Swasan-love birds (episode 2)


Precap-swasan are in the garden and are drenched in the rain sanskaar propses swara and they both hug eachother and kiss passionately

In my ff i am gonna chang ragini positive as I like her and I want swaragini back and another thing there is no urvashi in my ff and sometimes May use kavita and sanskaar as kavsan

Swara says ok kavita and goes to the guest room
After everyone sĺeep
SWARA goes to sanskaar room and sees him standing near the window
She knocks on the door
Sanskaar wipes his tears and goes to open the door by seing swara there he gets happy and opens the door
SWARA goes inside and closes the door and says to sanskaar
Swara-pls sanskaar u pls marry kavita she don’t have anyone except u and also her mom also cheated her she is now in a very weak state if u also leave her she will become more weak pls sanskaar do marriage with kavita
SANSKAAR pulls swara closer and asks her do u don’t love me?
SWARA remains silent for a min and has tears in her eyes
She pushes sanskaar and wipes her tears and says no I don’t
Sanskaar says really
SWARA SAYS really I don’t I don’t love u sanskaar and runs from there and stops near the door and says sanskaar till morning pls say yes to kavita
And runs from there

Sanskaar cries in the room and thinks how swara hugged her and how she confessed
SWARA runs to her room and falls on the bed and cries
Hamari adhuri kahaani song plays in the bg………

Next day morning
Sanskaar comes to the hall and everyone are there and also calls kavita there and he looks at swara and says I have decided to marry kavita
Kavita becomes happy and hugs sanskaar and says thank u sanskaar and says today evening will only be the engagement
Kavita says I will go to market and I will bring the required items
She goes up to get ready
Everyone ask sanskaar is he sure about his decision
SANSKAR says he is sure
RAGINI comes to swara room and says sorry to swara
SWARA forgives her
RAGINI asks can we again become SWARAGINI
Swara hugs ragini and says why not but on one condition that is
That u have to promise me never do stupid or idiotic things again
Ragini says promise
They both hug each other
Laksh sees it comes inside the room and says so swaragini are back again
And everyone smile at eachother

In the evening
Everyone gather in the hall and also Sumi, shekhar, Dadi, dadaji come
Sumi asks swara is she ok?
Swara says i am maa
SANSKAAR and kavita come down by holding their hands
SWARA starts to get tears from her eyes
Sanskaar and kavita exchange their rings kavita asks sanskaar to sing their song
Sanskaar looks at swara and sings the song manchala….
SWARA starts to get tears from her eyes
The engagement completes and everyone goes to their respective rooms
Kavita goes to sanskaar room and hugs him and says I am very happy sanskaar
SANSKAAR says kavita u look tried go and sleep in your room
Kavita says ok

SWARA is crying in her room
RAGLAK comes to swara’s room and says don’t do like this swara why are u doing like this?
SWARA SAYS if u came to talk about this pls go
SWARA SAYS by the way I am going to U. S. A on kavsan marriage
RAGINI says what you r going to U. S. A
SWARA SAYS yes and no is going to say no for my decision and says pls u both go raglak go to their room
SWARA goes to the garden and sits on the bench and cries
SANSKAAR comes there and says swara why r u crying? U don’t love me right? SWARA GETS ready to move
Sanksaar pulls swara by holding her hand and pulling her
Now her back is to his front
SANSKAAR says why r u punishing yourself swara?
I know that u love me very Much and u also know that i can’t be happy with kavita

It starts to rain
SANSKAAR turns swara toward his side and says swara look into my eyes and say u don’t love me?
SWARA looks at his eyes and says I love u sanskaar I love u so much I can’t live without u
SANSKAAR hugs her
And they both are fully drenched in the rain
They compose themselves from the hug
SANSKAAR holds swara’s face and pulls her closer and he kisses her lips
Their kiss remains for 2 mins
They compose themselves from the kiss
And sanksaar proposes swara that will u come back in my life and would u like to marry me?
SWARA SAYS no sanskaar

Precap-kavsan sangeet; swasan dance passionately on gerua and Jannam jannam; kavita gets shocked by seing them dancing so romantically

Credit to: AKSHITA. M

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  1. Awwwwwww so sad make them more close to each other. Keep going 🙂

  2. nice.. bt pls dont make kavi negative

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