Recap: Swara informs the elders that they want to take the order from Maheswari group.

Elders are shocked by hearing Swara’s statement. Shekar, “What rubbish are you talking”?.

Swara: There is nothing rubbish in this dad. Please listen to us once what we are trying to say.

Shekar gets calm and ask her to proceed. Swara, “Dad, as you know Akhil bhai got a degree in catering management, if he calls his friends also will come and help us. Prabhu is good in Interior decorations, so he will manage the decoration parts, Ranjan done his business administration and he will help us in getting the necessary things for the function. Marriage Video and Photographs will be my responsibility. If we call our friends, a big group will come and help us. So if we have the enough number of people to do the work means, then why should we cancel this order. Please take this order dad and give us a chance to prove our talent.

Manjunath: All of you gone mad. This will not work. You all are youngers and how can you all do this big order. If some small mistakes happen, then that’s it. All our reputation will go away.

Youngers are disappointed and looks at each other sadly. Akhil, “I told you na Swara, they are like this only.Even our family members only don’t have confident on us, then how come outsiders will believe in us. There is no point in stainding here. Come lets go”.

Swara: How can we leave like this bhai. We did our studies to join in this business only right. Then all those are waste is it? At times we worked with our parents and we got appreciation for our work all will go in vain is it? Please Grandpa, Please dads, please give us one chance to prove us. If you ppl only believing us means then who will believe us? Please please. She makes a sad face and asks others also do the same.

Elders sees their act and starts laughing by seeing them. Finally they agreed for their obligation. All are happy by this and hugs each other.

Manjunath: All are ok, but if a girl takes a video coverage for marriage means, i dont know what they will think.

Swara gets irritates and thinks , “then y they accept when i told i want to study on this” but she replied him “Dadaji, the function is organised by bride’s family right. So if they finish the makeups everything, gents cannot go inside untill they come out. If it is a girl, then we can go inside and sit there itself till they get ready. All these are advantages only na dadaji.” She makes a pout face and looks at him.

Manjunath: He smiles at her and says, “No one can win against her in arguing with you”. Anyway i will inform this to them, lets see what they say.

Bride’s father Pankaj is so tensed. Bridegroom’s family is Maheswari’s Industries family. They have a good reputation in the city and they are so rich also. They are running their industries successfully for last 3 generations and they never have any misunderstandings among their families. Pankaj is also rich but not equal to Maheswari family and he has one son and only daughter her name is Anjali.

Actually one fine day, one of the maheswari family’s son Shiva saw Anjali in one function and he falls for her at first sight. He proposes her and she also accepts it. Then he informed this to his family and they also accepted this proposal and arranged for the marriage.

Pankaj is very happy for this and he wants to make sure that nothing should go wrong in his side. So he gives the marriage order to Gadodia family who is successfull in doing all these events. But he thought that elders will do all the arrangements in the marriage but when he saw the youngsters , he gulped for a moment and thinks whether they can do it or not. But when they starts their discussion about all the necessary things, somehow he gets convinced and happily agrees for everything.

Pankaj gave all his needs and based on that they all started calculating how many employees they need, how much money it needs etc etc. He is very much satisfied and gave the advance happily to them.

Swara comes early on the engagement day and get her introduced to their family. She becomes happy seeing the bride and she too likes her innocent face. She happily takes the video of her in different gestures. She thinks, the bridegroom also should be equally looks good.

She starts discussing with her assistants in what way they have to the pics, where and all they should cover everything. Suddenly somebody shouts that bridegroom’s family has arrived. She goes to the entrance and starts taking the video of the bridegroom. Somehow she is satisfied by seeing him.

Bride’s family welcomes them inside the Mandap and swara covers all the cute cute moments in her video. She takes the bridegroom’s photograph in different angles to match with bride’s one. (from now i wil put the name of couples as Shiva & Anjali)

Swara feels everthing is good and she is more satisfied except one thing, no no it is one person. She a guy who comes with Shiva always walks here and there and hides the couples when swara tries to take their pictures together. She thinks who is this tall guy who always comes infront of her camera always hides the couples. She gets irritated by this.

Once she lost her patience, Swara says, “Sir, today’s hero is bridegroom only. If you move that side i can take some good pictures and videos of them.” He says, “Oh Am Sorry” and he moves aside. For a sec, swara thought whether she behaved harshly and the very next moment she forget it and concentrates on her work.

After sometime, Pankaj comes to her and says that, “Swara, if possible take more pictures of that guy who is standing near the bridegroom right. If anyone from my family stands with him just take the pics immediately. It will be great pleasure for me. Don’t forget it”. he smiles and left from there to look for other arrangements.

Swara is confused and looks at the tall guy who is still standing near Shiva. She looks puzzled.

Precap: Sanskar shouts at Ranjan and Swara to have their romance anywhere else not in the center of the road. Swara is shocked hearing this.

Guys, how is this episode. Hope you all like it. Enjoy reading it and give me ur comments πŸ™‚

Guys, How is this episode. Its just a start. Day by Day i will make it more interesting. Please provide you comments, so that i will make interesting plot to attract you all :).

Credit to: Satz


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    ab to swara or sanskar ki shadi kra do. or sare villains ki chhutti kr do jb dekho tb swara or sanskar ki life me koi na koi villain tapak hi jata hai. thode time k liye to dono ko khush hone do .

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