Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 17)

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Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 17)

Chapter 17 – Senorita Missing


“That was indeed a rude and wild confession” i completed my words in between my breathe and staring him with some sort of scared feelings.

He immediately blurted out “WHAT THE f**k?”.

I jerked and get up to go from there, from his sight. He get hold of my wrist and pull me harshly to him. I hit on his chest and look at him with extreme fear…I remember how he throttled me some time back…I gulped looking at his furious face and he continues, “How can you go in between when I am talking to you?”

I blink at him of not knowing what to say, for now I feel he will get angry on me whatever I say. I stammer, “Actually, I…I…got scared seeing you” somehow I finished my statement what I wanted to say.

The very next moment I got buried in his tight embrace, I feel so warmth, so secured, so bliss. Unknowingly my arms too clutched his back tightly and I become so relaxed being in his cage. I feel a warm kiss on my forehead and his mumble, “I am really sorry for hurting you and making you scared. I did not mean it…it’s just came out of my control” he again place a soft and gentle kiss on my forehead which makes me to forget everything.

I slowly separated myself from his embrace and look at his face which shows a blissful love for me. I feel so happy realizing that someone is so possessive about me, which I never experienced in my life.

There is an intent eye lock between us and it is broken by Sita Ma, who came with a smile on her face. She had a bowl with Turmeric and Sandal mix to heal the finger marks on my neck which was given by him. I give him an accusing look, he rolls his eyes and get the bowl from her hand, surprising me and sita ma.

Sita ma, “What you going to do?”

“I will apply the cream over there. I am responsible for it so it’s my duty to heal her wounds” his each words strike my heart directly, which gives a tears for me where i was craving for a true love in my life.

Sita ma nods her head and moves from there. He leans towards me and starts applying the cream over my neck on the marks, i see him applying the cream with extensive care…i smiled looking at him thinking, how he throttled me and now he is healing it. I can see the Wild and Mild Character together in him. My mind warning me that it is very difficult to understand his mood swings.

He looks at me asking, “Are you feeling good now?”

I come out from the dream and nod my head with a smile on my lips. He too smile at me and rubs my cheeks with his thumb, it’s not just a rub, but with sensual touch. I feel my body reacts badly for his touch, in fact craving for his touch. I reacted so fastly in his finger, he found that and leans towards my face.

I did not even move an inch and starring him with my wide open eyes. He comes so close to me and cups my face; I slide down my view from his face cause of the uninvited shy. I don’t know what he thinks, suddenly I felt warmth and a feathery kiss on my cheeks, and in return I just smiled without even looking at him but sticking my eyes to the floor.

“Go and Take Rest” he speaks so lightly and moves from me. I immediately run to my room without even looking at him. I locked up myself there and relaxing from the shock…the sweet shock he gave me.

I walked towards the window, enjoying the cool breeze outside. I lean on the door remembering the moments from the day 1 I met him, when he came to make me his to satisfy his lust, then he saved me from those bastards and got me here..Again to satisfy his lust on me, he house arrested me, how i tried to escape from this same window and hanging on the air till he came and saved me, often he proved me that he is my Savior.

Yes, it’s true…he is my Savior…My Real Savior who protects me from everything which he thinks it might harm me anytime. I felt so good thinking about my fate to become a part of his life.

I forgot myself in my own dream, suddenly i heard a knock on the door. I came to the reality and open the door only to find him looking at me with a cute yet sensual smile. I am completely mesmerized in staring at him.

He snapped his fingers in front of my face saying, “I know I am handsome, but for that you don’t need to stare me like this”.

Goddddd, he embarrassed me…in fact he caught me while starring him badly. I immediately give him a way and move from there but he hold my hand and pull me into his arms, where he locked me to his chest tightly and remove the hair strands in my face saying, “Why my senorita is upset?”

Senorita, you know what i just love this name when it spell from him. I smile at him and nodded as No and try to be free from his grip. But he tightens his grip again saying, “Then tell me why you were starring at me?”

I feel so embarrassed again of unable to hide my blush seeing him and he caught me again. I moved my view to other side saying, “I did not stare…was just looking at …you” I completed with lot of stammer.

Suddenly i feel a warm and wet kiss on my neck which makes me lose myself in his touch. I started moaning in pleasure given by him, he keeps kissing me and walks front having me in his arms and pushed me to the wall by locking me against it. All the way he did not leave me at all.

He gently moves his lips upwards and place a feathery kiss all over my face and at the end stop at the daring point where we both feel the touch of our breathe fighting with each harshly.

He leans closely to my face and there is an inch gap between our lips, i closed my eyes to feel the most precious and the pleasure from him. I waited for him to reside in my lips but i feel empty for few seconds, i opened my eyes but only to find him suppressing his smile looking at my facial expressions.

AGAIN…Again he embarrassed me, he keeps smiling looking at my face. Don’t know why but this time i feel like to give him back, and don’t know what went into me. I hold his shirt collar and pull him to me hastily and placed my soft lips into his rough one. This time it is me who reside in his lips, i have got enough guts to play with him and this is just because of him who stands by my side of no matter what may come.

