Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 29)

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Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 29)

Senorita’s POV:

I wake up once I feel a tingling sensation in my neck, smile creeps on my lips knowing who is doing that. Automatically my arms rise up in wrapping his neck close to mine.

“Mmmm” his moan came as a whisper.

Now I turn myself completely towards him and pull his face down to my chest and pressing himself tightly on to me. Exactly my lips touching his forehead and his face buried in my chest.

As expected, his hands wrap my waist in no seconds and pull me to his strong muscular body. The warmth of his body makes me go wild more and more, I kiss his forehead expressing my deep affection on him.

I moved little down to his eyes and placing a soft tender kiss on both of closed eyes and move down to his cheeks giving an open mouth kisses showing him how much she likes him and respects him.

I smirk a little and kiss on the tip of his nose triggering the flames of love. He flinches a little knowing my attempt in turning him on, he nuzzles his nose in my jawline sending another tingling sensation to me. I giggled at his action and bite his earlobes slightly triggering his arousal little more.

“Repeat it and I promise you won’t be getting up from the bed for this whole day” he mumbles under my neck.

A cold shiver runs to my spine hearing his words, but still I didn’t stop my actions. Because I wanted it.

I blow my warm breathe on his face and bite is earlobe once again before getting ready to face his warning and as I expected, he turns me down to the back and hover on top of me with no seconds.

I smiled at him knowing his actions; my look on him clearly tells him how much I want him now.

“Sanskar” my voice comes out as a husk and before I think otherwise, he invades me by his lips and seizes my actions furthermore by kissing me. It is a sensual and passionate at the same time. It starts with a rough pace but soon I joined with him and we slowly move our lips in sync. I could sense his love and lust together now in making me as his completely.

“I LOVE YOU” I mutter against his lips.

He smiled on my lips and moved down to my jaw and neck kissing it as if there is no tomorrow.

I arch back to the maximum making him conquer my body to the extent he wants. He moves further down to the valley of my bosoms placing wet kisses over my skin and start pleasuring the hills of my body. Couldn’t control anymore, I moan aloud making him to know that how much I enjoy his touch on me.

He grunts in pleasure too, holds my waist and keeps kissing all over my body. I scream in pleasure when he buried his face in my core and starts licking it. He is giving me the extreme pleasure and makes me feel the most beautiful woman in the earth.

Our early morning romance leads us to make love to each other unconditionally. He falls on me after seeding his into me and husks “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SENORITA”. We both are exhausted and panting heavily in the attempt of controlling our uneven breathes.

He lied beside me and pulls me to his chest; I happily put myself onto his chest and drifts to deep sleep once again.


Savior’s POV:

I wake up after hearing the alarm noise, I shut the damn alarm and looks at my Senorita who is sleeping in my arms peacefully.

I place a soft kiss on her forehead and tried to release her from me, but she wiggles and tightens her arms around my waist mumbling, “Don’t leave me”

I chuckle seeing her shrink face and whispers, “If we don’t go down now, our family members will come to our room soon”

She rubs her eyes and opens it little asking me, “Why so?”

“Because, it’s almost noon today and we haven’t got up from our bed so far” I couldn’t control but chuckles seeing her wide eyes keep blinking at me.

Before I say something, she got up and jumps from the bed covering her naked with the sheets and runs to the bathroom yelling me to give her the dresses from the closet.

I laugh at her actions, taking the dresses from the closet for her and join in the shower with her. As usual we made love once again under the shower and give her the extreme pleasure she couldn’t even imagine.

We both parted from each other somehow, and go down to meet our family in the dining to join the lunch with them.

Mom and Dad greet us with a smile, but Ragini and Laksh teasing us to the maximum. Ragini makes Swara blush like anything, her face becomes beet red hearing Ragini’s secret muffling and soon Swara moves her hands over her cleavage and I smirk noticing her hiding the hickeys I gave her.

As the days passed, My Senorita always makes me the world’s happiest man and she never misses to show how much she loves me.

I did everything to make her happy always, I never wish to see a drop of tears also from her eyes and till now I keep up the promise I made on my marriage day and will make sure in future also.


