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SWASAN – Love Blooms (Episode 13)

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Recap: Swasan confess their love. Pratik plans to seperate Swasan.

Swasan are still in the garden.

Sanskar: “Swara”.

Swara: “mmm”.

Sans: “I LOVE YOU”.

Swara smiles and hugs his hands more tightly.

sans, “will you stand with me no matter whatever the situation is?.

Swara: OfCourse Sanskar. You know what, “In a relationship trust is the most eternal thing you have. It will groom your love to any extent. Love is not about just hugging or kissing. It is all about trusting each other, compromising for each other, sacrificing for each other and the real proof of our love is the trust you have on me and i have on you. i promise you sanskar, moe than love, i trust you, always and forever.

sanskar gets emotion and cups her face and looks at eyes. he places a soft kiss on her forehead and says, “I am lucky to have you in my life. you are my precious thing ever i get. I love you so much swara”.

swara too hugs him tightly and feels the fragrance of him. After sometime they both leaves from there and he dropped her in her studio and bids bye to her. Swara is in full happy mood and blusing. Her assitant notices this and says, “What madam, you are so happy today?. your face starts glowing madam. And you are looking beautiful when you are blushing?”. Swara really gets shy when she hears all this and feels the essence of love for the first time. She herself is surprised to see herself like this and ofcourse she likes this change in her. Soon she wrap up all the work and leaves to her home.

While going she carries the albums and CDs of the Sanskar’s business function and decide to give this to him tomorrow. She finds a reason to meet him in his home so that she meet his parent also. She entered her home and forgets the surroundings and started humming her favourite song happily and did a small & cute dance to the rythm of the song having the roses in her hand and going to her room. On the way she bumped on her aunty and the things on her hands falls down. But swara did not notice anything and goes to her room and locked it.

Actually the whole family seated in the hall when she entered home. Everyone notices her but she did not realise anyone since she is in newly found love. The complete family is stunned to see their daughter in new avatar. All their mouths are hanged open and widened their eyes. Ranjan is the only person who knows everythng smiles seeing her activities. Shekar to Sumi, “What happened to our Shona? i never seen her like this. Is she alright?”. Sumi is confused too and nods no.

Sumi : let me go and check her.

Ranjan: Sumi Mom, don’t disturb her. let her enjoy her new love.

Sumi & Shekar in chorus: What? love?

Ranjan: Haan, Love. Newly found love.

Shekar: Really. How come you know?

Ranjan: I know. It’s not time to question me. You can ask her only.

Sumi: I will ask her now itself.

But shekar stops her and says to ask her in the morning.

Morning, Swara gets up early and gets ready to go to Sanskar’s home to give him the albums. She comes out from his room and greets everyone. Except Ranjan and her brothers, elders are not responded to her. Swara signs ranjan what happened?. Ranjan laughs at her and signs back that he don’t know. Swara greets her Dadaji but he turns his face. She is puzzled and looks at other faces. Everybody also does the same reaction, she is shocked and confused.

Swara: Papa, pls tell me na, what happened? Y r u all behaving wierdly.

Shekar: We are not. You are.

Swara: What? I don’t understand papa. pls tell me clearly.

Shekar: ok. I am asking you directly. R u in love?

Swara is speechless with this confrontation and blinks at her family. Actually she is scared and sees everyone surrounding her but she stopped seeing Ranjan smiling at her. She get some courage and answer, “Papa, You believe your daughter na that i will not take wrong decisions”.

Shekar gets emotional seeing her and says, “Haan swara, but…”.

Swara cuts his words and says, “Pls Papa, i promise i won’t take any wrong decisions and i won’t go against you. But i can’t tell you anything right now. Pls believe me na”.

She kept pout face and looks at her dad. Shekar is totally convinced and hugs her saying, “Take care beta, you are our life. If something bad happens means, we can’t live without you.”

Swara consoles him and leaves. She started thinking about their worry and she also felt bad. So she decided to go to Sank’s home in the evening. So she leaves to her studio.

Whole day she was waiting for Sanskar’s call but he did not call her. She gets upset and thinks to meet him in his home itself. She started leaving to his home.

Sanskar’s home,

Actually today sanskar did not go to office and attended all his meetings from his home itself. He was very busy from the morning so he couldn’t call her. Pratik comes to his home in the morning and sees Sanskar in home and got to know that he is not going to office today. So he again go back to his home and picks up mahira and dropped her in his home in the morning itself and went out. Mahira sees Sanskar is in home and gets scared but still she has to execute the plan which her brother told her. From morning she tried so much but she couldn’t move close to Sanskar. All day he was busy in his conference so she couldn’t do anything. She was litrellay scolding her fate and her brother simultaneously. In his home, only AP, Sanskar and mahira was there.

