Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 23)

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Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 23)

Chapter 23 – Doubts your Doubts

***Distance doesn’t ruin our relationships, but Doubts do !!! ****


Flashback continues,

The Engagement Day

The whole Maheswari Mansion celebrates the occasion happily. Sanskar is super happy seeing Laksh after a long time. Ragini is excited to step into a new phase of her life and gets emotional seeing her parents.

Sanskar gets ready for the function in his room and gets distracted hearing a voice from his doorstep. He turns back and finds a person standing there with a bouquet and full of smile, “Hey My Dear Friend”

Sanskar surprises seeing him there and welcomes him by hugging , “I am really surprised man. How are you?”

“I am great and why you did not inform me about your engagement?” the new person starts his questionnaire to Sanskar.

Sanskar adjusts his dress looking at the mirror and said, “I don’t want to make it a big one and thought to call you all for the marriage. BTW how you got to know this?”

“We are in a same business circle Sanskar. Uncle informed to all his business friends and obviously I too got to know” he replied to Sanskar.

Sanskar, “Want to have something?”

New Person, “Not now… King is here but where is the queen?”

Sanskar smiles pointing the other side of the room saying, “She is getting ready in her room”

NP, “Well, it’s time for me to surprise her. I will see you soon”

Sanskar nods and sends him out. Meanwhile AP came and makes the last minute touch up to him and informs him to come down soon.

Once she left, Sanskar is about to go out but meets him again with an upset face.

Sanskar, “What happened?”

NP, “Nothing”

Sanskar, “You are not alright…you look dull. Tell me the truth, what happened suddenly?”

NP with a sad face, “I seriously did not think that this will happen for you. You are so good but god is playing in your life”

Sanskar, “Say it clearly”

NP, “Sanskar, you will feel bad if I say the incident what I saw?”

Sanskar, “What are you saying? What you saw?”

NP, “I saw Ragini & Laksh and…” he stops in the mid.

Sanskar makes an irritating face and said, “So what?”

NP, “Sanskar, I know you all 3 were close to each other, but I see some difference today”

Sanskar control his irritation to avoid making scene, “Say it clearly & completely”

NP, “I see them hugging each other closely, but this is not a usual one, it’s something different. Some pain of losing the loved ones clearly visible in their eyes. Their hug seems like they both are desperate for each other.”

Before he finishes the sentence, Sanskar slaps him hardly warning him, “Don’t utter a word against them. How dare you say wrong about Laksh & Ragini? Do you think I will believe you? Look, this is the last time I am seeing you here and you are no more allowed to stay in my house. GET OUT RIGHT NOW”

Sanskar slams the door and goes out to join the function, he meets Laksh laughing at something and joins with him. Sanskar stands at his place and looks for Ragini who is coming with all blushes, Laksh who stands beside Sanskar murmurs, “She looks gorgeous, Bro you are so lucky. I never thought she would be this much beautiful, if so I would have make her mine before you … anyway you be the lucky man always. All d best brother”

Sanskar just smile at him in return and extends his hands to Ragini, Ragini is about to grab his but Laksh takes her hands in his and makes her twist once and pushes her to Sanskar. Sanskar holds her and looks at Laksh with a slight smile, where in Ragini starts beating Laksh playfully until AP comes and stops them.

Sanskar & Ragini exchange their rings and wish each other. He looks into her eyes saying, “Are you not happy Ragini?”

Ragini, “Nothing like that…but I feel that everything is happening so fast. Don’t have time to think anything. Anyways, be prepared to get scolding from me Sanskar”

They laugh and Laksh takes them to center and asks them to dance. Soon all the couple starts dancing, Sanskar hesitates saying, “I am not good in dancing bro and you know that”

He moves back raising his hands, Laksh looks at Ragini who looks disappointed and extends his hands to her for dance. She happily takes his and starts dancing with him. Sanskar smiles looking at them and gets a soft drink for him.

