Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 22)

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Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 22)

Chapter 22 – Happy News and Glimpse of Flashback

Swara, AP, Ragini and Laksh reach home after finishing the marriage shopping. All looks tired and exhausted after the heavy shopping. Swara smiles looking at them who catches the corner of every couch and goes to kitchen.

Ragini, “Won’t she get tired or what?”

Laksh with his eyes closed, “Hmm”

Swara comes back soon with 3 glasses of Lemon juice and serves them. AP raises her eyebrows looking at her and signs her to sit beside her.

Swara hesitatingly sit with her and gets tensed thinking what she might ask her.

AP, “Look Swara, I want you to know my real thought about you and this marriage. I am not happy with you and feels like my Sanskar deserve a life partner better than you. But he loves you and I respect his decision, at least now he decided to be bound with one girl and he decided it’s you.

Meanwhile, Swara feels bad hearing AP’s statement and tears form in her eyes & is ready to touch her cheeks anytime. Laksh interrupts, “Mom?”

AP, “I did not finish it yet. I am coming to the point Swara. Leave the past, focus on the present and future. Now you are going to become Maheswari’s daughter in law and we have a great image in the society. I want you to behave like a princess of Maheswari family, you have to work hard to impress me and make me believe that you are the right choice for my Sanskar. Soon you have to meet many high society people in your marriage functions, you should know how to greet them and talk with them. I don’t want anyone to pin point and comment on you. Be with Ragini, know from her who are our relatives and get help from her to behave well in front of them” she looks at Ragini, “Ragini, she is your responsibility and you have to make her know each and every habit of our family and our relatives & friends”

Ragini blinks, “Okay Mom”

AP goes to her room; Swara gets into thought, “How will they react if they know about my past?”

Laksh pats her head slightly saying, “Session is over. Don’t worry we are here”

Swara smiles looking at him and turns to Ragini. Ragini stares her for a while and says, “Are you thinking something else Swara?”

Swara alerts and stammers, “No…no. I was little nervous”

Ragini, “You should be. It’s very difficult to make mom happy”

Laksh to Swara, “And I am sure, you will make her happy. Am I right?”

Swara smiles at him and nods her head. Ragini, “Laksh, for the past two days I am seeing you only in home. Don’t you have work at Office?”

Laksh comes close to her, “I thought of spending my precious time with you my dear wife”

Ragini blushes seeing Swara and pushes him away, “Behave yourself Laksh”

Swara goes from there leaving them alone, Laksh saw this and tries to hug Ragini saying, “See, now she too gone. Only we both are here. Come on, let’s romance for some time”

Ragini pushes him again, “Laksh, you shameless man…go away. This is not our bedroom”

Laksh, “Ok then, will go there”

Ragini smiles looking at him and running here & there to get escape from his clutch and suddenly she stops feeling something abnormal.

Laksh back hugs her and whispers in her ear, “I am going now, but won’t leave you tonight” he kisses her cheek and goes out without noticing her. She manages somehow goes to her room and rests in her bed.

Meanwhile in the late evening, Swara arranging her clothes in her closet and gets alert hearing a broken vase sound outside her room.

She quickly goes out to check and gets shocked seeing Ragini is not in control and falling on the floor. Before she reaches to her, Ragini cries in pain lying on the floor holding her stomach.

Swara screams for help but unfortunately no one was there in home, she goes down to call security for help. With his help she takes Ragini in the car and drives to nearby hospital.

Security called the family members after dropping them to the hospital and wait for them to come.

Swara is pacing outside the ward with lot of tension, soon DP, AP and Laksh comes there running and gets worried looking at Ragini through the window.

Laksh, “Swara, what happened to her?”

Swara, “I..i don’t know. Suddenly I heard some vase breaking noise, I came out from my room and saw Ragini fell on the floor and crying. She felt some pain in her stomach, I got her here with security’s help”

All gets worried seeing Ragini is getting treated and she is in unconscious state.

