Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 24)

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Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 24)

Chapter 24 – Sangeet

The rays of the sun hit on his face and make his day bright ever than before. He rubs his eyes and looks at the surrounding where he is now. He wakes up and finds Swara is sleeping resting her head on the dashboard of the bed, wrapping her arms around him.

He slowly removes her hand from him and puts her gently on the bed placing a feathery kiss on her forehead. Swara smiles observing his touch on her but did not show it to him.

He goes out from the room and finds Ragini descends the stairs, but he immediately shouts, “Careful” seeing her getting slip from the steps. Ragini holds the wall for support and mumbles, “Thank you” to him.

Sanskar did not even look at her face but then replied, “Be careful while walking, if not for you then do care at least for the kid”

Ragini is astonished looking at his care for the unborn baby, with lot of thoughts running in her mind she goes down to find Laksh at the couch playing games in his mobile.

Ragini sits beside him, “Laksh”

Laksh without taking his eyes from the mobile, “I know what you want to say”

Ragini, “What?”

Laksh, “About Sanskar right?”

Ragini, “Hmm, what do you think?”

Laksh, “I am happy that he is changing and that is because of one and only Swara”

Ragini, “I am getting a guilty feeling”

Laksh, “For what?”

Ragini, “We lost our child hood friend Sanskar. The one whom I am seeing is not the one we know it for years”

Laksh, “Late Realization Ragini. We already lost him and now we have to think how to get in his life”

Ragini, “But why he cheated me Laksh?”

Laksh, “He never said that he cheated you, it’s us who concluded that he had cheated you”

Ragini, “You are saying this from that day”

Laksh, “Exactly, I am saying this from the day you doubted on him. But you and our family were not ready to listen neither me nor Sanskar”

Ragini, “So now you are blaming for all this chaos and separation?”

Laksh cups her face and wipes her tears on her cheeks, “I am blaming the situation. And thus made us to believe whatever we saw without even trying to know the truth behind it”

Ragini started crying listening him; he wipes her tears, “Ragini, stop crying like a child. You are not alone now, whatever you do or think it will impact our baby too. So forget everything and be happy”

Ragini, “Laksh, I never felt like this when he was away from us, but whenever I see him now I feel that I am the reason for his separation from his family”

Laksh, “Don’t blame you Ragini. Just forget it and care for the baby. I will sort out the problems”

Later in the noon, Swara gardening the flowers in the lawn but lost in some thoughts. Laksh comes to her, “Hello beautiful”

Swara jerks from her thought and look at Laksh who is looking disturbed.

Swara, “What happened? You look upset?”

Laksh smiles slightly, “No wonder why Sanskar fallen for you madly”

Swara, “Shall I ask you something?”

Laksh, “Of course”

Swalak sits on the bench kept there and he is waiting for her to speak up.

Swara after having a deep silence, “Why none of you trusted Sanskar that day?”

Laksh is surprised hearing her and looks at her asking, “So you know the reason why he was away from us?”

Swara, “Yes, I got to know but I feel that you all are responsible for his current state”

Laksh keeps silent and she continues, “You should have not left him like that…atleast one of you should have trusted him and that’s what he expected from you guys”

Laksh, “But Swara, situation were not so favour for him and it tied our hands”

Swara, “Even Sanskar was in that situation to doubt you and Ragini, but he did not lose his sense like you did”

Laksh, “What are you saying? I seriously don’t understand”

Swara sighs, “Even Sanskar got into a situation to doubt on you and Ragini, but he trusted you guys and never wanted to hurt you both just by asking. But you were judgmental and not even listening his words at all and isolated him from everyone”

Laksh, “Why should he doubt on me and Ragini? It’s actually Ragini doubted on Sanskar and she used to share her worry with me instead of asking to Sanskar and even she did not want to hurt him to let him know that she was doubting him”

Swara with confused stare, “But I heard something else”

Laksh, “First tell me what you know”

Swara tells him what Sanskar told her, Laksh is shattered hearing her and cries thinking about Sanskar’s situation.

Laksh, “We did a blunder of not trusting him even once”

Swara, “Laksh, it’s just been a short span I am living with Sanskar and I am able to understand him so easily, but why don’t you all trust him when you know him from your childhood. It’s even hurting me Laksh, then just think about him. How much he would have cried thinking about his family?”

Laksh, “But Swara, what Sanskar saw was completely different on what he understood?”

Swara, “I didn’t get you”

Laksh, “Swara, all were mistaken. I mean, I never had a wrong intension on Ragini and more over she was going to get married to Sanskar, then how I would have got a second thought on her. I am not that pervert and I’m not into that kind of a family. It’s purely mistaken from Sanskar’s side”

She looks at him blankly and he continues, “Swara, actually Ragini doubted Sanskar and his contacts with his crazy girls. She felt that he was still having girl’s contacts though he was already engaged to her. She did not want to hurt Sanskar by telling him her doubts, so she just shared with me and I used to make her understand that Sanskar can never think of betraying someone who believed him truly.”

