Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 16)

Chapter 16 – Separation Starts


After i realize my love for my Senorita, i slept so peacefully having her in my dreams. I did all sort of naughty things in my dream which i couldn’t do with her in real. I remember only up to reaching my room, falling on my bed, thinking about her before closing my eyes…Rest is all in my dreams. I cuddled myself to her and we both sleep nicely in each other’s embrace….in my dreams.

Next day, i wake up little late, refresh myself and goes down to meet her. Instead of getting a sweet surprise by her look, i get a morning shock seeing him there in my home, talking to Swara…No…No…He is insulting her. He called her as my Mistress…HOW DARE HE CAN UTTER THAT WORD TO HER?

I growled at my extreme to make him realize i am there, she looks terrified seeing me and her eyes dwells with tears…that’s enough for me to get rage on him again. I descend down with so much of hatred and anger in me, my eyes move from him to Swara who looks frightened like a little kitten seeing me in full rage.

I stand in front of him hiding her behind me growling at him, “How dare you ask her like that?”

“What’s wrong? I just asked the truth. Look Sanskar, I know all your one night girls. And I heard she is staying with you for quite few days, then obviously she is your mistress right?” he spits the venomous words against her. I know that how much she will get hurt hearing this accusations.

I feel her presence near me is getting distanced and understand that she is walking away from there. I clenched my fist in anger warning him, “You are crossing your Limits Laksh”

“Don’t shout, I just said the fact. You know yourself better than me. Having a girl with you in this home, don’t you feel shame? When you gonna change Sanskar? You were punished already for your deeds and you still continue the same. Or she herself came to you to sleep with you is it?”

Each and every tantrum of his makes me lose my patience, he is not only accusing me, but my senorita without any mistakes, and she is being accused by him. I couldn’t control my anger anymore, slapped hard on his face and hold his collar angrily. I raised my hand to give him a punch at any time on his face and on his filthy mouth, but my hand hangs at the air hearing another voice from the doorstep and I know it very well, who it can be…it’s not that easy to forget that voice which I loved the most in my 25 yrs. span.

I pull out my hand from Laksh’s shirt and looks at her who walks in starring me. It’s just a stare, there is no love, affection, care..nothing. I hate to see them around me and that’s y i came alone and staying here, but here also they came and started spoiling my happiness.

I have no feelings for anyone from that family, including her…my so called Mom. Yes, the one who walks in is none other than my Mom. I find her looking at me and Swara alternatively and the way she looks at her is not in a good sense….and i sensed that.

“I thought you changed after that incident, but no. I thought to get a nice life partner for you to change you and your character, but you yourself find a trash and keeping it with you in this house” she finish the last sentence looking at Swara.

That’s it for me and my anger is rising to the peak hearing her scolding the innocent girl, i raised my voice in sort of defending her, “Not a word about her. Why you came here?”

She becomes a silent spectator watching the conversation between the Mom and Son and it is not a normal Mom-Son conversation….there is some heated arguments are going on.

“I am your Mom Sanskar, don’t i have rights to come and see you”

“I am dead person for you. On what rights you have come here and what happened to your so called mother’s love in all these days…when i crave for you”

“Sanskar, You did wrong. Your dad won’t tolerate all this filthy behavior from anyone. He strongly implied everything in that home. Then how can you expect me to come and see you. Even i don’t like your disgusting behavior that day”

“You believed i did bad right. Then why you came here now? I don’t want to see anyone of you here. Just get out”

“Stop it Sanskar. Mind your words. You are talking to your mom…remember that. I heard you got a girl in this home and keeping her as your mistress. It’s just disgusting Sanskar. What will the society think about you and our family when they get to know about this?”

“I already warned not a word about her”

“Why should i stop? You are supporting this creepy lady against your mom. What kind of magic she did to you to keep her with you permanently.”

