When the all the youngsters of the Gadodia famiy enters in the living hall, the elders are also gathered there together and discussed something seriously.

Akhil is married and his wife name is Parineeta. They have a twin kids(boy & girl) who is at the age of 6 and they have got a holidays from their school. Prabhu & Ranjan just finished their last semester. So everyone went out and had a good time outside and came back to the house.

They heard the conversation, when Shekar and Ram discuss something seriously with their Father Manjunath Gadodia.

Shekar: Yeah it is a good chance, if we take this offer we will get to know so many big industrialist. But if we take also we are not sure we will be able to finish it off without any mistakes.

All the youngsters became silent when they see the elders , so they are able to hear about their discussion clearly. They were thinking what will be problem.

Ram continues, “It is a very good opportunity. Maheshwari industries is such a big group in this city. Bridegroom’s family one among them. Alternatively we will get one or other orders from them. Every month they will keep some function and they will celebrate Birthday party itself like a big party. They never think about the money, they always think about their families happiness. Its a big loss for us that we are not able to take this offer due to this Government offer we have taken.

Manjunath: Ok leave that topic now. For now we have to finish off the government order without any mistake otherwise, we cannot answer to the officers and politicians. We will get another chance definitely for now say them that we cannot take this order now. Atleast tell them now itself, so that they will book some other Event management group.

Manjunath is the head of the Gadodia family. Manjunath, Shekar & Ram all three were looking at the Event Management business and running it successfully. Through this they will take the order of Marriage functions, Bday party etc. They will take care of all the necessary things which needs in that function like Food, Video Coverage, decorations etc etc.

Their children also has their education in this related fields only so that they are also involving themselves in their work.

Akhil has done his management degree in Catering and Prabhu done his degree in Interior Decorations. Swara is interested in doing Video and she completed diploma in that field. So she runs a own shop to get the orders for that.

Ranjan done his Business Administration and helps them in their business. Commonly they all will help each other whenever it is required.

Shekar agrees with manjunath and takes his mobile to call Maheshwari family about their problem. Suddenly they hear a voice asking them to stop calling. Its None other than Swara. Yeah there is a Swara’s entry.

Swara: Just wait Dad. And she looks at her brothers and ask Shekar to explain the problem breifly to them also.

Shekar: U ppl wait i will make one urgent call and will tell you.

Swara: Dad, first tell us the problem and then you decide whether to make call or not.

Shekar gets irritated and asked them what they want to know? Akhil came forward and tell him that “if the new order is really going to give a value for us then why we should not take it?.

Shekar replied him, “But already we are engaged in government order, so we don’t have enough employees to look for this function and we elders are busy in that order only. We cannot concentrate on the marriage order.”

Akhil, “we are also saying the same thing only”. This time all the elders got irritated and tells them to say it clearly.

Ranjan comes forward and says that, “See, we used to tell our friends that elders in our family are the best and they will always think forward and give us the chance to prove ourselves. But here everything is opposite. You all are not even ready to hear us what we are trying to say”. He makes a sad face. Shekar, Ram & Manjunath has more affection on Ranjan than anyone else in that family. Since they always make sure that he should not feel that he has no one. So when Ranjan talks about these, everyone starts listening them what they want to say.

Shekar: Ok, then tell everything fastly, we have lot of thing to do. Don’t make it late. Yes tell fast.

Ranjan: Fastly, ok then Swara is the best to do everything fastly. Swara come on , One two three, start.

Swara says, “We youngsters want to take the order and work on the Maheswari’s function.” She completed just like that and look at the elders face. It becomes pale and everyone is shocked to listen this.

Precap: Swara and Cousins got the permission from their elders and start their work on the maheswari industries function.

Guys, How is this episode. Its just a start. Day by Day i will make it more interesting. Please provide you comments, so that i will make interesting plot to attract you all :).

Credit to: Satz


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