not like it. So Swara and

Ranjan went to the flower market to buy the new garland. She found many faults in so many garlands. Finally she got one

and she wants to check it. So she just give a pose to Ranjan how the bride will wear to the bridegroom. She was satisfied

and smiles by seeing it.

Suddenly a voice came to disturb them, “Can you go the corner of the road and do the rehersal?”. Swara looks at him

shocked. She thinks, like his voice, his face expressions also was very rude and serious. That was the first time ever a

stranger had talked to her like that. She thought why he was saying like that and suddenly realised that she is in the

middle of the road. She says, “Sorry” and moves to the side. But he still says that, “Don’t give trouble to others and do

your rehersal somewhere” with the same rude tone and left from that place.

Swara was very much upset and starts complaining about that person to Ranjan. Swara, “How can he say like that? He is

stranger and without knowing how he can scold us like that Ranjan? Why can’t you scold him back?”

Ranjan: Scolding, me and to him. Swara are you mad? I want to go home safely. Do you think, after scolding him, he will

leave me as how i am now? No baby pls never ever thought like that.

Swara gets laugh by seeiing his scared face but still she is upset. To ranjan, “Ranjan, i am a good looking girl only

right. If any guys sees a girl like this, will they scold like this or what?”

Ranjan: You are very beautiful Swara. that’s y he got angry. If a girl like you, gives a pose like wearing the garland to

a another guy means, any guy will get angry only right?

Swara: Another guy? We were holding and just checking only r ight.

Ranjan: You were holding the garland right, that position was like you were about to put me the garland.

Swara: For you? Do you think i will do that mistake in my life?

Ranjan: Thank god. Its a great escape for me. Even i don’t want that too. I am not waiting for you.

Swara: You are 1/2 feet less height than my dream boy. But how can he think about me like that? She makes a sad face.

Ranjan got angry and says, “Then, that man only will suite for you. he is 1/2 feet height than me. Go and run behind him

and explains him what happened here and put your application for him.” He starts teasing her then only she stopped talking

abt that incident. Flashback ends.

Swara comes to senses and thinks finally i am taking picture of him only. what a punishment i have got. She gives a heavy

breathe and continues her work. But inbetween she thought that whether he reminds that incident or not. She finds him

throught the lenses, that he ofen looks at his watch and becoming serious sometimes.

Swara is shooting the scene of ring exchange and she finds the cute romance between the couples and smiles at them.

Suddenly she heard a voice near to her saying, “Your Van is blocking my Car. Can you first move that somewhere and

continue your work?” She finds the lost patience and irritation in that voice.

She turns and looks at him. As she guessed it is none other than the Same Kadoos guy. She looks at the irritation in his

face and says, “When we parked our van, there was no other vehicles and there was lot of space on the otherside”.
He says, “Some other Idiot parked his car in a cross way and it completely blocks my car. I have to go urgently otherwise

my work will get spoiled.”

Swara thinks, “Oh only his work will be spoiled, we don’t have anywork or what”. She says, “Even how can i leave this work

in the middle. I can’t come. Catering department is handling by my brother only. You can ask him move our van”. She

replied him and continues her work without looking at him.

He got irritated and moves to the kitchen area. After sometime again he comes to her and says that, ” See, i can’t find

your brother there. You come and get the keys na. It is getting very late for me now”. She hears a little pleading tone

from him.

She thinks for a while and says him, “See Mr.” He cuts her and says, “Sanksar”. She says, ” See Mr. Sanskar, I can’t stop

my work in mid and come to you. If it is very urgent, you can take my scooty which is outside only.” Sans, “Where is key

for that?”. Swara, “In my shirt pocket…”, When she says that sanskar immediately tries to put his hand in one pocket.

Swara, “Stop it” and immediately moves back and looks at him angrily. She thought, if somebody sees his act what wil they

think, Stupid. She looks at him and takes the key from her pocket and hands it over to him. She looks at him and starts

laughing by imagining the 6 feet guy in her small scooty. Probably he also thinks the same or what, he also smiles and

left from there.

Swara is stunned by seeing his smile and thinks whether he can also smile like this? she never thought his smile will

mesmerize her. She comes to her senses and continues her work again.

Guys, How is this episode. Please provide you comments, i am trying to entertain you all as much as i can. Hope i have done some justice.

Credit to: Satz

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