Recap: Sanky’s business function gets over successfully and they all go to Sanskar’s home for dinner party. Swara too goes there to take video. Sanskar doesn’t like Pratik talking to Swara.

Sanskar takes the clients to his home for Dinner party. They all appreciated him for his wonderful arrangements. Swara gets glad seeing him happy and she is covering all his happy moments in her camera. All the while Sanky was with Clients but still he makes sure that Swara is comfortable, this makes her more happy. After the dinner is over, everyone left including the clients but AP makes Swara to stay in their home for somemore time. Pratik insists AP to make Mahira also stay there but AP sends her with Pratik to their home. Pratik cannot refuse it when AP insists so he unwillingly takes her sister with him and leaves their home.

Swara also got ready to leave but AP makes her to be with her. Swara tells her assistant to leave and she made a call to her dad to pick her up in Sanskar’s home. AP and Swara having a talk for sometime. Sanskar drops the clients in the hotel and back to his home. He sees AP and Swara together talking he felt relaxed and happy at the same time. He thinks himself, “Thank god, now its easy for me to tell my mom. A big relief for me now”. DP comes there and pats his shoulder which disturbs his thoughts. DP, “What Sanskar, got lost in somebody?” He winks at his sone. Sanky blinks at him and doesn’t know what to reply. He stammers, “Woh Dad, no…yes…no.. I..I…mean i was thinking about the clients whether they will be comfortable in the hotel or not. That’s it”. He looks his father and got to know that he did not convince on his answer. DP and Sanky stares each other and started laughing. Sanskar blushes and DP likes it. He pats his cheeks and saying, “Sanky, i know what you are thinking. You cannot hide anything from ur parents. I am your dad. I know each and everything about you. Don’t worry i ll make all the happiness come to you”. He hugs his son and gets him inside.

AP and Swara sees them and goes towards them. AP sees them smiling and signs DP what happened?. DP signs positively and signs about Swara to her. They both are talking in eyes but it was not notices by Swasan since they are lost in each others. AP & DP looks them and smiles. Suddenly they heard a knocking noise from the door and turns to see who is it?. Shekar swara’s dad standing at the door. They welcome him and greets him inside. AP went to Kitchen to get juice for him. DP and Shekar sits in the sofa and starts talking about their business and family. Swara also tries to go to but sanskar pulls her and makes her to sit in another couch which is little behind them. Swara is tensed and tries to take her hands from him but he tights it and says, “Don’t try to take it off. Pls i feel good”. Swara is stunned by his act and after that she did not try to take it even she wants that.

Sanskar keeps her hand in his hands and press it tightly and says, “So Swara, thank you…FOR EVERYTHING” He gives some gap and compelets the sentence. Swara, “For why this thank you?”. Sanky, “I have 2 things to say thank you, One is I have seen your coverage it looks great you did a great job and 2nd thing is…” he looks swara who is eagerly waiting to know the answer. Sans, “I will tell you later” and smiles at her. Swara is very much disappointed but did not show it in her face but still she wants to show her anger to him she takes her hands off and starts to get up. Sanky again pulls her down and makes her to sit in the sofa again. Swara is tensed if shekar sees this and he might get angry seeing them close like this. She asks, “Sanskar, what are you doing? our dads are here and you don’t have manners only.leave my hand”. Sans, “I did not hold you hand to leave”. Both lost in each other and stares. AP comes from the kitchen and sees them sitting and staring each other, to alert them she started talking on the way itself, “Swara beta, can you help me dear”?. Swara gets alerted by hearing her and immediately goes to her. Sanskar is disappointed and looks his mom who is smirking at him by seeing his reaction. Swara, “Aunty, give me na , i will serve it to everyone”, by saying this she gets the juice plate from her and gives it to everyone. AP goes and sits with Sanskar and starts teasing him and he gets blushes. Swara comes to them too and serve the juice to AP and Sanskar and looks at him. She goes to keep the plate in kitchen, meanwhile AP asks Sanskar, “Mmmm..hmmm, so sanky what do you think about scene which happened just before?”. Sanky sees her and smiles saying,”Mom..you are too naughty” and pulls her cheeks and kisses her then he shows thumbs up to her and laughing. AP too smiles seeing him and pats his cheeks.

Swara comes from the kitchen and sees their bond and feels happy. He goes to her dad and says, “Dad, shall we leave now?”. Shekar also feels it is very late, so he greets everyone and starts to leave. Swara gets belssings from DP and AP and moves to sanskar to say bye but she laughs at him seeing the position he stands. He takes his both hands up and stands in a position to bless her. Swara smiles seeing him and he too laughs with her. She extends her hands to him, he holds her hands and says, “C u Soon” and shakes their hands. Swara tries to take her hands but he tights and nods no smiling. But swara somehow struggles and takes her hands off and leaves there. Sanky drops her till the door and goes back to his room by whistling in full happiness. DP and AP sees him happy and smiles seeing their son.

Precap: Swasan meets often and swara is confirmed about her feelings on Sanskar and feels happy.

Guys, How is this episode. Please provide you comments, i am trying to entertain you all as much as i can. Hope i have done some justice.

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