After 15 mins, a lady doctor comes out with a smile saying, “Nothing to worry. She is fine and most importantly the embryo in her stomach is also fine”

All are shocked listening her and unable to utter any words. DP comes to reality and stammers, “Embryo? You mean?”

Doctor, “I guess you are not aware of it yet. Fine, she is pregnant with 15 days of embryo. Congrats !!!”

Laksh’s happiness cannot be determined and shouted happily and lifts AP to share his happiness. AP too bless him and wishes him. DP hugs him tightly and wishes him.

Swara feels so relax and happy seeing Laksh, “I am very very happy for you Laksh…Congratulations”

Laksh hugs her and place a kiss on her forehead saying, “I should say thanks to you, you have got her here at the right time. Thank u so much Swara”

Doctor, “Yes, Ragini was having pain in her stomach when we admitted her. But that was due to gastric problem and unhygienic food she had. It didn’t affect the child…no need to worry”

Doctor allows them to meet Ragini, Ragini gets conscious and looks at their happy faces once they enter inside the room.

Ragini, “What? You all are happy seeing me in hospital bed?”

Laksh giggles, “Of course dear, I am very happy to see you like this. Infact I will be very very happy to see you like this very often”

Ragini makes face, “What are you blabbering?”

Laksh, “Blabber? Just wait for another 9 months madam; soon I will get a soldier for me to fight with you for scolding me”

Ragini’s reaction got changed when he is saying; AP interrupts him saying, “I need an angel…enough of having you boys”

Ragini, “What are you saying?”

AP comes to her and kissing her forehead, “You made us proud and Thanks for making me a grand ma”

DP, “And I am grandpa”

Ragini gets emotional and touches her belly, Laksh hugs her tightly whispering, “I love you…thank u so much for giving this happiness”

Ragini too hugs him back saying, “Love you too Laksh”

Swara gets happy tears seeing them. Laksh calls Swara closer and says, “Because of her nothing gets serious”

Ragini nods her head and with a smile she said, “I know, I was in half conscious when she holds me and calls the security. I remember everything. Thank you Swara”

AP looks at Swara with some sort of relief in her face and said, “Chalo, will go home and talk”

All reached Maheswari Mansion; DP rejoices and shares his happiness with his friends and relatives.

Sanskar too reaches home soon and gets shocked seeing DP in phone with wide smile and Laksh on other side, AP & Swara pleading Ragini to have some juice.

Sanskar walks inside, “Swara”

Everyone’s attention goes to Sanskar once they hear him, Swara takes the sweet and goes to him saying, “Have the sweet”

Sanskar, “Why?”

Swara, “First you have, I will tell you the reason”

Sanskar, “First tell me the reason”

Laksh comes forward and hugs him saying, “Soon there will be a baby boy or baby girl in our home”.

Sanskar frees him from his hug and looks at others and Swara having sweet in her hand, without saying anything he walks to his room.

Laksh gets upset seeing him going without even wishing him, Swara feels bad seeing his sad face and looks at Ragini who is also gets upset.

Swara decides to know the reason behind their hatred, she walks to Sanskar’s room and goes inside only to find Sanskar standing in his balcony and starring outside.

She walks to him and stands beside him, after a deep silence she says, “May I know what’s the reason for your hatred on your family?”

Sanskar keeps silent and did not even turn to her side. Swara wait for him to say but disappointed seeing him not even looking at her.

She turns to go but stops there, she turns back to find her wrist gets caught by Sanskar’s hand. She rubs her palm on his, he turns and holds her hands close to him saying, “Please don’t leave me and go”

Swara gets worried seeing tears in his eyes, takes him to his bed and makes him sit and she too sits beside with him.

Swara, “Please tell me everything”

Sanskar, “I can tolerate anything but if someone distrusts me and that too my loved ones distrust me, then where will I go? To whom I can call my family?”