He keeps starring their dance and suddenly overhears the talk by the guests. He stands still but starts listening their talks and it is about Raglak.

Guest 1, “I feel, Laksh & Ragini are made for each other. I really thought these two will get married but I was really surprised when DP informed about Sanskar & Ragini engagement.

Guest 2, “Even I was, but you see her she is happier with Laksh than being with Sanskar. Probably we are seeing them from childhood and felt they are bound to be one but what god decided is something different and now she is engaged with Sanskar.

Guest 1, “I heard that DP & Devaraj decided their marriage since they were kids. May be that’s the reason they did not think about Laksh in place of Sanskar. Whatever, I wish they have a happy life ahead”

Somewhere Sanskar gets hurt hearing this; he did not show it up but becomes so moody after the engagement. He even watches Raglak who dances happily without any worries; both are looking so good together and compliments each other. He smiles faintly looking at them and without informing to anyone, he goes out and spend his rest of the day in the beach and comes home late making everyone shocked including Ragini’s parents.

Ragini comes to him angrily, “Where were you been Sanskar?”

Sanskar, “Beach”

Ragini, “Beach? And for god sake do you remember today is our engagement? How can you go like this?”

Sanskar, “I was disturbed, so I went there. What’s the problem now?”

Ragini gets angry by his fitty reply and asks him, “Were you alone there or with any of your girl friends?”

This is it for Sanskar to ignite the fire in him which is already burning inside and replied, “I go with any girls, and that’s my personal. You don’t need to interfere in my personal matters. And I am not bulged to answer to your filthy questions. Do you understand?”

He did not wait there to face others and immediately rushes to his room and slams the door making others shocked. He feels so bad for reacting this badly but somehow he wants to hide his disappointment and confusion from them. He did not want to hurt anyone there just because of his unstable mind and cheap thoughts.

Sanskar, “I know Laksh & Ragini, I should not worry about others commenting on us. They will feel very bad, if they come to know about their talks. I should not hurt them again”

Next day, he comes out from his room thinking how to face them but everyone behave so normally as if nothing happened. Even Laksh hugs him once he comes down and said, “Bhai, I think something is disturbing you badly and that made you spoke like that … just forget all those. Share it with me, I am with you anytime.”

Sanskar smiles slightly and hugs him and search for Ragini but she is nowhere to be found. Laksh understand what he wants and said, “She went with her parents and really upset with you”

Sanskar, “I will convince her” but Laksh stops him saying, “No Bhai, not now. Give her some time, she might be angry on you. You talk with her later” he drags him to the dining hall to have breakfast with him.

This is the final days of college for Sanskar in his Master’s and Final semester for Ragini in her Bachelor’s. Sanskar goes to college to meet Ragini and finds her sitting alone in the pathway. He sits beside her and hesitates to talk first but before him she herself started the conversation, “Leave me alone Sanskar”

Sanskar sighs, “Look Ragini, I know I shouldn’t have shouted at you yesterday but I was in some other thoughts and that made me to lose my control”

Ragini rubs her forehead asking, “Where were you yesterday night?”

Sanskar, “Listen, I already told you”

Ragini interrupts his, “I asked you something so please answer me”

Sanskar looks at her face which has lot of questions, he tries his maximum to control his temper and said, “I went to beach”

Ragini, “Alone?”

Sanskar, “Yes”

Immediately Ragini gets up from his seat throwing a disgusting look at him, “I know … I know you will say this. Just go to hell Sanskar”

She walks away leaving him in confusion, he stares her going without blinking his eyes. He finds weird in her behavior and with lot of thoughts running in his mind, he goes to his class to meet his friends.

Everyone is congratulating him but few unknowingly share their thought among themselves about Laksh & Ragini thinking they would get marry but instead of him. This was unintentional one but it heard by Sanskar and creeps into his mind automatically since he was disturbing by this kind of talks from yesterday, which he is unable to digest it.