Third person’s POV

It’s been more than a month now after their marriage and they live their life to the happiest way. Swara mingled well with his family and she becomes the favorite to everyone there. Sanskar becomes happy seeing everyone pampering her but he misses her time for him and he often shows this through his face. And that night will be spent in convincing him, pampering him and finally ends with a passionate love making.

Swara enjoys the each and every minute of her life and feels she is the happiest person in this earth having the loveable husband and caring family beside her. What else she needs more than that?

Ragini and Swara gets busy in the kitchen, where in DP & AP went out to meet one of their relative who is not well and Sanskar & Laksh went to office.

Ragini chopping the veggies, “I want to cut her fingers like this and I am sure I will do it one day”

Swara chuckles listening her and asks, “Poor girl, I am pity for her”

Ragini, “Seriously Swara? How dare she touch him? And he was not even moving an inch away from her after I glare him also”

Swara laughs hardly remembering the scene on the party they went last week.


A girl in a knee length gown moves close with Laksh and often makes her fingers roams on his body sensually. Looks like Laksh enjoyed it but his reaction changed when Ragini glared at him.

He moved away lazily finding Ragini throwing daggers at him and that girl did not think anything and keeps playing with her fingers on him.

Swara and Sanskar were laughing at them and finally rush to them to stop fighting there itself. The fight continued in the car, in the living hall and even it continued in their bed room too.

Laksh’s time in running behind Ragini and convincing her, but Ragini is not ready to forgive him so easily and made him realize his mistake after ignoring him for a week. Laksh finally bends on his knees and pleaded her to forgive him and she gave in finally. Laksh sighs and winks at Ardhika who was watching this silently.

Swara widens her eyes knowing his tactics but kept quiet controlling her laugh.”

FB ends…

Swara burst out in laughter recalling that incident. Ragini sighs, “Laugh baby, Laugh. I will get my time and I will see you. I know you are his partner in crime”

Swara blinks, “No Ragini. I support only you”

Ragini raises her brows, “I believe”

Swara poke her tongue out with naughty reactions but soon it changed seeing Ragini’s reactions.

Ragini screams in pain holding her belly and calls out Swara for help.

Ragini, “Swara, its paining”

Swara panics, “Ragini, What happened?”

Ragini, “its paining Swara. I can’t hold it”

Swara runs out to inform the driver to get the car ready; she came back and takes Ragini with her.


Swara runs to the doctor who comes out after checking Ragini, “Doctor, Is she alright? And the baby?”

Doctor, “Yeah, no need to worry. I guess she stressed a little and that’s why she got a pain. No pbm for the baby in her womb. But make sure to keep her out of stress. It’s not good for health”

She nods in acceptance and goes in to see her. Ragini bows her head down knowing what comes next.

Swara with a serious face, “How many times you want me to tell you Ragini? You should not take stress at this stage. It’s not good for baby and your health. You need to be more careful Ragini. Why are you taking stress for small small things”

Ragini, “I will take care from now”

Swara sighs, “Come let’s go”

They both come out and find Sanskar and Laksh running towards them with lot of concerns and worries on their face.

Ragini turns to look at Swara and she said, “I thought I can’t handle it alone, so I called. But I called only Laksh, how come Sanskar is here?”

Ragini, “I have one news reader with me” she said looking at Laksh.

Laksh rushes to her and hugs her immediately, he kisses her all over her face, “I got scared when Swara called me. What happened?”

Ragini, “Stress”

Laksh, “Why?”

Ragini, “Because of you”

Laksh, “What I did?”

Ragini, “Exactly, you are not doing anything when other girls touching you and you keep on enjoying it. That gives me a stress”

Swara in a warning tone, “Ragini?”

Ragini raises her hands, “Okay, from now on I am not going to be stressed out. I will care only my baby from today. I won’t care about anyone else” she walks away from them.

Swara nods her head looking at frowning Laksh, he gives Ardhika a pity look. Sanskar smiles and pushes him saying, “Go and convince her. Don’t come home until she smiles and I won’t allow you if she is not happy while coming home”

Laksh scratches his hair and runs behind Ragini who is walking outside the hospital. Swara laughs seeing them and turns to Sanskar who is already gazing her.

Sanskar, “What will you do if any other girls touch me?”

