Swasan-Love Beyond Ages… Chapter 22…

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Chapter 22:


It was a blissful morning to swasan… thy are sleeping cuddling each other… He wakes up first and sees his love beside him and gets lost in her innocence…she is fully caged in to his embrace like his pillow… he feels happy to have her in his arms… she is the only one whom he can say his family… she is his life… she can do anything for her didi but can’t give him… he remembers how she replied to her didi question… he pulled her more closer to him and gently pressed his lips against on her forehead…


“Sanskar”, she mumbles sleepily… his lips curled into cute smile hearing her mumbling his name in her sleep… without disturbing her sleep, he tries to getup but she tighten her grip on him… so he stays by her side admiring her… after sometime  swara yawned and lazily opened her eyes… she blushes seeing her handsome nxt to her… she remembers his confession and later after returned home how she throw his pillow and slept in his embrace… now his hands are encircled around her waist… she bcms more red… he kissed her head and wishes happy morning… somewhat she felt shy and hides her face in his chest… but this sanskar, uff he chuckles and teases her…


Sans: Swara it’s not suitable for you after what u did with me yesterday… she made a face and hits him…


Swa: haan it was not suitable for me but for you… she half lays above him and rub her nose with his…


Sans(stammers): sw.. sw.. swara stay away… she slowly encircled her hand around his neck and pecked his lips… swa: do u really want so…  sanskar flushed red and nods in no…


Swa: ha ha ha… handsome we’re behaving like u r my wife and I’m ur hubby… both chuckles at her statement but by remembering something swara made face…


Sans: what happened swara..?

Swa: sanskar u didn’t brush ur teeth na, yuck I kissed u… sans opened his mouth ‘O’…

Sans: hello madam even u too not brushed ur teeth till nw…

Swa: bt I’m not lyk u I’m clean and tidy…


Sans: Huh… U clean and tidy… liar every morning u tk milk and biscuits that too oreo before brushing ur teeth u r saying I’m not clean… 
Swa: that was milk but it was eeeee yuck ur dirty mouth … she made a face… Sans: dirty mouth..? his eyes grew wider…


‘handsome shall we kisss…?’ He mimicked and taunted her…

Swa: that was yesterday… but eeee, whatever first I should wash my mouth using gangaajal… his mouth widened more…


 Sans: swara today u gone… he rolled above her and pinned her at bed… swa: no han… her word left incomplete…  he brushed his lips on hers… swara struggles to free herself under beneath him but all in vain she finally gave up and kissed him back…



Dadi ask shekar to search alliance for Ragini as she thinks her marriage will help her to move on but shekar refused as he feels his daughter need sometime…

Thr arguments interrupted by Ragini…
Rags: Papa… both bcm silent… she comes and sits in between them…


Rags: Papa if dadi feels marriage will help me to move on thn I’m ready… she smiles faintly… shek: par..

Rags (cuts him): papa till now u bth never objects any of my decision, it’s me who decided all this now dadi want something from me thn how could I refuse her, I trust u both… 


shek: as ur dadi wish I’ll search alliance for u but before that u complete ur dream… shekar pats her cheeks and leaves…

she is having understanding and caring family but she she forgt to understand all of them… she sighs…


her phone displays her sister number, she smiles and happily attends the call ‘haan shona bolo..’

[email protected],

Sanskar dropped swara in college… sans: wo swara… swara notices arjun entering college… without giving any heeds to sanskar, she shouts arjun name and runs to him… Sanskar sighs disappointed and cursed arjun in his mind…


Swa:ajjuuuuuuu… she twirls him happily… arj:aaahh ammu leave me,  my heads… swara chuckles and leaves him… he made a face… he  notice sanskar at lil distance and waives hi to him, sanskar shows his tooth and turn away like kid… arjun chuckles…


arj: so finally  he confessed his love.. swa: hw u knw…  arj:look at ur face anyone can easily say, it’s glow like 10000watts bulb.. She blushes…


arj: look ur oldman how jealous he is, it’s really worth to watch his face… he is looking like kid… she hits him… he chuckles and hugs her… 

Arj: I’m happy… swa:I knw… both smiles… she turns and waives bye to sanskar and leaves with arjun…


Sanskar gt upset, he is about to get in car but before swara gvs tight kiss on his cheeks… swa:bye… she grinned wide… he smiles like an idiot touching his cheeks…



Obviously sanky mood was too good… he greeted each and every one with smile… it’s not usual sanskar… all looks him weird… his junior sign him something but he didn’t gv damn looks to anyone… he was busy in his own dreamland… when judge enters courtroom everyone stands to wish him, but his gaze only on sanskar… he narrowed his eye and smiles teasingly… sanskar gt suspicious… sanskar looks around all gaze on him only… he wonders… he gestured his junior what… he points his cheek and shies… remembering swara kiss he quickly place his hand on his cheek and wipes her lips mark…