He went in search of Ragini but finds her smiling happily with the person stands opposite to her and that’s none other than Laksh. Sanskar stands helpless seeing them together so happily, he feels himself very low seeing Laksh talking with Ragini.

He silently walks to them, Laksh notices him and gives him a gentle smile but Ragini not even ready to look at his face. Laksh finds the difference and asks, “Is there anything wrong between you both?”

Sanskar immediately replies, “No” and at the same time Ragini too replied, “Yes”

Laksh blinks at them and thinks to leave from there saying, “Okay, I guess I need to leave” he is about to go but Ragini stops him, “No need to go. I am feeling good being with you”

Sanskar clenches his fist in anger and said, “It’s ok Laksh, you no need to go anywhere. I am the one to leave now” saying so he leaves from there.

Laksh looks at Ragini angrily, “What’s your problem?”

Sanskar hears the last statement when Laksh asks her and he walks fast to avoid hearing their conversation.

Sanskar drives his car having lots of thoughts running in his mind. His mind voice, “Why I am behaving so stupidly? Laksh is my brother and how can I think him doing wrong for me? Why my mind is always thinking wrong about their relationship? What happened to me? From childhood, they are so close and now why it is bothering me? I shouldn’t doubt them and if they come to know about my doubt then they will feel bad. They won’t forgive me ever”

He immediately turns his car to his college and goes to meet Ragini and thinks to convince her at any cost. But he stops his way without moving furthermore seeing the scene in front of him. He looks at Laksh, hugging Ragini, wiping her tears from her cheeks and kiss on her forehead and Ragini obliges all silently. Then Laksh takes her with him by wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

Sanskar feels like all his trust on his best buddies broken down in to millions of pieces but still convinced himself thinking they are close friends. He sits on the bench with a thud nearby and rubs his face by his palms and after a deep thinking, “This cannot be wrong. They are good friends from their kindergarten and I shouldn’t think wrong about their closeness. My perception is wrong” he decides something and drives back to his home.

After reaching home, he immediately goes to Ragini and takes her to the terrace surprising everyone including her and says, “I am sorry for hurting you but that was not intentional. Hope you understand me”

Ragini looks dumbstruck seeing Sanskar’s quick apology, she couldn’t react much but lost in a thought. Sanskar shakes her asking, “What are you thinking? Still having grudge on me?”

Ragini smiles at him nodding her head No and said, “But no more girls ok?”

Sanskar too smiles at her, “No one except you”

Both looks awkwardly and engulfs into a slight hug, they go down to meet the other family members. Seeing them smiling, others give a cheering sound and gets ready to go for a shopping for the marriage since there is only a week gap for their marriage.

Sanskar happily talks to Ragini, but finds some disturbance in her and takes her to a corner without anyone’s notice, “Why you look so dull? Still thinking about the past is it?”

Ragini nods her head, “No Sanskar. Feeling a slight head ache that’s it”

Sanskar pats her gently and takes her to the family and all engross into a marriage shopping. Sanskar and Laksh kind of have a competition in selecting dresses for Ragini for the ceremonies. Unfortunately in most of all Laksh won and Ragini selected most of the dresses chosen by Laksh.

Sanskar’s face fell, but he did not react for it and smiles gently seeing her happiness looking at the dresses. Without knowing his mind Laksh comes to him raising his collar saying, “You need to learn from me bro. I know her very well, her likes & dislikes I know about her more than you. I will give you the tips before marriage, don’t worry”

Sanskar simply nods his head but the evil heart and mind again goes back to the same pace and crushes deep inside seeing the closeness Laksh & Ragini has. He tries so hard to hide his growing anger and somewhat succeeds too.

Ragini holds his arms while walking and he takes her hands off from his and walks front without even giving a glance to her. She gets confused seeing him but soon all her tension gone once she see Laksh and chats with him happily, which is even noticed by Sanskar with his empowering hatred.

All reach home after the shopping on dresses and jewels, Sanskar drops them and immediately goes out as usual without informing to anyone and Ragini glares the way he went.

