Swasan-love birds (episode 3)


Precap-kavsan sangeet swasan dance on gerua and Jan am janam passionately kavita gets shocked by seing swasan dancing romantically
Swara says no sanskaar u r only kavita’s she thinks that u r only her life and pls don’t leave her if u leave her she will become very weak and whatever hand happened now between us both think as it’s our sweet memories
SWARA runs to her room by crying and sanskaar thinks in his mind why swara? why did u do like this now I can’t even love without u.
SWARA cries in her room the whole night

Next day(kavita and sanskaar sangeet)
Raglak is the host of the sangeet
Sanskaar is finding for swara but she is no where seen
Raglak announces that our first performance is swara

SWARA dances on the song Punjabi weeding song…….. SANSKAAR gets mesmerized by seing her
Swara sees sanskaar while dancing and gets tears from her eyes
RAGLAK announces that our next performance is of dulhan and dulhani
And that is our kavita and sanskaar
Kavsan dance on on dheere dheere….
SANSKAAR DOES NOT smile the whole dance and swara gets tears from her eyes
LAKSH announces that our next performance is a surprise
Ragini, swara, kavita dance on nagada sang dhol baaje…..
Raglak announces that our next performance is of sanskaar and swara
And laksh says to kavita that if u allow only kavita says why not?
And swasan dance on gerua and jannam jannam….. so passionately
Kavita gets shocked by seing theme dancing so romantically and starts to get tears from her eyes
Then swasan announces that our next performance is raglak
Raglak dance on premika…..

Then all the family dance on tukkur tukkur…..
After all the guests go
Kavita asks every one to stay in the hall and says that I wanna talk a important thing
Kavita comes to sanskaar and says that do u love swara
Sanskaar gets shocked and says no kavita I told u naa I love u and our marriage was a forced one
Kavita says promise on me and asks him to say the truth
Sanskaar says yes
Kavita gets tears from her eyes and says h could tell me once no sanskaar u were about to spoil three people’s life I saw u both yesterday night in the garden and I understood and and I got clarified in the sangeet like how u both danced with so much of love in each others eyes
Kavita comes to swara and says u could tell me once right swara u also cheated me and congrats now sanskaar is yours

She goes up and packs her bags and says bye sanskaar and u are never going to give pain to swara from now onwards
SWASAN hug each other and they both say to each other I love u and sanskaar proposes swara will u marry me? SWARA HUGS him and says sure Sumi hugs swara and says congrats
And do announces that tmrw is going to be swasan engagement
Sanksaar is but in the evening as I want to take swara on a date
Everyone smile and says ok
Sumi says we will take swara to our house now
Shekhar says comes swara
They take swara at BAADI

At 12midnight
SWARA phone rings and that is
SANSKAAR calls swara
SWARA in a sleepy moogd says hello kyon hai iss time par?
SANSKAAR says me swara
SWARA says oh sanskaar tum why did u call me at this time
SANSKAAR says r u sleeping
SWARA says yes or what will they do in this time
Sanksaar says I am not going to sleep because as I am so happy today as my love is back
SWARA says but I am going to sleep today peacefully as everyday I was crying and not sleeping but today I will sleep peacefullyas I got my love back
SANSKAAR says tool me shown comes back to my room and sleeps with Me I will not sleep peacefully
SWARA says chee sanskaar

SANSKAAR says ok swara sleep peacefully good night
SWARA says good night sanskaar see u tmrw
Screen freezes on happy faces of swasan

Precap-swasan on a date; sanskaar proposes swara; they kiss each other

Credit to: AKSHITA. M

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