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SWASAN – Love Blooms (Episode 14)

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Recap: mahira blames Sanskar and Swara believes Sanskar is innocent.

Swara says that she trust Sanskar. Sanskar stares Pratik angrily. Swara holds his hands and makes him calm down. She goes to Mahira and asks her, “Y u blamed Sanskar?”

Mahira is tensed and looks at her brother. Swara notices this and thinks that all this was done by pratik but she wants that truth from mahira. She force Mahira to tell the truth.

Swara: Mahira, am asking you why you blamed sanskar?

Mahira: I am not blaming anyone. I am telling the truth. Sanskar ji misbehaved with me and that is true.

Swara: Ok. How come you can say that he really misbehaved, as he said he might be holding you from not falling right.

Mahira stammers and says : No, he really misbehaved with me. I know his intention, it is wrong.

Swara: How you know his intentions are wrong?

Mahira: I know. he did not see me in good way for past few days. His intention was not good and i understood it so only i tried to be away from him and always goes with Mom.

Swara: So mahira, you said past few days right, can you say it exactly from how many days Sanskar is following you?

Mahi blinks at Pratik. Swara waves her hand infront of Mahira and asks her to look at her and answer.

Mahi gulps for a sec and stammers: from…from..mmmm…. from past 2 weeks.

Swara: Which means, it all started from Shiva’s engagement day. Am i right?

Mahi: Ye…yes

Swara: Mahira for your information i am saying this, Me and Sanskar got to know each other on that engagement only. Its been now 2 weeks. I have question here for you. How come suddenly sanskar behave badly with you which he never did it before.

Mahira is shell shocked and atmost scared and finds words to answer her.

Swara continues: Are you blaming Sanskar because of me?

Mahira starts crying and looks pratik helplessely. Pratik signs her not to tell the truth.

Swara sees her crying and goes to her and holds her hands to make sure she will support. she continues saying, “Mahira, i know you cannot stoop so low and i am sure you are not doing this by your will. Tell me the truth i can help you to come out from this.

Swara guess Mahira is doing all this by Pratik’s sayings and she wants that to come out from the Mahira.

Mahira keeps mum and crying continuously.

Swara: Okay, so you will not say anything to us right. Let me call the police, they will come and ask you so many questions more than this. You cannot deny them.

Swara takes her mobiles and acts like dialling to police, mahira sees her and stops her dailing.

Mahi: Swara, pls don’t do this. I will tell you the truth.

Swasan & AP is relaxed but Pratik is shell shocked.

Pratik: What truth you gonna tell? This is the truth and we all had seen this.

Swara raises her hand to stop his talking and turns to Mahira and signs her to say.

Mahi: Maa, Sanskar ji, you both please forgive me for god sake. There is no mistake on sanskar’s side. I did all this cheap trick to trap Sanskar ji and makes him to marry me.

AP: is shocked and asks, “But why?”

Mahi: Maa, I did all this by my brother’s insist.

All are boggled to listen this and Swara gives a reaction as if she expected this.

Pratik stares at her angrily and Sanskar folds his fist in anger and try to move to him but swara holds him and makes him calm.

Mahi: He wants me to marry Sanskar and becomes bahu of this house, so that he can enjoy this wealth without any effort. And that’s y he always makes me to stay with you to grab your attention. But Maa…

she stops and starts crying badly. Swara and AP goes to her and consoles her and asks her to continue.

mahi: But maa, actually i am in love with someone. The truth is i too don’t want to marry Sanskar. But i have done all this for my brother.

Swara is shocked to listen this and tells her to explain it clearly.

Mahi still cries and says, “I love somebody else, initially my bhai did not oppose it. He also said yes for that but after that marriage function where he met all your families, he changed his decision. He used to scold me to forget my love and he wants me to become bahu for this family. I did not accept it and started fighting with him. Then he trapped me into his sentiments and threatens me saying that he will commit suicide if i am not agreeing for his wish.

Maa, i don’t have anyone for me except my brother. I don’t have any choice also but accepting his desire. I unwillingly broken my relationship and did whatever my bhai said to me. But still i cannot forget my love, i still loves him only.