‘Its lookalike someone paid heavy lump-sump  to Mr.Maheswari… well Mr.Maheswari r u  lost or won in that case…’, his opposition party make him embarrassed… all laughs but he is sanskar maheswari…


Sans: I think u knw Sanskar Maheshwari never lost in anything…well if u done with ur nuisance shall we..? No matter what when it’s comes to his profession none can’t beat him.. Opposition parties gulps, he smirks…



After finishing dinner swasan heads to thr room… swara was laughing at him… he shows not interested look…


Swa: ha ha ha… handsome don’t u have sense to wipe ur cheeks… sans: it’s all bz of u…

Swa: accha thn ok frm tomo I won’t gv u bye bye kiss 😞 sans:  Why..?no need.. he frowns…

Swa: he he he…  dnt mk ur face lyk that… I was abt to say I won’t use lipstick… sans:that’s better… she pulls his cheek…

Swa: my cute handsome… Sans: I’m not cute, ok… she shooks her head in no… swa: Nope ur cute… again pulls his chk.. sans: I’m not… swa: u r cute cute cute…
Uff.. he shakes his head and smiles at his crazy wife…


When swasan enters thr room… wind chimes hits sanskar head, he scratches his head and look at his room… he was completely shocked…  he glances around and went outside and checked did it was his or swara room… sanskar was totally exasperated…


Sans: swara what is it… Swa: sanskar its ur room, I mean ours… she smiles…
Sans: Even I know that but what all this… swa: you only asked me to shift to here thn why you’re shouting now…  She pouts sadly…


San: Haan but see in which angle it was lookalike room… swa: In every angle… he looks on… she smiles sheepishly… sanskar glanced his room again…


Room was completely messy… she kept all the things are just like that… her books, makeup items are scattered on table, some of the things are rolling on floor, her bags pouch headset were in couch… her clothes were sprded in bed… mickey mouse sticker stars teddies… uff, he sighs… only one thing make him smile wide… a huge photo of swasan hanging on the wall which thy tk in thr janmashtami pooja… Swasan were swinging  lil krishna cradle…


Swa: its looking good na, isn’t it..? He encircled her shoulder… sans:haan… by kissing her head… 

Sans: but this room… he sighs… swa: sanskar actually today I was lil tired tomo me and kaki clean all this ok..
Sans: thn wr we sleep today…


Swara signs him to wait and goes to bed, throws all things frm bed… she arranges bed by makng room more messy… 
swa: here only (pointing bed)… sanskar nods his head in disbelief… 


Sans: someone said they’re clean and tidy… swa: I said I’m only clean and tidy not room… she smiles…


Anyways he also tired and also not in the mood to clean all this… so he silently moves to wardrobe to change night suit… but when he open his closet, all of his and swars clothes falls above him… sanskar rolled his eye and turns to swara… swara shows her tooth…


Finally thr night bcm sleepless to both of them has sanskar made swara to clean all the mess… swara did all wrk by murmuring and cursing him and sanskar helped her


If u guys feel bore then do tell me.. pls… will try to end without dragging more…😋

Thank you all..☺☺


  1. Shagun

    Di i read ur last ep today only
    Actually u made a mistake there howrah bridge is over the river Ganges not Hoogly
    Anyways the ep was awesome this ep is amazing as usual
    And don’t even think that u r dragging…plz continue. …

    • Nive..


      Uff i totally forgt abt ammu and changed track.. nw i hv to do something for this… 🤔 deeply thinking… thank you aamias…☺☺

      wish you Happy new year dr…☺☺

  2. Sweeta

    |Registered Member

    #Nive its not boring. …..its soooo enjoyable. …..bohot maza aya yrrrrr…….after long time u updated this story. …….nd it’s really soo much fun……fantastic 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
    Hope i ll able to read nxt one soon…..😘😘😘😘

    • Nive..


      Thank you dr… I was about to post nxt epi today but tu won’t accept any post for 2 days… anyways nxt epi will be on nxt yr with new yr treat… I think so😜

      Wish you Happy new year… ☺☺

      • Sweeta

        |Registered Member

        💕💕Happy New Year 💕💕 to u dear……😊😊😊😊
        Wish ur all dreams ll fulfill in this year nd u ll give us lovely lovely story in return 😀😀😀😀😀
        Stay happy dear😚😚😚😚

  3. Hadi

    |Registered Member

    Yr y u took so much time to post when u know that we can’t wait this much anyways it’s awsum one as usual rags is moving on in her life that’s good Swara ignored sanky that’s not liked by me lipstick mark is just fab want more there romantic scenes now post soon