What the hell is she talking? Before i react much she turns to Swara scolding her, “And you, don’t you have a family? Didn’t your mother taught any good values to you? How can you stay with a stranger in the same house? What you want from him? Money? I give you a lump amount…hot cash. Why you stick with my son? Just leave him and go away from his life”

Unjustifiable accusation on her, each and every words of my mom tears her into million pieces, i could understand seeing her that how much she gets hurt hearing the false blame by my so called mom on her. Tears oozing from her eyes unstoppable, i couldn’t control and shouting to the extreme, “MOM”

She turns to me and is about to say something, but i heard another choking voice, “I never wanted him in my life. It’s your son who kept me captive here, I would be very happy, even if i get a chance now to go away from this house, from your son’s life” she completed what she wanted to say in between her sob in a choking voice.

I rooted on my place hearing her last word, how can she say like that? How can she say that she leave me and go away from my life when she becomes my soul..my life? My heart skipped a beat and for a second it forgets to beat listening her, my pupils fixed on her face….only on her face. I clench my fist to control my anger, now including me everyone looks at her. Except me and Sita ma, the two new entries in my home who came to spoil my happiness gets shocked listening her and looks her unbelievably.

But like mine, her eyes too fixed on me…only on me.

I still couldn’t believe my ears, i keep recalling her words, only the last words. Soon i feel my vision gets blurred, i felt a drop of tear falls on my cheek…i come to the sense realizing the wet on my cheeks, i touched it and look at the tear drop in my finger and instantly my vision moves to Swara, who stands like a stone of not giving any reaction.

“So you are ready to go from here, is it? I am so happy that you did not make it a tough for me. Ok, tell me how much amount you want? I don’t know the deal between you both, but now tell me how much money you want to leave my son and go away from his life?” my mom again raised the burning fire in me.

I see her finding words to speak, i know her, this is the unexpected one for her and she cannot handle it. She is stumbling to reply to her question, tears rolling on her cheeks, i feel so pain seeing her like this, but now she too hurts me so much by joining hands with them.

“Answer her, why are you struggling to speak? She is ready to give what you expected…Open your blo*dy mouth and say what you want?” i literally growled at my high pitch making others jerk and especially Swara, she gets more fear seeing me walking towards her with a deep down steps on her way.

Within four long steps, i reach her and stands infront of her, she blinks at me and looks at my face by lifting her face up with her wide opened eyes, it is shining and sparkling coz of the tears in her eyes.

I move towards her and she steps back starring at my face. “Why did you say like that?” i couldn’t control anymore and started my interrogations.

“Wha…at?”he stammers and couldn’t speak in her choking voice.

Now i am not going to be pity on her, she should answer me. I sternly gaze her and this time with a cold warning tone, “Why did you say that you will leave this home and go away from my life?”

She blinks at me and stops moving back when her back hits the wall, now she can’t escape anywhere.

She struggles a lot to speak to me and she try doing that, “I…I..Wa…nt”

I understand what is going to come from her mouth and i am not going to hear that again from her mouth, i abruptly stop her, “Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh, NOT AGAIN”

She stops in between her words and stares with her mouth open at the same position, when she about to say those words

I gritted my teeth asking her, “How dare you can say that you will leave me and go from here? Who gave you the guts and rights to you to say like that? Seeing them, you got the guts to say that to me is it?”

Her eyes looking for them to help her, i snapped my finger on her face to make her look at my eyes. She looks down and close her eyes tightly for about a min, breathing heavily…Ok so now my intuition says that she will definitely gonna be punished by me.

She opens her eyes and looks at me with some kind of decision taken and that is clearly visible in her eyes. “I said that on my wish”.

That’s it….and that’s enough for me to go wild on her, i hold her neck and pushes her head back to hit the wall, my strong hold on her neck gives her a pain and she struggles to look and breathe, because of my sudden attack.

I hear 3 voices together, Sita Ma, Laksh and my mom, the trio gets scared and shouts my name to leave her. I raised my hand to stop them in interfering into my personal matter. My eyes becomes red due to the extreme anger, i warned them, “NO ONE DARE TO STOP ME, ELSE YOU KNOW THE RESULT”

I very well know them, they did not stop me after that but still they worries for her, but i see them pleading me by rooting at their place itself.

