Swasan-Love Beyond Ages… Chapter 19…


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Guys very long chappy with teaser part…

Chapter 19:

When sanskar enter home power goes off… he gt panicked as swara was alone… he run inside…  for his surprise she is lighting candle… he gv a sigh of relief… he thought to confess his feeling but feels hell nervous… he clears his throat to gain her attention… 

Sans(stammers): hm..wo.. I.. (he scratches his neck) I’m sorry, it’s my mistake.. I Knw, I’m… I thought… he searches word… (to himself)  sanskar just 3 words… come-on she is not any ghost, be a man… within o time he back hugs and whispers ‘I Love you’ in single breath by closing his eyes… 

As soon she breakdown into his embrace, she turns and hugs him tight and says “I Love You too’ … he is about to hug her back but he feels hard… she is not fit into embrace like before, it’s not her fragrance but a familiar voice… he pulls himself from her grip and takes a candle light from the table … 

Sanskar(Startled): Ra..Ragini… power come back, candle light turned off bz of fan… before he could react she again hugs him… 
Rags: I’m sorry, I’m very selfish… how could I misunderstand you… forgive me sanskar, I Love You… she starts to sob…

Sanskar is damn shocked, nothing get into his mind… he is busy with his own thought ‘where is his swara..? where she went..? and Ragini what she is doing here.. when she returned..? Did swara knw about her arrival.. Shit what he did..? kiddo wr r u…’  

A noise make him come to his sense… they turned toward the direction… there swara is standing and her mobile is scattered on floor… Swa: Di..Di.. she is trembled shocked happy surprised devastated… 

Rags: Shona… Rags get happy to see her sister and hugs her shona… swara locked her eyes with him… lone tear escape from her eyes… afterlong she is meeting her sister she was happy but his confession to her didi keep ringing in her mind…

An unknown fear starts to occupy his heart  ‘Did swara heard what he told to Ragini… suppose if she mistook him..’

Rags cups her face and kisses her lil sis forehead…  Rags: Shona my baby how are you, I missed u so much… 

Swa(sobs): thn why u left me… Rag: I’m sorry… don’t u wont forgive ur didi… she holds her ear… swara takeoff her hand and again hugs her sister tight… both cries, afterall they missed each other…

Rag: hw is dadi papa, still they’re angry na… swara mangalsutra pricked ragini… 

Rags(wonders): Shona… nw oly she looks her fully… she is in saree, her maang is filled sindoor and her neck adored with long mangalsutra which is above her saree… anyone can easily says she is married women… Rags look around, room was fully decorated with flowers and balloons… she did all this for sanskar… now oly sanskar also noticing this…

Rags(confused ): Shona what’s all this and this (pointing her maang)…  Swara gt startled…  sanskar tk a deep breath…

Sans: Ragini…  Rags turn… Sans: me and swara… swara tries to protest sanskar as she dnt want to hurt her sister… he looks into swara eyes, swara nods in no…

Rags(swallowing her fear): u and shona… sanskar doesn’t gv any heeds to swara…

Sans: we are married, she is Mrs.Swara Sanskar maheshwari… first Ragini stumble in shock and disbelief… thn she breaks in to nervous laughter…

Rag: u and shona, ha ha ha… it’s a bad ever joke… isn’t it shona… She looks at swara… she is looking down… tears are continuously flows from her eyes…

Rags: shona u wont lie t ur didi na, tell me it’s a lie… she shooks swara shoulder… somehow with trust…  Swara is about to fall, but sanskar holds her before she could fall…

Sans: I’m not kidding Ragini the truth is she is my wife…

Rags: it cant happen,I knw I did a mistake but u promised me sanskar…  I loved you, thn why u did this to me… you knw I was happy to meet u all again, I directly comes to meet u, but u.. She cries holding his shirt collar and shouts at him…

Swa(stammers): Didi it’s not his mistake, it’s me… Rags interrupts her…
Rags: I don’t want reason for ur betrayal shona… I loved u more than anything but u snatched my love… u bth betrayed me, cheated me… she choked through her tears… swa:didi I …

Rags stops swara by showing her palm and run away from there with teary eye… leaving swara in miserable state…


Shekar get angry knowing Ragini arrival, but seeing her broken state he kept mum… Ragini enters her room lifeless… she closed her room door… her room is same like before nothing is changed but her life… she reminiscences moment with swasan… his proposal for marriage and nw his love confession thinking swara… 

