Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 15)

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Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 15)

Chapter 15: Separation Starts

Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 15)


Oh God !!! I am so so happy now, I realized my love on her…it’s a beautiful feeling i ever had on someone. God !!! what she is doing to me? She drives me Crazy…just by her look. I would do anything to see her smile. Yes…Yes…I love her. I love her so much.

But does she too have feelings for me? How do i get to confirm that? I cannot go and ask her now, she will kill me by her one look.

“OH MY GOSH !!!…Are you getting scared of her? Please tell me it’s a joke” i chuckled hearing a mock from my mind.

No, it’s true. I can’t go and tell her my feelings to her now. She is angry on me because of my deeds to her. She needs some time to forget it and forgive me. This is not the right time to express my love. She might feel bad and would fall in thought that she don’t have option other than accepting me. No…No way i want that to happen. I want to know what she feels for me…it should not be a forced feeling.

I look at my face once again in the mirror and a sudden blush take over in my face which makes me smile more. I shake my head and hits slightly on my forehead for blushing like my senorita. I urge to see her now…don’t know will she talk to me or not?

I hesitantly go to her room and knock the door. No response. I knock it again but still no response. I got scared and push the door open only to find her curling inside the blanket like a teddy and sleeping peacefully hugging the pillow tightly.

A cute smile appears on her face, i walk to her silently and makes myself comfortable beside her but without making any noise. Her hair strands falls on her face disturbing her peaceful sleep. I slowly tuck it behind her ears and blow on her face gently, her shrinked eyebrows gets relaxed after that. A warm smile appears on my face seeing her sleeping like a kid. Unknowingly my eyes troll over her body from her head to toe, i felt a tug in my arousal and i close my eyes tightly to control my burning emotions.

I immediately comes out and locks the door without making any noise. You are playing with my emotions Senorita. I walk down while banging my hands on the wall. I look for Sita ma to get a coffee for me, but i find her too nowhere. I think i really tortured them to hell and that’y they left me hanging in this home alone and get their peaceful sleep.

I walk to kitchen and start preparing coffee for myself. Well, i am not expert in cooking but at times i will do for myself when no one was with me before. I prepared a strong coffee and have to say , it’s not that bad like me..it came out well :P.

Then a sudden thought strike my mind, why i can’t surprise the two ladies today. Well, that was even a surprise for me too. I immediately take out my mobile and google to find the dishes…easy dishes for dinner.

I check the ingredients in kitchen cabinet and check out the items listed in the site also. I start chopping the veggies and started my cooking war. I startled when i find a soft hand on my shoulder. It is Sita ma who stands shocked with her mouth wide open.

She looks at me from top to bottom, i guess for her now i look exactly like a chef in 5 star hotel. The way i dressed having an Apron and chef cap on my head, she laughs seeing me and offers to help but i moved her away and tells her to step out from kitchen.

“Your wounds are not cured yet” her concern, “My pain is reduced and i can handle” and it is my reply to her.

She looks at me shockingly but silently nods her head and walks out from kitchen. She is watching me from the doorstep and it looks like she is anytime ready to bang in when i signal her. She has her one palm on her cheek and one for supporting her elbow, she looks at me surprisingly seeing me running around the kitchen and cooking. Even it is a great surprise for me too.

Finally i am done with my stunt..i should say. I did the decorating part too and keeping all the items on the dining table. Sita ma helped me in arranging it on the dining table and when she is about to go, i get her wrist in me saying, “Not to tell her”

She narrows her eyes and chuckles saying, “She will find herself, i don’t need to tell your activities to her”

Helpless but we both laughed at her last sentence and i too know about it. I heard her door open sound, i get alerted and signed Sita ma once again not to tell her.

She came running down tensely but get relaxed seeing me on the Couch. Her speed reduced and avoid looking at me walking to kitchen but stops seeing the arrangements on the dining table. She turns her look to Sita ma asking, “You prepared all this?”

I sign her to say yes and she looks at me once, i turned my face to other side and waits for her answer. Before getting an answer, she opens the lid of the bowls and inhaling the aroma comes out from the dishes. Her reaction changes and looks into her eyes deeply and immediately turns to my side to get my sight.

I stammered and started rolling my eyes everywhere except on her. I hear a giggling sound from Sita ma, i give her a damn angry look and turn her face. I hear she is calling me to have dinner.