Swara, “Can you tell exactly what happened and why would Ragini doubt on Sanskar?”

Laksh, “After the engagement, none of us were seeing Sanskar in home. We tried calling him but his number was switched off. Ragini was much worried of not seeing him but she got pissed of seeing him coming home late and his irresponsible answer made her angry on him. She was very much upset with him and cried a lot that night. Even her parents consoled her and suggested to think about her decision once on marrying Sanskar. Ragini did not want to make any wrong decisions in anger; she silently went to her home refusing her parents advice. Next day, I went to her college when she called me and shared her worry. She got the pics of Sanskar with some other girl in beach. It was like; they were lying on the sand having each in their arms. She showed me the pics and told me that she even asked Sanskar about his whereabouts but he said he went alone. I seriously couldn’t believe her statement just by looking at the pics, I tried to convince her and made her understand that it could be Photoshop and what if Sanskar might have told the truth. Somehow I convinced her and got her normal, but I did not want Sanskar to know that she had a doubt on him and she shared that with me. I felt that he might get upset, so I just asked as if I don’t know anything and as expected he wanted to hide the misunderstanding between them. I wanted to leave them alone so that they might talk and solve the problems between them. But it went vice versa and he left from there leaving us alone. But I scolded her for behaving so rudely to Sanskar, she started crying thinking about her behavior and kept on lamenting about the picture. You know what Swara, we both are at equal age and grown together from our childhood days, so I did not have any second thought on her, I just hugged her to console her, I just pacified her and there was nothing wrong in my intention. She became normal after I convinced her and we both made a way to home.”

Swara, “But Laksh, it gave a wrong perception to Sanskar after seeing you both hugging each other”

Laksh, “Now I understand how Sanskar would have felt seeing us. But we were all ok when we found Sanskar and Ragini coming down to the hall with a smile on their faces. We were happily out for the marriage shopping. He was also happy and I found Ragini was happy all the while. Honestly I am saying, I never thought Sanskar doubted both of us even in that shopping, it’s just a coincidence. She frankly liked all the dresses selected by me and there was no grudge against Sanskar. But now I can see that how it pictured to Sanskar. All our moments together were wrongly pictured to Sanskar, that’s why he left in the middle after dropping us in home. Whenever she went near to him, either he was upset or when he tried to talk to Ragini, she was angry on him. I even tried to talk to Sanskar but she stopped me all the time. Whenever he went out, she used to get a hint from unknown number, about Sanskar’s whereabouts and with whom he was. You won’t believe it Swara, every time we got a picture of him with different girls. We both even tried to reach the number who sent the pictures, but it was a onetime Sim card and got disconnected immediately. Every time we used to get a message from different number and she got tired to chasing the anonymous person. Atlast, I gave her a word and she also decided to get over it by marrying Sanskar and believed that after marriage, he will be changed. She was all set ready to marry him whole heartedly but on the marriage day, none of us were expected to see the worst phase in our life. Even till now it is unbelievable that Sanskar was in his room having some random girl in his bed beside him.”

Swara turns her face to other side of unable to even think that and he continues, “We all were waiting for Sanskar at the mandap, he did not come down for a while. Me and Papa came to his room and got shocked seeing him lying with a girl. Papa was so much angry seeing him and started scolding him for spoiling his reputation. No one were in the position to think and react. More than all, Ragini reacted badly and cried vigorously witnessing all her trust on his was broken into million pieces. She felt miserable finding her to be husband sleeping with a random lady on her marriage day. Just think from her perspective Swara, I wanted to believe Sanskar, but at the same time I supported Ragini and decided to be with her seeing her broke down. At the same time, I tried to convince Papa to let him speak, but he was so adamant of not listening any of our words and wanted to throw Sanskar out. Even mom did not stop them, because according to them, family’s reputation was very much important than anything else. They even shut me up and not allowed me to go and talk to him once. They became mad seeing their respect spoiled by Sanskar. Even I was helpless to talk on behalf of Sanskar, I did not want to do it but situation stopped me in supporting him.”

Swara sighs, “How come you and Ragini got married?”

Laksh, “That’s a big tragedy you know. Ragini tried committing suicide, she looks bold and brave but she is the softest person and couldn’t tolerate that she got cheated by Sanskar. Somehow we managed to save her but then her parents put a twist and requested Papa to make me marry her. I refused it but then Mom also pleaded me to save their respect, and without my wish our marriage happened. Initially we were not living as a normal husband and wife, but slowly we understand the importance of us in our lives and eventually we both fall in love. We did not plan anything but it happened, like how you fated for Sanskar”

Swara, “So now it’s clear that someone else were playing in your lives. They wanted to make Sanskar bad in front of everyone. But who did it and why?”