    • Nive..


      sorry dr.. nowadays I’m getting stuck with works… even I also feeling bad for irregular.. 🙁 yeah thank you so much… will post nxt on 2nd… Wish You Happy New Year..☺☺

  4. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    |Registered Member

    Wow..awsum.loved it…hehhe swara is really a Kiddo 😅😅😅..bt a Cute wala Kiddo 😍😍😍.
    N Sanskaar a Real Handsome 😍😍🙈🙈…Waiting fr tneir Ahem Ahem n woh bhi full intense wala 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈…continue soon

  5. Kakali

    |Registered Member

    “No matter what when it’s comes to his profession none can’t beat him”<– u know Niveeeee,,, after reading this sentence i instantly rememberd My Pikachuuu "No matter what, when it comes to his thunder ball n electric shocks none can beat him.."
    Loved it dear..
    Thnk u… ;-*

    • Nive..


      ha ha ha… kaku u knw I never watched pokemon but my lil sis having different sorts of pikachu collections… crazy sis crazy kaku😋 Thank you dr…☺☺
      Wish you happy new year..😊

      • Kakali

        |Registered Member

        Waaaaaa Niveee.. just a small question “Did ur parents forgot me in village fair?” coz m , n ur sis is soo same… give her a hifi from me…
        “Happy New Year to u too dear”… stay blessed..*hug😶

  6. SNY

    |Registered Member

    Lovely epi…..idha eppudi nee boring nu sollalam….
    Rly amazing ji…..
    Nxt one soon…and Advance Hpy New year …..keep smilling dr…!!!!

    • Nive..


      he he he… i thought it was boring… let it be… thank you dr…☺☺ இனிய புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் 😊😊

  7. Chanu

    |Registered Member

    nive dr!
    thank u soo much 4 update!
    i knw u ll update it 2dy bt when i saw ur ff i scream in happiness. and all my fmly look at me like wt hpn 2 her! lols

    2dy epi ws jst awsome dr! its super cute! lv it 2 da core!
    my sanku looks sooo cute while blushing!
    swasans morning part ws awsome!
    rly its a big prob arising in my mind always when i read morning romance!
    hw cn they kiss without even brushing!?
    yak! thank u 4 adding it!

    my sanky also bcm kiddo staying with swara! dat lipstick mrk ws hillarious! lv it!
    bt huuhu our sanskar is soo serious abt his profession! yup u r right no one cn beat him!
    and swara make their room 2 a mess. huhu poor him. 😉
    rags and fmlys part also nice! i lv sheaker here! he is rly understanding!

    dnt dare 2 end dis!
    hw u saying dat it boring!?
    hw cld u? 😉
    if u say it again na u ll se da real me! urrgggg.

    i read 2dy epi 3 tyms till nw! its rly cute dr.plz uplod nxt part asap my cute nive!

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    may ur all wishes cm true!

    • Nive..


      lol… ha ha ha chanu.. definitely all will be thought u bcm mad…
      huh very big problem big doubt but I”m still kiddo na so I dnt hv any idea about this doctor madam… 😜😜 he he he…

      ha ha ha… really I want to see real u😜 uk I was confused weather to gv epilogue or this epi… finally I cme conclusion and posted this one😋 will post next one n next year..😊

      thank you so much dr… Wish You Happy New Year…😊😊

      • Chanu

        |Registered Member

        dnt worry all my fmly knw dat im mad!! So no prob!! 😉 😉

        Awwwww… is dat sooo!?? U r still kiddo!!?? 😮 😮
        then tell me who did write dis story???!! I think dat parts shld be write by sm1 else!!!

        Oh rly!!!!?? Soo My navi drl wnt 2 see real me!!?? Huh???
        If u wnt cm sri lanka ill show da real me.. 😉 😉 😉 😛

        huh epilogue??!! Ill kill u 4 sure!!! U knw navi told me b4 2 kill any1.. & she ll free me!!!
        Soo Im nt sceard 4 any1…

        waiting 4 ur nxt epi… 😀

    • Nive..


      yep.. I’m still kiddo only😋 I’m also wondering who wrote that part… someone using my name… uk one aathma(soul) is staying inside me… she is not even gv rent fr staying.. may be it’s her work… bad girl bz of her none believing me kiddo.. 🙁 😜

      one day surely I gonna to cme thr… atleast I want to visit thr once… my mom frnd was in Sri Lanka oly… she is too good… I used to call her srilanka aunty..😋

      Ha ha ha… if u killed me thn thr is no need of passport and all… I directly visit thr bcmng ghost .. will post next one tomo.. ☺

      • Chanu

        |Registered Member

        Did u saw any horror story dat u saying athma and all..