I walk to the table and take my place, i see her standing beside with little distance and i look the two ladies beside me asking, “Am i going to eat alone?”

I get a reply from Sita ma, “What you want us to do now? You always have it alone only right?”

I turned my head to the lady who stands beside me as if nothing happened, i changed my reactions and in a stern tone, “Guess, i have told you already to have food with me whenever i am home. Don’t you?”

She tossed her head to me and looks me sternly and turns her face to other side saying, “I am not hungry”

“I never asked you whether you are hungry or not? I just told you to accompany with me while having food” i snapped it back to her.

“I know when to fill my stomach. I will eat when i really want to. I can’t simply dump my stomach just to accompany you” she gave me strong words.

I couldn’t do nothing but staring her for a while, if i would have been like the old SANSKAR, i know how to treat her…but not now. I don’t want to hurt her again. I got up and walk towards my room without even touching the plate kept on the table.

I stopped when i get caught by her hands. I didn’t turn and stand showing my back to her.

“Where are you going without having your food? you have to take medicines after food” she tells with utmost concern.

I shove her hands away from mine saying, “That’s none of your business. I eat when i want to, i will take medicines when i want to…or i won’t even take medicines and if it leads me to die…then i am happily go for it. What does it bother you?”

Soon tears dwell in her eyes, i know i hurt her but i did it intentionally knowing her very well. She immediately turns and sits on the table and starts dumping the plate with the dishes and eat it without even looking at me.

I smiled at her back looking at Sita ma who raise her brows at me and i too sat beside me and starts having my dinner with my senorita.

We both finished and i am about to move from the table, but she stops and gives me my tablets to have it immediately after the food. I don’t have choice to refuse it and gulped it having my eyes on her. She keeps looking into my eyes without blinking her lashes, and it does have only anger on me. I smirked at her and she moves her sight from me.

“Thanks for the delicious Tablets…Senorita” i said controlling my laughter.

She immediately turns to me and glare me for a while, her jaws are clenching tightly to control her laugh, i could see her rolling her eyes to avoid my gaze.

I think becoz of the medicine effect, i feel sleepy and goes to my room after greetings her and Sita ma a night wish.

I climb the stairs with a satisfying smile on my face, i turned to see her but only her back and i observe her cheeks extends widely…she is smiling. Yes…she is smiling. I know my Senorita cannot be angry on me for so long. She will definitely forgive me soon. I am eagerly waiting for that day. I pass a flying kiss towards her and goes to my room to have a happy and peaceful sleep.

I whole heartedly pray to god, not to snatch this happiness from me again…like before. But as the proverb says…Man proposes, God disposes…i fall asleep unaware of the disaster going to happen in my life which will change my life drastically.


You know what, this god never gives me the full happiness in my life. I am so tired and falls asleep in my bed so soon, but i couldn’t get a peaceful deep sleep, somehow i slept hugging the pillow and curling myself in to the blanket.

Somewhere in the middle of my sleep, i feel some soft touch on my forehead, then a gentle blow on my face…it’s warm blow…i feel so relax…i did not open my eyes to see what it is..i just want to have that warm feeling on me.

Suddenly i wake up and look at the timing, it is evening and i slap my head thinking how much time i have slept. I remember to give him medicines after food, i immediately got down from the bed and went to his room to look for him, but he is no where around. I worried little of not seeing him there and steps down to look him in the hall, as expected he is there.

But he gives me a weird look and i reduced my speed in stepping down and walks to kitchen to prepare dinner for us. At one point i stopped myself seeing the food arrangements in the dining table, i check the bowl, and it has a fantastic aroma. I look at Sita ma asking, “You prepared this?”

Instead of giving me a reply, her eyes traveled to him. I found out it was him who done all this. I see him signalling her to nod yes, i act as unnoticed and turn the plates up to get ready for the dinner. She called him to the table, me and her stands beside him and serve the dish to him first which he prepared.

He looks at her asking, “Am i going to eat alone?”.

He get a reply from Sita ma, “What you want us to do now? You always have it alone only right?”

His sight immediately turns to me saying, “Guess, i have told you already to have food with me whenever i am home. Don’t you?”

I toss my head and looks him sternly and turns my face to other side saying, “I am not hungry”

“I never asked you whether you are hungry or not? I just told you to accompany with me while having food” he snapped it back to me.