Laksh, “You know what? I tried to talk to Sanskar so many times, but he always refused to talk to me and often called me as Traitor, as if I planned all this. I am missing my bhai Sanskar a lot. I wanted to hug him, play with him, tease him and get beaten by him…but everything becomes my dream”

Swara holds his hands, “Don’t worry. Your dream will come true one day for sure and soon”

Laksh, “I am so relaxed talking to you. Thank you” he pats her head gently.

Swara, “I want to know one more thing?”

Laksh, “What?”

Swara, “Who is that Sahil Mehta?”

Laksh, “Sahil? But how you know about him?”

Swara, “Sanskar only told me that he was the one who told wrong about you and Ragini to him on the engagement day”

Laksh, “Son of a b*t*h. He was the one who misbehaved with you on that party night. Remember?”

Swara tries to recall that incident when someone misbehaved with him and Laksh saved her from him.

Swara, “Yes Yes, I remember.”

Laksh, “He is Sahil, but why he has to tell wrong about us to Sanskar?”

Swara, “That we have to find out and need to make Sanskar know about it”

Laksh, “Fine, let we find it first then we will inform Sanskar & Ragini on what game Sahil played in our life”

Swara, “But still, you should have not left Sanskar alone. I can’t get convince on this still”

Laksh laughs looking at her pout face and said, “I am happy that you trust him blindly and I am proud of you and your love on him. After suffering a lot, he got you as his treasure. Don’t ever think to leave him at any cost. He can’t live without you”

Swara, “I will die instead of that”
Swalak gets relaxed after having a talk about their past, but still she wanted to let Sanskar know that someone had manipulated him and Ragini against each. But then as per Laksh’s advice she concentrates on her marriage activities and forget the idea of finding why Sahil did that.

The Maheswari mansion is in celebration mode, Ragini started talking to Swara nicely and helps her a lot. AP too gets happy looking at Ragini and Swara mends with each other nicely. Laksh often goes to talk to Sanskar but Sanskar always shoves him away from his sight, still Laksh is not ready to leave his efforts in talking with Sanskar. Swara laughs seeing Sanskar makes faces whenever Laksh comes to him and he always goes somewhere to stay away from him.

Next day becomes the Sangeet ceremony for Ardhika. Ragini decorates her beautifully and make sure that Sanskar should be fainted seeing her. Swara blushes hearing her comment and gets tensed.

Ragini makes her stand in front of the mirror and gives her a final look. Ragini, “I guess, today Sanskar’s sight won’t go anywhere other than you. He will run behind you like a puppy for sure”

Swara’s cheeks gets into a pinkish shade where in Ragini continues teasing her. Meanwhile AP comes there and stunned seeing Swara’s beauty.

She is literally awestruck looking at her and takes a bad sight from her saying, “Now I understood why Sanskar is mad on you. You look so beautiful Swara. I am proud of his selection now, no one dare to question me about my daughter in law. Correct Ragini?”

Ragini laughs looking at her proudness and nods her head, “Absolutely Mom”

They both get Swara down for the function, Sanskar is speechless looking at the diva of his life descending down like an angel in heaven. He is totally blown over looking at her elegant features. Swara’s face becomes crimson after finding Sanskar’s stare on her.

Sanskar’s attire:


AP makes her stand beside Sanskar, the moment she stands with him, he immediately grabs her hand into his and squeeze it gently by showing his yearning for her. Swara tries to take her hand from him but he tightens his grip and whispers, “You just took my breath away. You look gorgeous Senorita. My hands are itching to take you in my embrace right now”

Swara just smiled hearing him hiding her blush. Soon Laksh & Ragini steps on the floor on initiating the ceremony. Everyone happily joins with them and dancing happily.

AP gets so happy and proud seeing all her friends and relatives praised Swara’s beauty and her selection. She feels very proud seeing Swara behaving elegantly and looks like an angel for everyone there.

Finally, Raglak drags Swasan on the floor and makes them dance for a romantic number. Sanskar did not even miss the chance of being close with her, and gets into so romantic with her in the name of dancing.

Everyone out there laughs seeing the Sanskar smitten by Swara’s love and going behind her like a love struck puppy. It was very hard for Swara to be in control and hide her blush all the time.

Once the function is over, Swara goes to her room to change her dress, she locks the door and is about to change the dress, but suddenly she hears the noise of a stone breaking the glass of the window.

She gets scared and looking outside the window finding someone is starring her in the dark. She finds some chit on the stone, and picks it up to read.

“Hello Swara…You look so happy and beautiful too. Now I feel sad that how come I missed you when you were with me? I regret it Swara. But better late than never right? It’s just a head up and be ready to be with me soon. I will take you with me at any cost and no one can stop me”

Swara’s hands are shivering after reading the message and she looks outside but finds no one. Tears started rolling on her cheeks and finds some flashes of her getting beaten up by someone.


What’s up guys? so hope Sanskar’s problem is getting solved and now it is Swara’s turn. Her past is going to chase her now and who is he? Why he wants to abduct her? what’s her relation with him? Will get to know soon.

Thank you for reading it. Please let me know your views.

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