In the evening, she sees sanskar finished his work and walking here and there in his room. he is checking his mobile and tried to call swara. Mahira sees him coming and take some plate in her hand and goes towards him. She purposely gets slipped and falls on him. Sanskar did not expect this, he lost his balance on holds her waist and balances in the table. AP comes out from kitchen and goes to sanskar’s room by hearing the scream from Mahira, she see where Sanskar on top of Mahira. Mahira sees AP and starts her acting by crying and says, “Pls Sanskar ji, leave me”. Sanskar is shocked moves away immediately. Mahira also gets up and runs to AP and hugs her crying.

AP is confused and shocked and looks at both of them.

AP: What happened here?

Mahira: Maa, sanskar ji…He..he…and she did not complete her words and started crying.

Pratik enters as if he is coming now only, but he was hiding there and watches everything. He comes and asks, “What happened to my sister? Y she is crying?”

Mahira looks at him and continuous her acting. pratik goes to Mahira and asks her.

mahira: “Bhai, Sanskar ji misbehaved with me. He tried to do bad with me”. She again cries saying this.


Mahira is really scared by hearing Sanskar’s harsh tone. She blinks and looks her brother for support.

Pratik also gets afraid for a sec but he composes himself and gathers the courage to face him.

Pratik: She did not say nonsense, you did the nonsense.

Sans: SHUT YOUR blo*dy MOUTH.

He turns to Mahira and about to ask but she runs to AP and hugs her saying, “I am scared of seeing him coming close to me. maa pls save me”.

Sanskar is shocked and looks at her mother helplessly and says in soft tone, “Mom, i did not do anything. She was about to fall down, i just held her, that’s it”.

Pratik: Don’t lie Sanskar. No girl will lie by spoiling her Self respect. You really misbehaved with my sister, that’s y she is scared of seeing you.

Sanskar is very angry seeing Pratik and looks at his mother to believe him.

AP: Mahira, i have faith on my son, he never stoop down to do this bad. i think you are mistaken him. As he said, he helped you. think well and talk before blaming others.

Sanskar is little relieved by hearing AP’s statement. But Pratik realises that the situation is going out of control and interrupts.

Pratik: Maa, you are also a woman, pls think whether any girl will spoil her own name like this. Tomorrow her future only will be questioned. You believe your son, i agree with you but i too believe my sister. She is not lying.

He emotionally blackmails AP and confuse her against Sanskar. Then they heard some noise on the door and everyone sees there. Swara is standing on the door with the albums she carried. Swara is speechless and stands like statue. Sanskar is really tensed seeing swara there and thinks whether she also believes.

Swara walks in and keep the albums in the table and looks at everyone. Pratik is completely shocked by seeing her but still he doesnot leave his confidence. Mahira is speechless and blinks seeing her. AP only comes to senses and just for formality she smiles at her. Swara too reciprocates it.

Swasan sees each other. By seeing pratik got angry and thinks “Y she comes here now”.

Swara: Actually, i…i came here to give the function album to you. I have to leave now.

Sans: Swara, won’t you ask what happened here and y i am looking worried?

Swara: I know everything. I came here when mahira was saying about you.

Sans: Then y u did not ask me anything. You not even reacted and leaving. You too believe all this nonsense.

Swara: yes I believe.

Sanskar and AP gets shocked listening her. Pratik is super happy and Mahira is confused seeing her.

Sans: SWARA…what did you say?

Swara: i said, i believe.

Sanskar gets emotional and stares her continuously.

Swara continues: I believe Sanskar. I believe you.

Sanskar is emotional and tears drops down from his eyes and is very happy seeing her trust on him. AP also looks happy. Pratik is shocked and mahira is totally confused and don’t know what to do.

Sans: Thank you so much swara. I really scared that whether you also believe what happened here.

Swara: Sanskar, i have told you yesterday itself, “Love happens based on trust. If i won’t trust you then i cannot love you. I have full faith on you”.

Ap is super happy to listen it.

Sans: Then y you did not ask me anything and you were about to leave.

Swara: Sanskar, If i have doubt, only then i can question you. I trust you completely so there is no point in asking you about the happenings.

Sanskar feels proud seeing her trust on him and looks angrily on Pratik.

Precap: Mahira admits that she lied but she did it by pratik’s sayings. AP & DP goes to Gadodia’s home and asks swara’s hand for Sanskar.

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