By saying this, mahira cries silently. Swara consoles her and says, “Don’t worry Mahira, i will make you to unite with your love. It’s my promise.”.

Mahira looks her and hugs her happily.

Pratik is completely bowled over and tries to go away but sanskar holds his collar and drags him and starts slapping him hardly. All are trying to calm sanskar and asks Pratik to get out from there.

Mahira cries seeing him and apologize to everyone there.

Sanskar sees Swara proudly and holds her hand gently. Swara too holds his hand back and smiles seeing him. AP notices all this and wipes her tears and comes to them.

AP softly touches her cheeks and says, “I am so lucky to have you. I am very proud of you Swara.” She hugs her and kisses on her forehead. Sanskar is at cloud nine now and controls his emotions.

Swara is about to leave but Sanskar offers her a drop. Initially she refused but AP also insist her not to go alone. Swara agrees to her.

There is a mild silence in the car. Swasan did not talk to each other but thinks about each and every moments of them. Finally Sanskar breaks the silence and starts.

sans: So Swara, thank you.. For everything.

Swara: Its my responsible Sanskar. I trust you from the bottom of my heart and i am sure you cannot even think about that kind of cheap. you are not at that level to stoop so low.

Sans: I am very very lucky to have you as my life partner. The best thing that i did in my life ever is fallen in love with you.

He holds her hand lovingly and presses it gently to show her that she is the most important person in his life. She smiles seeing him and leans on his shoulder.

Swasan reaches her home and she is about to get down but stops and sees Sanskar. Sanskar sees her little worry and asks her.

Sans: What happened swara? you look so tensed now.

Swara: Actually Sanskar, My family has little doubt on me. I want to tell them about our relationship but before that i want an approval from your side means from your parents.

Sans: Don’t worry Swara. My parents accepted it. Only things is to get an approval from your family. That job will give to my parents, u don’t worry about that and till then don’t say anything to them. ok.

Swara is happy and with so much excitement, she kissed his cheeks. Sanskar is surprised and slowly touches his cheeks where she kissed.

Swara gets shy and runs to her home. She runs to her room and falls on the bed. she reminiscies her lovely moments with sanskar.

Sanskar also started from her home and all the way he is thinking about swara and the beautiful moments he spent with her.

Sanskar reached home and sees AP and Mahira tells everything to DP.

Sans: Dad, i want to tell you and mom something.

Mahira tries to go inside but he stops her and says he doesn’t mind if she stays here.

DP: tell me Sanskar.

Sans: Dad, Mom, i want to marry Swara. i love her.

AP & DP becomes happy and hugs him happily and says that he has taken the right decision and this is the best ever.

Mahira is also happy and congratulate him.

DP & AP decides to go to her home tomorrow itself and asks for Swara’s hand.

Next morning, Swara wakes up and gets ready to go to her studio. She comes out from her room and sees everyone is busy in their own world. They all hear a car sound and looks outside to see who is there. They see AP & DP are coming. Elders rushes outside and welcomes them home.

They are having a formal talk, in the meantime sumi and other ladies prepared the coffee and snacks and give it to them.

DP to Shekar: Shekar, i have come here for a special reason.

Shekar and others looks confused.

DP: I have come here to ask your daughter’s hand for my Son Sanskar.

All are so excited and smiles happily. Especially Swara’s dadaji is so much excited and very happy and goes to swara and hugs her. He tells shekar to accept this proposal. Shekar tells that he want to ask Swara’s wish.

AP interrupts him and says, “No need Shekar ji. Swara will accept this for sure. Am i correct swara?”.

Swara is stumbled and blinks at everyone who looks at her curiously. She bows down her head. Ranjan who stands with her pinches in her hand to make her see everyone. She stares angrily at him and sees her dad.

Shekar understands her that this was the reason for his daughter’s behaviour for past 2 days. He smiles at her and accepts the proposal from DP. They all congratulate each other. Swara is so happy and excited and messages to Sanskar.

Precap: Swasan engagement and cute romantic scenes.

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