* After his marriage proposal… Sans: Ragini… Rags: hmm… 
Sans: seriously I dnt knw did I really Love You or its just my attraction but I promise u after marriage I respect our relation and I start our relation with only love… I try my level best to keep you happy… 
Rags: Sanskar you’re true to me that’s enough… I knw one day surely u also love me… she assures, both smiles…* 

‘u promised me sanskar’ she knelt down and cries her heart out…


Swara cried, curls up herself in beds… Ragini Word keep echoing in her ears ‘u snatched my love’ Did I really snatched her love..? she not at all mean to do that…  she remembers sanskar confession to Rags…  swara gt indulged in her own thought… she closed her eyes hearing sanskar footsteps… but her tears not stopped… he wipes her tears and sat nxt to her…

Sans: you’re right it’s difficult to awake the person who is pretend to be in sleep…  she hugs his lap tightly and cries silently with closed eye… he caresses her hair… ‘it’s late did her didi reached home’ she thought…

Sans: U must be worry about ur didi… dnt wry she safely reached badi just nw dadi called me… Remembering her didi word she distances herself from sanskar and turn aside… 
Sans: you’re not guilt swara… by saying this he kisses her head and stay by her side…


It was very long sleepless night to three of  them… one lost her love… one fear of losing his love… one stuck btwn her and didi’s love…

One night already changed these 3 life bz of Ragini absence… dnt knw what destiny decided for them tonight… they doesn’t knw when sleeps takes thr eyes…

When sanskar awake he doesn’t find swara… he panicked and moves to living hall shouting her name… kaki is arranging dining table…

Kaki: she went college early morning itself… sanskar nods… he holds kaki hand…

Sans: Kaki I’m sorry, I… kaki: I knw abt u sanskar, u dnt need to explain me.. she caresses his hair…  
Sans:I very much afraid about swara… kaki: she will understand talk with her… she assures him… he nods and dialled someone…



Swara was sitting alone in thr favourite place…arjun sits next to her… she quickly wipes her tears…swa: aju u…
aju: no need to hide ur tears, I knw everything… 

Swara side hugs him and cries innocently… Swa: aju didi told I snatched her love.. did I really snatched her love..? 
He tries to console her… 
swa: she is right, I married her love… I betrayed her… how could I do this to my didi… she weeps…

arj: sshhh nothing like that she just mistook you… he pats her back…
Arj: what u decided now..? Swa: I already promised sanskar ‘I won’t be barrier between them…

Arj: are you mad..? You love him dammit… Swa: but he didn’t… my love is just attraction to him…  
Arj: dnt be stupid swara, suppose if he loves you… Swa: promises are meant to keep aju…

Thn what abt the promise we tk together… swarj turns… sanskar looks arjun… he nods and leaves… 

Sans: swara we tk 7 promises whatever it is we will be live together forever…
Swa: u tk those promises thinking that was didi… u re suppose to marry didi.. 
Sans: but its u who with me…

Swa: I was disguised in didi attire sanskar…she loves u… whenever you’re with me, I bcm different person even I forget didi is ur first love and I hv to leave you when time comes… u made me selfish…

Sans: it’s nothing wrong to being selfish swara…
Swa: I cant sanskar… he gt frustrated with her…

Sans: I knw swara u never loved me… if u want to go away from me just leave don’t gv any lame excuses… by saying this he left from thr angrily…


It’s been 2 days of Ragini arrival… after his burst out, swara totally avoid sanskar… she doesn’t gv damn look to him… sanskar throws everything in his room…

Sans:what she think about herself… I’m not foot ball to both sisters… Can’t I live without her huh… he sits closing his face… 
Sans: haan I can’t… tears brimmed in his eyes… kaki: sanskar beta… sans:Kaki… u said she will understand me, but see how she is ignoring me… 
Kaki: she need time to understand… gv her sometime…

Sans: no kaki.. I ‘m sure like others she also going to leave me alone… I love her kaki… he cries n her lap… 
Kaki:as far i knw u never lost in anything… she just ignored u but doesn’t leave you sanskar… u alwats used to see baf in good, nw what happened… she carreses his hair…

Haan she doesn’t leave him… kaki gvs him hope… sanskar hugs kaki… sans: you knw kaki u r best… kaki: haan haan I knw I’m the best… shr says dramatically… he smiles little…
Sorry for quite boring chappy…
Thank you all…☺

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