swasan the love birds forever….2

After Laksh bultters the truth out ..everyone r shocked n searching for ragini…everyone r relieved tat ragini was not there n did not listen to Laksh….but the evil ragini had heard everything…
Everyone tell laksh to stop the matter n will talk abt it later ..swara still shocked n looking at Shanskar who is feeling unwell as he kept fast for swara….
Sujata who was waiting for the moon…sees it n tells it to everyone…ragini from inside comes running with exictment n laksh to come who unwillingly goes…everyone stand with their respective partners n perform the pooja
Sanskar is still feeling dizzy but controls..n smiles at swara…wen Sara was abt to make sanaskar drink water he falls on her shoulders swara gets cocerned fir him n others make him sit n swara makes him drink water…now sanskar is ok…n ready to complete swaras fast…he makes swara drink water…both smile at each other
After some time laksh takes sanskar to a corner n asks him to tel everything truth…laksh asks him again n again
And sanskar tells tat he loves swara as a friend…she is my best frnd as she kept fast for me so tat even i kept fast for my frnd …n sanskar angrily gies out leavibg laksh relived …
Sanskar in his room is having vomiting n stomach ache etc…swara comes n sees this…n gives sanskar tabletz n makes him fell better …swara asks the same question ‘y did u fast for me’?sanskar gives the same answer n goes to sleep…
As ragini sleeps do calls swara,Laksh n others to come to the hall as he wants to talk abt the pics
Both swara n laksh r silent…dp questions laksh whether wat he told was truth n laksh says sd…swara is angry n shocked tells laksh tat ‘I am ur bhabi n will always be…if urs n break also ..but for me ur my sister’s husband nothing more than tat..I used to love u but not anymore… So don’t keep any dreams on me ..good night…’sanskar was quietly watching the scene n then follows swara to her room …everyone r happy with swara’s decision n go to their respective rooms staring at laksh ….who is crying hearing swara’s words ….

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