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SWASAN – Love Blooms (Episode 12)

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Recap: Swasan thinks about each other and reminiscises their moments together. Swara realised her feelings for Sanskar and expects him to confess first.

Next day, Swara gets ready to go to her studio and thinks about Sanskar for a moment whether she can meet him today or not. She says to herself, “Y he will come unnecessarily. He also have to look his business, he might forget me in his business tension.” She looks her one last time in the mirror and starts to her studio. She reached her studio and to her surprise Sanskar is standing there right infront of her studio and smiles looking at her. Swara is speechless and shcoked seeing him there. she parked her vehicle and goes to him and asks, “Sanskar, you here… so early that too? any thing to talk?”. Actually swara is little worried seeing him there, she thought there might be some pbm. But Sanskar smiles seeing her and says, “Yes, I have so much to talk. Shall i get some of your precious time for me too?”. Swara understands and goes to open the studio. She asks him to come inside and sit. She takes her seat and sanky sits just opposite to her and see her without blinking his eyes. Swara notices this and waves her hands on his face.

Sanskar comes to his senses and asks, “So what have you decided?”. swara looks him questionly. sans, “I mean, i have asked you something sometime before and i did not get any answer for that?”. Swara, “may i know for what?”. Sans, “You will come only if i tell you for what?”. Swara, “Not like that, but still if i know where we are going, i feel good”. Sans, “Thank you for coming BTW, its a surprise from me for you. So i cannot say you where we are going. if you are not wasting time in asking questions, we can reach soon and come back soon also”. Sanskar gives her a attitude look and raises his eyebrow. Swara smiles seeing him and says, “If anyone sees you like this, no one will believe that you are the business magnet the Great Sanskar Maheswari”. Swara tells him to wait for somemore time so that her assistant will come after that they can go. Till her assistant comes they both were chit chatting and side by side Swara is doing her work. Her assistant comes and swara informs her about the pending work for today and tells her that she will be soon. By saying this she goes with Sanskar. Sanky makes her to sit in the car and comes back to the studio and tells the assistant that, “Don’t wait for your Swara, she will not be back soon”. Assistant smiles and says all the best to him.

sanskar comes back and drives off. All the way swara is asking him where he is taking her but he did not answer her. He stops his car and looks at her says, “OMG Swara, you are unbelievable. You are a non-stop chatter box. I really don’t know how i am gonna manage you”. By saying this he got down from his car and goes to open swara’s door. Swara is like “WHAT” reaction. She sees him opening her door and gets down from the car. She again asks the same question where they are?. Sanky takes a red color velvet cloth and ties her eyes to her shock. She asks him, “What he is doing?”. Sanky, “I should have tied your mouth only instead of Eyes. Pls keep quiet for sometime , you will get to know where you are.” He holds her through her shoulder like a side hug and guides her. Swara is still tensed and little bit nervous and thinks what is he upto?. She hold his hands tightly to avoid slips. He gets her to the place and makes her stand in the center and asks her to stand there itself and not to move anywhere else. He moves away from her and goes and stands in one place and ready to pull the rope. He tells swara that once he asks to open her eyes once he informs. Swara is waiting for his words.

Sanskar is ready to pull the rope and asks swara to untie the cloth and open her eyes. She does so and when she opens her eyes, sanky too pulls the rope, there a bunch of rose petals falls on her. she is surprised and speechless seeing this and she looks around the places and stunned to see it. The place is like a rose garden which is completely covered with Red roses and the path is also covered with rose petals. In the middle she sees a swing which is decorated by red heart shaped balloons. She is overwhelmed seeing all this and goes near the swing and softly touches it. she gets happy tears and smiles to herself. she realised a gentle touch on her shoulder and without turning she smiles and closes her eyes. It’s none other than Sanskar, he makes her turn to see him. She bows down her head and hide her tears. Sanskar moves her chin up and make her to see him straight. They both have a cute eye lock. She realized his love in eyes for her. He moves 3 steps back and kneel down and takes a bunch of roses and extends it to her asking, “Will you be my life forever?. I want my day starts and ends up with you, by seeing you. I want to share all my happiness and sorrow with you. I want to have a cute cute fight with you and morethan all i want to spend my lifetime with you. I LOVE YOU SWARA. Will you be my life forever?”. Swara is shocked of this confess from him which she never expected. She is speechless and at the same time happy also by hearing his love for her. She moves to him and takes the roses and softly touches his cheeks and places a kiss on his forehead and says “I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR”.

Sanskar, “Oh god thank you so much swara, i thought you will think a lot and make me wait more, you know already my knees are paining”. by saying this he gets up and rubs his knees. Swara laughs at his act and hugs him tightly. he too reciprocates it passionately. After that he takes her to the swing and makes her to sit on that and he pushes it slowly. Swara is enjoying in the swing and makes him also to sit in that. he too sits with her, she holds his shoulder and rests her head. sanky too rests his head on hers and they are having a cute talk.

All these were making one person more anger that is none other than Pratik, Actually pratik plans to do some bad thing for swara so he went to her home and plans to follow her but to his unluck sanskar came there and all his plan got spoiled but still he follows them and reached where they are now. His stomach is burning like anything and thinks to take swara from sanskar’s life. He started thinking some evil plan to get rid of her.

Swasan doesnot know all this and enjoys their moments happily.

Precap: Mahira blames Sanskar that he misbehaved with her. All are shocked and Sanskar is shocked and emotional seeing Swara hearing all this.

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  1. What the hell .no kavita but mahira I just hate her. don’t separate SWASAN

  2. Omg plzz don’t do this I did not like the precap……..Im sorry if I’m hurting u…….I know that swasan will unite……..but plzz don’t do like swara is not trusting sanskar…..all that dont do plzz nd otherwise it’s nce

  3. Wow nice..waiting fr nxt

  4. Awesome……nice track…keep rocking…. Track d scenes…it seems too fast…

  5. Episode was awesome..nd abt precap i thnk swara shud trust sanskar..waiting fr nxt update soon

  6. Ur story is really very unique and interesting too. I love it sooo much. Hoping to see the nxt part soon.

  7. super interest

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