Recap: Sanskar feels seeing AP and Swara’s bond. AP & DP finds Sanskar happy being with Swara.

Sanskar goes to is room and changes into casual wear and goes to Balcony. He looks at the full moon and lost himself. He sees Swara’s face in the moon and smiles seeing him. He extends his hands to the moon and try to touch her face, but suddenly her image got vanished. Sanskar realised it and blushes thinking about her. He reminiscies his first meeting with him in the flower market. He goes back to the same scene again and remembers each and every scene.

Sanky’s view on First meeting:

He says to himself, “Ranjan was correct, y i got so much angry on her that day. She was just talking to him and holds the garland towards him. I am sure, i did not get angry on her just becoz she occupied the passage way, it should be having some other reason. Well am i fallen for her at the first sight itself?. Oh god, it could be how can a person will not feel
when he sees someone like my angel. Okay i have scolded her but she did not reply anything that day so anyother person will believe what i believe. But y i felt bad seeing her upset after getting scoldings from me. It must be Love at First sight only.” He smiles thinking like this and moves onto his bed and lies on the bed and takes his mobile. He sees Swara’s pic in his mobile which was taken in Shiva’s engagement. He taken the pic of her and make sure that she should not know abt it. He smiles the seeing pic and reminiscies the second meeting of theirs.

Second Meeting:

“It was the most happiest day in my life, not only for my best buddie’s engagement, i found my lost love there. Yes i Saw Swara there with Camera. Initially after seeing her i was like flying in the sky but i noticed her holding something heavy and then i got to know that she is the one who did the Video footage for this function. I felt so happy seeing her again
and i feel like i have got so much time to spend with her..oops i got so much time to see her, tht’s right. I was continously looking at her from the stage and i make sure that she should not know tht i am watching her. Oh well she found me where she met me already. And she started focussing me through her camera, i helped her unkowingly by giving good
postures :P. And to my bad luck i supposed to leave for the meeting but that’s turned to my luck, i got a chance to talk to her get introduced with her. Now i got her scooty key and she warned me to have it safe. Oh god that’s so sweet of her. I have taken her scooty and smiles all the way going to office. That was a wonderful moments in my life which i can
remember all my life.He gets up and sits on the bed and remembers the conversation they had in Swara’s home on their third meeting.”He started laughing remembering the fight between her and Ranjan and the anger she showed to him coz of her damaged scooty. He gives a heavy breathe and says, “She is so cute and i cannot wait more than this Swara. I want you to become mine soon”. He sees her pic in the mobile and started touching her face softly and place a kiss & says, “I Love you Swara”. Then he falls sleep by remembering their moments.

At the same time in Swara’s home, she is standing infront of the mirror and stares at her image. Spontaneously she said, “I Love you too Sanskar”. Suddenly she realized what she said and looks her image in the mirror. She started breathing heavily and sees her face again in the mirror, there she finds sanky standing behind her and looking at her. She turned immediately to look for him but she doesn’t find him nowhere. She gets upset and sits on the table thinking about him. “Y i am thinking about him so much. I never been like this before. What is happening to me? I am feeling so happy being with him but whenever i leave him i felt sad being away from him and waiting for a chance to meet him again. What kind of feeling is this? And that Mahira, who is she to me? Y i got upset when i got to know that she came there to talk to Sanskar. I know Sanskar has no feeling for her but still, which means am i possessive on him, but why?”.
Suddenly swara sees a image of her standing infront of her and says, “It’s just because You love him idiot”. Swara is shocked by this confrontation and blinks at the image. Image, “Go, go and tell you love to him soon. Don’t wait and Don’t make him to wait. Don’t hide your feelings dear, you cannot do that and your boy is so clever by this time he would have
got to know about your feelings, that’s y he is giving all the hints to you but poor guy he don’t know you are such dumb girl not even understand his feelings on you.” by saying this the image started laughing. Swara looks at the image angrily and says, “I understood his feelings but i am hesitate to talk about this to him. How can i talk about this topic to him
being a girl atleast he should told me what he has in his heart.”. Image, “Hmmm, so you are waiting for him to say and who know he might be waiting for you to open up first, god only knows. Okay do whatever you want but do good. I am going now bye”, by saying this the image got vanished and swara looks here and there and realized what happened just before. She gets blush and falls on the bed. She remeniscies the moments from scene 1 to till today with Sanskar and smiles thinking about him. Soon both falls asleep in their rooms respectively thinking about each other.

Precap: Sanskar takes swara to the place where he specially arranged for her and Swara gets emotional. Swasan confess their love.

Guys, How is this episode. Please provide you comments, i am trying to entertain you all as much as i can. Hope i have done some justice.

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