She stares him silently and he continues, “Me and Laksh are step brothers. Laksh’s dad is my dad’s younger brother and his parents died in an accident when we were small. From that day, Laksh becomes a part of my family and becomes a loveable brother for me. Even my mom loves him a lot more than me…actually I was happy for that and was proud of her. And about Ragini, we are family friends, so our parents decided to make this friendship into a relationship. We 3 grown together and once we grown up they decided to make me and Ragini get married”

Swara gets shocked but did not utter a single word, Sanskar looks at her face and kiss her forehead saying, “Both of us don’t have any feelings for each other, and when our parents decided to get us married were shocked at first but we don’t have reasons to refuse each other, so we accepted for this marriage”

Tears rolling on her cheeks and turns to other side to hide it and he continues saying what has happened few years ago.

Flashback from Third person’s POV (but only from Sanskar’s view):

Ragini called him to meet her at their usual place. He also wanted to talk to her before getting into a relationship and he doesn’t want their friendship to be buried because of this marriage. Once he reach the hotel, he saw his class mates there and talking with them.

That time, Sanskar was so enthusiastic and cheerful man in their college, and yes many have crush on him. So he was talking to one of those girls and finally she gave him a tight hug before leaving which was noticed by Ragini.

He reached the table where she seated but with upset face. Sanskar finds it and rolls his eyes seeing her, “Why are you making face now?”

Ragini, “Then what? At least now you can behave well Sanskar”

Sanskar, “What’s wrong in my behavior?”

Ragini raises her eye brows and pointing his left shoulder to see, Sanskar finds a lipstick mark there and give her a sheepish smile.

Ragini nods her head negatively saying, “I will kill you if I see like this again. Seriously Sanskar, I don’t wanna see all your female fans nearby you”

Sanskar, “You have jealous Ragini”

Ragini, “Whatever you name it…I don’t mind. But remember I know you well from my childhood and I know that how many girls are behind you and how you were allotting your time to each. So don’t hide anything from me”

Sanskar laughs seeing her and said, “Okay okay…fine. I promise you that I won’t cheat you. You can trust me and I never ever break someone’s trust on me”

Ragini smiles looking at him, “So you whole heartedly agree for this marriage?”

Sanskar, “Can’t say like that but I don’t find any reason to say no for this marriage. What about you?”

Ragini, “Exactly the same thing. I feel that marrying a known devil is better than marrying an unknown angel”

Sanskar makes face and they spend some good time together.

Soon DP decides their engagement date and dials to inform this to Ragini’s parents who are in Australia.

DP, “Hello Devaraj”

Deva, “Hey DP, how are you man?”

DP, “I am fine and how is Pavitra?”

Deva, “We both are fine. So you finalized the date is it?”

DP, “Exactly, I decided the date for engagement and within a week we can have the marriage. So when are you coming to India?”

Deva, “You send me the dates and I will inform you once my ticket is confirmed”

Once they decided the engagement, Sanskar calls Laksh who stays away from family for higher studies, “Hello brother”

Laksh, “First many many congratulations my dear bro. I am so happy for both of you. But how come you agreed to marry her, she is such an irritating one and always complains about everything”

Sanskar chuckles listening and turns to his left to see Ragini’s angry face and said, “Laksh, it would be good if you come on video call now”

Laksh immediately agrees and comes online in video call but gets shocked seeing Ragini glaring him angrily.

Laksh slowly raises his hands and waves hi to her and Ragini gives him a sarcastic smile saying, “What did you say before?”

Laksh, “Nothing Ragini…I did not say anything”

Ragini signs him like she is punching on his face and he finds Sanskar laughing silently looking at them.

Laksh, “Sanskar, you are gone once I am there”

Sanskar, “Waiting for that brother”

The trio gets into a chat with each other and waits for Laksh’s return to India.

The whole Mehra Mansion celebrates the happiness to the core without knowing that it will not be staying for so long.

Flashback continues…

Note: Sanskar is 2 years elder than NeSam.

How was the chapter? Hope you all get interested to know the reason for Sanskar’s hatred towards his family. Almost everyone gets an idea now what would have happened?

If not, don’t worry it will be clear in next chapter and it is only from Sanskar’s POV. We still have to know from Ragini’s POV and the real truth behind it.

Hope you all like it. Please let me know your comments for this chapter.

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