Past ends…

Swara stares his face which has lot of grief hover on it, tears drops in his cheeks. She wipes it gently and holds his hands to console him and asks, “What happened after that?”

Sanskar, “So many. At once I thought all this was my illusion and try to ignore it. But the fate has different plans I guess. I happened to see Laksh & Ragini so close and that was the day before my marriage. How much ever I tried to ignore my doubt, the more I got a chance to see them together, which irked me a lot”

Swara, “Then?”

Sanskar, “The day has come which made my life upside down, made me a creep, a lofer, a womanizer and what else. Till now I really don’t know how that happened when I am supposed to be with Ragini. After having a drink on the previous night, I went to my room to sleep to avoid talking with others, if I started speaking I was scared that I might blabber anything wrong about Ragini and Laksh which might hurt them and my family. So I wanted to be alone and went to my room to sleep. But…”

Swara, “But? Tell me”

Sanskar, “I woke up hearing a loud noise, scolding’s and opened my eyes to find all my family members glaring at me angrily and I could see so much of hatred in their eyes. Soon I got to know the reason behind their hatred which was a shocking one for me too … because I found a girl beside me in my bed”

Swara is super shocked hearing him and it clearly expressed in her tone, “WHAT?”

Sanskar holds her hand saying, “I seriously don’t know what happened and how she came there? It was like a nightmare for me. I tried to explain my side to my parents but no one is ready to hear my explanation. All they thought was I am the sinner and I should not be forgiven at any cost. Nobody was ready to hear at least once and decided already that I spoiled the family’s respect and ruined Ragini’s life. I was blamed for ruining all their happiness but the truth is I was not. I suppressed all my worries into myself and not shown to anyone because I never wanted my family to feel bad knowing about my thoughts and about Laksh. Laksh is their favorite son and just because of my doubt, I don’t want anyone to get into a tension and doubt him or hurt him. I thought about my family and their happiness but the worst part is No one thought about me and insulted me in every manner, by believing the scene what they saw. No one was there to care me, glance me, supported me … not even once. They all came to a conclusion that I was a wrong person. The trust which I kept on my family thinking they will support me in every situation what may come, they proved it that I was wrong…yes I was wrong in trusting them blindly that they will not leave me in any situation but I had been thrown away from my house…this same house. How can I forget that black day in my life? From that moment, I pledged to myself that I have no one in this world and changed myself into a beast and that’s what they described about me. They told me that I am a womanizer but I was not really and I became the one until I met you”

Swara’s heart pondering to stop his tears but she let it flow, so that he can feel better after pouring his heart completely. She feels bad seeing him crying like a child who was yearning for the love from the family, which he loves so much.

She makes him lie down on her lap, placing her fingers in his hairs and rubbing it softly by patting his arms gently with another. He keeps murmuring, “I felt like a trash, I was all alone, no one was there to just look at my face and say, “I believe you”, I felt lost. I lost my family and I was isolated by my own family”

He holds her hands to him and said, “Believe me Swara, I was not to be blamed. Even I was not sure how she came to my room and I never seen her before”

Swara, “Ssshhhhh, it’s ok. I believe you. I trust you. Don’t worry I am with you, no matter what may come. I will be with you forever”

She keeps patting him gently and suddenly she asks him, “Sanskar, who was the one you met on your engagement day, who told you about Laksh & Ragini?”

Sanskar, “Sahil … Sahil Mehta. But after i scolded him, he left from there immediately and I never seen him anywhere near me later and he was not involved in all this chaos”

Swara just nodded and said, “OK” and thinks, “But he ignited the doubt in your mind and heart, which burnt you and others”


blah blah blah blah….i don’t know what i wrote…but this is a point of view from Sanskar. We yet to see Ragini’s or Laksh’s view and ofcourse the villain Sahil’s too. Hmm he played his cards nicely to separate Sanskar & his family. But how? will see in the next chapter,

Please let me know your views.

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