It’s lasted for only few mins, but it seems to be a long time for both of us. I left his shirt collar and released myself from his clutch. Though i attempted the very brave one according to me, but now i felt so shy to face him. I tried to move but stopped me and hugged me tightly whispering “I LOVE YOU SWARA”

I feel so happy hearing those 3 magical words from him. He then makes me sit in the bed saying, “I got an urgent call, i have to leave to Delhi for an urgent meeting and will be back tomorrow evening only. I want you not to worry and stay brave, be with Sita Ma, not to go alone anywhere and most importantly wait for my return” he winks at me.

I worried a little but did not show him that and don’t want to make him upset, i nod my head happily. He places a kiss on my forehead and goes to his room to get ready.

After an hour, he bids bye to me and Sita ma and leaves from there. I felt pain of seeing him going from here, some unknown worry occupied me without any reason.

I spent a night without him, without seeing him, without hearing his mocking words, without seeing his smiling face, it looks like a one whole birth for me now.

Next day, i woke up and continue my daily chores, but got disturbed by the door knock. For a moment i forgot what he said to me and thought he only came to see me. I run to the door and opened it hastily to find him but…what i saw is not what i expected.


I felt so bad seeing her fear for me, i applied the cream which Sita ma gave to heal my fingers marks. I really wonder how can she be so soft and elegant when i almost tried to kill her. Still she behaves nicely with me, she is so fragile but i made her feel the pain. But even i felt the pain of losing her which i don’t want to happen. I hugged her immediately when she told me that she is scared of me…i want my senorita to be happy with me but not because of fear on me.

I kissed on her cheeks where she accepted it silently and i sent her to her room to rake rest, within a fraction of seconds she just escaped from me like a Dear escaped from the Lion when it gets chance.

I smiled looking at her running to her room and leaned on the couch to stretch my body.

Sita Ma came to me saying, “I am very happy seeing your love on her but please do remember that she is so good, never ever disrespected anyone and soft in nature. I request you not to hurt her anytime, because she cannot tolerate it and that too from you means she will definitely not.”

I got up from the couch, gives a promise to her saying, “SWARA is my life now. I won’t let it get hurt and won’t allow anyone to hurt it. I will be with her till my last breathe. She had enough tortures but now she will be getting one and only love from me. You don’t worry about her, she is my life and my responsibility.”

She happily goes from there after blessing me. I got a call from office, “Yes Adi, Oh Great !!! So when is the meeting to confirm the deal? Tomorrow? Hmmm okay i will start immediately. I will be there in Airport directly, you go and arrange for the tickets for both of us”

I hanged the call and now i have to tell her about my travel to Delhi. I go to her room and waits for her to open up, but the sweet surprise for me is, my dear senorita is mesmerized seeing me and starring me. Now the naughty SANSKAR won’t be quiet right.

“I know i am handsome but just for that some one can’t stare me like this” i mocked her simply but she felt shy and started moving from me, i can’t leave her so easily right.

I locked her in my arms asking, “Why my senorita look upset?”

“I did not stare…was just looking at you” she completed with lot of stammering.

I coudn’t control more and place a warm and wet kiss on her neck which makes her loose in my touch. She moans in pleasure and it makes me go wild and pushes her to the wall and starts kissing her again.

I gently moved my lips upwards and place a feathery kiss all over her face and stop at the right place where i can find my solace.

I moved closely to her face and there is an inch gap between our lips, i look at her closing her eyes expecting the kiss. But i moved back little and observing her facial expressions who is craving for my touch. I suppressed my smile seeing her and then she opened her eyes of not feeling anything.

She felt so embarrassed and i could understand that seeing her, but before i understand what she gonna do, she pull me out of my collar and hold me close to her and started kissing me. Now i felt the real Tigress inside her. (LOL)

It’s lasted for only few mins, but it seems to be a long time for both of us. She left my shirt and is unable to look at my face, she is about to move but i pulled her into my embrace again and whispers in her ear the most 3 beautiful and Magical words in the world, “I LOVE YOU SWARA”. I felt a strong clutch on my back and understand that she is happy being with me.

I informed her about the meeting, initially she worried but i somehow convinced her. After an hour, i bid bye to them and left to Air port.

All the way i was thinking only about her, how i met her first, how i saved her from those bastards, how i made her a slave for me, my each and every moments with her keeps haunting me till i reach Delhi. My mind is fully occupied by her…only by her…by My Senorita.

The next day, i waited impatiently to get the meeting finished and i immediately catch the next flight to travel back to my Senorita. My each and every nerve waited to see her, waited to take her in my arms.

Happily i reached my house and opened the door to find her, i call out her name but i find her no where in the house. It looks so empty without her. I run to each room to find her but i couldn’t find her.

My mind stopped working there itself, i am getting hyper of not seeing her around me. I worried thinking what would have happened to her.

I couldn’t find any options to know what happened? Is anyone hurt her? Whether those bastards came back and took her? I hold my head and falls on the ground with a thud of thinking so many things.

I have only one question running in my mind. Where i will find my Senorita?

Hey my dear readers, how are you all? It’s been a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time i have been here. Sorry for the delay. You all must be very angry on me of not updating or replying to your message….A big apology for that. It’s not intentionally done…hope you all can understand me. Now about the story, hope you all like today’s episode, if not please feel free to share your views with me.

Any guesses on where Senorita went? Or Did some one take her away? Keep thinking about it till next chapter.

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