I look at my senorita, who struggles to breathe, tears finds it way from her eyes, she hold my hand with hers and trying to remove it from her neck.

I pushed her more to the wall and leans on her face, warning her dangerously, “Don’t forget that you are mine…forever. I am least bothered about what the world is talking about us. Even if millions of people comes and talks ill about us, i don’t damn care about them. Becoming mine forever is my choice and you have no option to choose or refuse. How dare you said that you will leave me and go? Is it, easy for you to leave me?”

She chokes and murmurs my name, “S-A-N-S-K-A-R”.

First time, the very first time i hear her spelling my name…but i couldn’t be happy hearing it from her mouth in this situation.

I leaned further to her face, our breathes mingles with each cause of the proximity we share, still she struggles to take my hands off from her neck, I feel so hurt and pain seeing her in pain….but her words makes me go wild again and in continue, “Listen Swara, I didn’t bring you here to let you go easily from my life. You are not allowed to go anywhere and you are bound to be with me for life long”

I indirectly opened my heart and confessed my feelings, i really don’t know whether she understand or not, but my mom in a shocking voice confronts me, “Sanskar, what the hell are you saying? Are you out of your nuts?”

I didn’t leave my grip on her neck and asks her, “Tell me now, that you won’t run away from me. Promise me”

She thinks for a while and even that minute of thinking makes me wild again and shouts, “OPEN YOUR blo*dy MOUTH AND SAY”

She jerks and nods her head in affirmative vigorously and stammers, “I won’t go anywhere leaving you. I Promise”

I immediately leave the grip from her neck and the very next moment, i hugged her tightly to soothe her pain, i know it won’t be the right way but i don’t have option to make her realize how mad i am on her. I hugged tightly so that even air won’t flow between us. I feel her sobbing in my chest, i placed a kiss gently on her head and mumbles, “Don’t ever say that word again Swara. I will kill you if you say or do it again”

Her body shivers when i finish my sentence, i feel the fright in her body, i tighten my hug and finish the sentence saying to myself, “Even i won’t be alive after that”

She tries to seperate herself from me hearing my mom’s voice, “Sanskar”

I turned to her and looks straight into her eyes saying, “Your Son was dead for you all long time back. If you think, that you can send her out from my life, then keep in mind that it will never happen till i am alive. If you want your son, then just throw that grungy thoughts out of your mind and come to this house, otherwise JUST LEAVE RIGHT NOW”

I turn to face Swara, she is struggling still to breathe normally because of my cruel wild behavior, i feel so hurt seeing her looking at me with tears, i hear Laksh stops my mom saying, “Mom, Will leave now”

He takes her and left the house leaving my small world with me as it is. Now i am so so relaxed seeing my Senorita with me, i am very happy to have my love with me forever.

Sita ma comes to her and makes her sit in the couch, get water for her and gives me a stern look, i know what she is thinking, but i am not bothered about anything, at last i got what i wanted.

Once she becomes normal, i sit beside her, she hesitates and looks like she still fears seeing me.

I know it is my mistake, “I know i hurt you, but you were the reason for my wild behavior”

She lifts her eyes and look at me questioningly and turns her face to other side.

I rolled my eyes seeing her and now i am so tensed thinking whether she really understands my idiotic confession or not.

“I know that was rude, but still i confessed my feelings. Hope you understand what i feel for you” i somehow managed to ask her

“That was indeed a rude and wild confession” she gapes me and continues, “I am really scared to see your wild love”

Now it is my turn to blink at her and i blurted out loudly, “WHAT THE f**k?”

Hey guys, so how as the episode yar? hope you all like it. Do you all like this wild confession? Well, this is our real Sanskar and you have to see more of this side of Sanskar. Now it is the time to show his wild behavior, his reason for hating his family, what happened in the past makes him hate her mother too? And yeah, soon we have some more new entries in our story where Swara’s past life also comes to the picture, which gives them a the pain of separation and makes Sanskar go mad and makes others to dance on his tunes.
I am so so excited for this new phase of Ardhika. Hope you all too get excited. Love you all 🙂

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