Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 – Sneak Peak (Confession, Consummation and Confusion)

Hi lovely ladies….i missed you too..and many many thanks for loving me and this story much.

I am repeating, My watpad id is @Satz18. You can find the another version of this story as “Her Savior and HIs Senorita”.

Here i am with a sneak peak of this story. Enjoy reading and put your comments 🙂

Sneak Peak – Confession, Consummation and Confusion

“I remember the day, you saved me from those goons and got me to your house. You told you want me, only when i am ready to give myself whole heartedly” she pauses for a second and he is surprised hearing her statement and that too now, the day before their marriage.

She takes his hands in hers, holding it tightly…a drop of tears shed on their entwined hands. He wants to wipe her tears but she tightens her grip on his hands and looks deep into his eyes with tears twinkling on her eyes.

“I WANT TO BE YOURS…NOW”, he is super shocked listening her and is about to open his mouth to say but she crashed her lips into his making him shut his mouth.

She deepens the kiss with lots of love, passion and desire. Her tears makes a way to her cheeks and it slightly touches his cheeks making him feel her love for him. The kiss lasts for more than a minute, though it’s just a minute it looks like one whole birth for them to get separated from each.

She continues, “I thought i never get any kind of happiness in my life, but fate made me to meet you though it was not in good time…it gave me a way to get my happiness which i lost. You came into my life and made me feel complete and a blessed woman. You were pouring all your love on me and made me the luckiest woman in this world. ”

She make his hands cups her cheeks and said, “Everyone were giving gifts for our marriage and You are giving me a beautiful life ahead as your gift to me but i have nothing to gift you except me. I want my gift should be so special and more precious. I could never think anything else apart from giving myself to you…the one whom i love the most in this world…the one whom i believe blindly in this world. Now i am not regretting of giving myself to you…because according to me, it’s a sign of my love. I wanna make love to you all this night”

He looks at her with so much of love and with lot of emotions he spells her name, “Swara”.

She nods her head negatively with a cute smile on her face saying, “Senorita…Your Senorita”

He smiles looking at her and said, “My Senorita…Forever”

She takes him to her bed, makes herself comfortable beneath him. He looks at her intently and leans towards her face. He slowly capture her shivering lips and both deepens the kiss and sucks each other’s passionately. She mumbles on his lips, “I LOVE YOU SANSKAR”

He felt so happy listening her confession, the very first time she confessed her feelings and he makes the kiss more intense than before and makes her moan with pleasure all the night.

The whole night becomes so dreamy, bliss, divine and delightful for both of them having in each other’s embrace.


2 years leap,

Swara picks up a crying 2 year old baby and trying her hard to calm her down, “Aaru, please calm down baby” she too get tears seeing her baby crying.

Aaru’s crying immediately stops when she lands into a warm chest, wrapping her body into his arms and patting her softly saying, “Why my angel is crying? What happened to her?”

He looks at Swara, “You go & continue your work, I will take care of her”

Swara feels relaxed, “Thank you so much Surya. I will be back soon” and she left leaving Aaru @ Aaradhana with Surya.


So what’s up guys? Surprise right? So finally Senorita and Savior are one now, but who is this Surya here? And what he is doing with Swara. And a new entry of Aaradhana baby. So where is Sanskar now? Even i don’t know…seriously.

So this is just a sneak peak of Senorita and Savior. More to come on the way. Will update the next chapter tomorrow.

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