Swara, “I won’t think twice in chopping her fingers then and there for touching what’s mine”

Sanskar smiles hearing her last words and mumbles, “I am always yours”

Swara blushes, “I know”

They walks out to reach home in another car after Raglak left .

Sanskar waits for the driver in the parking to get the car. Swara looks around the kids playing there and smiles seeing at them. Sanskar suddenly looks at his back feeling weird.

Swara notices his tensed look, “What happened?”

Sanskar, “Feel like, someone is watching us”

Swara also looks everywhere but at one place her sight stops moving and she looks at the figure intently. Her eyes go wide seeing the figure standing little far covering the body with a thick blanket.

Her body starts shivering looking at the person, Sanskar notices her reaction and wraps around her shoulder, “Swara? What happened?”

Swara points her forefinger to some direction and stammers, “I…i…saw…him”

With that she becomes unconscious in his arms. Sanskar couldn’t look at the direction she pointed and worries for Swara now.


“I am back Swara. I came for revenge. I got hell lot of pain and you were enjoying your life lavishly. Do you forget me so easily? See now I am back. I am here to make your life hell. Now no one can save you from me…even your so called husband. See him, see his numb body. He cannot come for your help, you people sent me to jail and showed me the hell, now I will show you the real hell. He is your Savior right? Now we will see, how you are going to save him?”

He points the gun towards Sanskar and pull the trigger. The loud blast noise echoes in the room making her scream Sanskar’s name.


Swara wakes up from the bed and panting heavily chanting Sanskar’s name. Soon Sanskar barges in and sits beside Swara in consoling her. Followed by him Ragini, AP, Laksh and DP also appears there and worries seeing her abnormal behavior.

Swara cups his face, “Sanskar, you are alright?” she looks at his face, his hands and rubs her palms on his chest making sure he is not injured and sighs after knowing he is alright.

Sanskar, “What happened Swara?”

Swara hugs him tightly and cries her heart out saying, “He is back. He is back to kill us”

Sanskar’s gaze moves to DP and Laksh alternatively and pats her back gently to calm her down.

To interrupt them, doctor comes in saying, “Well, nothing to worry about your health. But from now you need to be more careful and as I told for her, the same applies to you also. Don’t get stress because it is not good at this stage”

Everyone are there blinking at the doctor, and the doctor understands immediately. She laughs saying, “Oh, I am sorry. I forgot to announce it. Well, Mrs. Swara Sanskar is pregnant. You might feel vomiting or dizziness, but don’t get panic. It’s just the early stage of your pregnancy and I want you to come next week to have the proper scan tests.”

Sanskar and Swara are in no mood to nod their heads. DP, “Thank you so much Doctor”

Doctor nods her head and walks out. They congratulate them but somewhat no one is able to express so much happiness now.


Swara looks at her reflection in the mirror, rubs her belly softly with a smile playing on her lips. Soon Sanskar joins with her, hugging her from behind placing his hands on her belly, puts his chin down on her collar bone kissing her neck mumbling, “Thanks for this precious gift. You just made me so lucky to have you in my life”

Swara holds his hands on her belly saying, “It’s you who made me lucky Sanskar. I never ever imagined a life like this before I met you, you made my life beautiful than I could ever imagine. Thank you for coming into my life”

Swara holds his hands on her belly saying, “It’s you who made me lucky Sanskar. I never ever imagined a life like this before I met you, you made my life beautiful than I could ever imagine. Thank you for coming into my life”

Sanskar turns to face her and bends on knees and kiss her belly “I can’t wait to see you”

Swara smiles rubbing his hairs, he gets up holding her cheeks and captures her lips in a soft, smooth, passionate and sensual kiss.

They forget each other until they hear DP calling for Sanskar.

Sanskar releases her from his grip, “I will be right back”

She nods her head and watches his back while going. Unknowingly she follows his path and goes downstairs to hear their conversations.

DP, Laksh and Sanskar in serious mood where in DP initiates the talk, “Commissioner called me”

Laksh, “What he said?”

DP, “He escaped from the prison and he is out there in the city”

Sanskar, “I will kill him before he puts his filthy hands on Swara”

DP, “Sanskar, no point in getting angry. We have to make sure Swara is safe. Don’t allow her alone anywhere until we get him”

The trio’s body stiffened hearing Swara’s whisper, “HE IS BACK”


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