        Ohh.. my poor kiddo…
        yup u r right ill nt believe u..
        and if sm athma is staing inside ur body u shld hv gv it 2 rent…
        aww.. feeling bad 4 dat ghost..

        wow!!! Soo u knw sri lanka..
        then cm na.. plzz plzz plzzz
        when u cm tell me!!
        I lv 2 meet u 4 real.
        waiting 4 u 4m 2dy onwards!!

        And u being a ghost. ? No worries!! Im also a ghost..
        then cm here we ll scear evry1!! &ll hv fun..

    • Nive..


      horror movie me… noooooooo.. I’m a scary bird… Huh wait will send that ghost to u…
      Yep I knw but not fully… my neighbours relations are also srilankan only… u are waiting for me… thn after I landed thr will call you… but not now dr…

      n hifi.. I’m ready to scare everyone… we will enjoy a lot together ok..

      • Chanu

        |Registered Member

        Hee heee..
        da ghost u send 2 me.. he ran away seeing me.. cz im da queen f ghosts! 😉

        Rly r they hv relatives.? Hpy 2 knw dat..
        Cm soon.. waiting 4 u..
        I knwull nt cm in dis year bt another year.
        When ever u cm plz inform me..
        I also lv 2 visit india!! My dad said he ll take me..bt nt soo sure..

    • Nive..


      uh chanu I’m searching that ghost… nw hw could I wrote.. poor me 🙁
      yep thr relatives are in srilanka.. even thy all visited India… u re always welcome dear… ☺☺ I’m also waiting for you…

    • Nive..


      ha ha ha… arshaanya early that too me.. uk I was about to post nxt one today but 2 days holidays for tu.. what to do..? even thy wont me to post early..😋 Thank you dr..☺☺will post nxt on 2nd… Wish You Happy New Year 😊😊

  8. NDSG

    |Registered Member

    It’s awsome… Dear.. I love the way sanky kissed her without brushing😝😝😝😝..

    And someone said they r clean and tidy..

    Hahahahaahahahahah kido shona is too cute😘😘😘😘😘😘

    My sanku😍😍😍😍😘

  9. Navi

    |Registered Member

    Noooo…. mummy daddy im small girl.. cha i read things unknw to me… shameless swasan…….
    Poor me….
    choco shiksha is using my copyright…
    awesone chapiee.. anazing. Jealous sanskar was superb and lipmark haha u made me remembr swaragini d way u are there to same happend in car…
    thn i msgd anu ana reply varka.. busy in examz nenaikuren…
    epudi iruka???

    • Nive..


      ha ha ha.. lol… 2016 best comedy😂😂 thala nee chinna pillaya… u r reading the things which are unknown to u… poi solla kudadhu thappu…😋 liar…
      thala nee achum shiksha achum na varla pa nadula… venumna complaint register panniko…😜 uk nxt epi la kuda way you are scene one add panna pora😋

      already she told na December fully busy with exams after her winter session… anyways we ll wait… ☺ I’m fyn thala aprum na wattpad la na account create pannitean… I installed that app😋

      • Navi

        |Registered Member

        En inniya tamil perumakkaley naveena vin #Inniya puthandu nalvalthukal #
        Oi im small girl nly… thn wtpad name en???
        Veetil anaivarum nalam ah!!!!

  10. Sethooty

    |Registered Member

    Haha…omg….sema..now shona is his pillow.she kissed him without brushing.shona having milk and biscut before brushing.. Haha even my bro was same like her at his younger age…every time I ired by seeing this bz I can’t eat anything before brushing and he will finish all biscuit in mean time….
    Aju and shona friendship is the most beautiful one…many serial or Ff friend became negative after sometime….I fallen love with this friendship.Finally Ragini is decided to move on…who is her prince? Laksh?….
    Nive missing laksh..”the way you are..”
    Advance new year dear….

    • Nive..


      ha ha ha sethu… same pinch to ur bro.. I used to be lyk tat..😋 uk very well I cant show any negatives… sometimes I used to think why I shouldn’t show any negative characters… thn I withdrew it…
      Yep Rags moved on… and her Prince…? it will be suspense…😋 he he he…
      Wish You Happy New Year dr..☺☺

  11. Rabia0032

    |Registered Member

    Soooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy😯😯😯😯😯I know I am late by comenting but sorry yaar…
    N I loved this epi…n swasan scene were soooooo cuteeeee…😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Really yaar I loved each epi of ur plzzz try to Post soon…

    HAPPY NEW YEAR🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Once again I am sorry…n yeah ur story is awesome but I want it should be bit longer plzzz😉

    • Nive..


      thank you dr☺☺ wish you the same… 😊 uh it’s ok yaar see I’m always late in posting stories u r asking me sorry for late comment … no need dr… ☺☺

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