“I know when to fill my stomach. I will eat when i really want to. I can’t simply dump my stomach just to accompany you” i gave him a strong reply.

He glare me for a while and immediately got up from his seat and walk to stairs. I worried for health and caught his wrist to stop him going without having food.

“Where are you going without having your food? You have to medicines after food” i asked him with utmost concern.

He shoved my hands away from him saying, “That’s none of your business. I eat when i want to, i will take medicines when i want to…or i won’t even take medicines and if it leads me to die…then i am happily go for it. What does bother you?”

Soon tears dwells in my eyes, i know i hurt him and he too did hurt me by his words. I immediately sit on the table and start dumping the plate with the dishes and eat it without even looking at him. My only concern is he should not skip the food and medicines.

We both finished and he is about to move from the table, but i stopped him and gives him the tablets to have it immediately after the food. He didn’t refuse it and gulped it having his eyes on me. I too keep looking into his eyes without blinking and it does have only anger on him.

“Thanks for the delicious Tablets…Senorita” he said.

I immediately turned to him and glared him for a while, i understand his teasing and i am trying hard to control my laughter and i was very conscious that not even show my smile to him. But now it is very hard for me to control my laughter hearing his words.

I see his eyes are closing up and he feels sleepy because of the medicine effect. He turns to climb the stairs and i turn to show him my back, just to laugh broadly. I get an uncontrollable laugh remembering the words, “Thanks for the delicious Tablets…Senorita”.

I roll my eyes and inform Sita ma to have her dinner too and marches to kitchen to clean. After sometime, we both clean the kitchen, dining table and goes to sleep.

After some days, i feel so relaxed and some kind of peace occupies my heart. I completely unaware of the reason why but still i am happy.

Next day, i wake up early and works on the kitchen helping Sita ma, we both talking something and indulges in work while we hear a door bell, i stopped her and goes to open the door.

I am blank, shocked, surprised and what else i can say….all kind of emotions appears on my face seeing the person stands in front of me. I guess even he too have the same feeling seeing me here.

“You here?” I hesitantly asked him.

“That’s my question too” i get a stern reply from him.

Before i say something, he continues, “Where is SANSKAR? And why you here?”

What i can say for this question? I keep quiet, he did not even wait for my response and enters inside the house.

I am now hell scared thinking about SANSKAR’s reaction. I remember how he behaved with me when i was there with him on that day, and now he is here in this home. I prayed god that SANSKAR should not come here now.

My thoughts are disturbed hearing him, “I asked you something”

I look at him sitting on the Sofa comfortably and glare at me to get an answer. I feel so humiliate saying about my relation with SANSKAR to him and more over i don’t know about him, why he is asking me about this?

“You are also one of his Mistress is it?”

I look him shocked with tears dwell in my eyes, it’s ready to drop on my cheeks at any time.

Before i reply, i hear a yell from stairs, oh god…no no this should not happen. I look at SANSKAR on the stairs with hatred and anger on his face. He looks scary in this avatar. He steps down fast and stands in front of me facing him.

“How dare you ask her like that?” SANSKAR growl on him.

“What’s wrong? I just asked the truth. Look SANSKAR, i know all your one night girls. And i heard she is staying with you for quite few days, then obviously she is your mistress right?” the new person spits his words like a venom.

I closed my eyes tightly and tears flows down my cheeks, i couldn’t stand there and turns to walk into kitchen. I hear him yelling at him, “You are crossing your limits, Laksh”.

“Don’t shout, I just said the fact. You know yourself better than me. Having a girl with you in this home, don’t you feel shame? When you gonna change SANSKAR? You were punished already for your deeds and you still continue the same. Or she herself came to you to sleep with you is it?”

After that i heard only a slap sound, i turn to them shockingly and see them holding each other’s collars angrily. SANSKAR is about to punch him again but his hands hangs in the air hearing another new voice in the door step. We both turn to the door step to find a lady in her mid-40s, looking at SANSKAR angrily.

SANSKAR and Laksh parts away, the lady keeps walking inside towards SANSKAR, i feel my heart is pondering having some bad thing is going to happen. I felt a strong and supportive grip in my hand, it is Sita ma who hold me and pats it gently saying, “It is Annapurna Madam, SANSKAR’s mom”.

I am getting shock one by one, and look at the lady who looks SANSKAR and Me alternatively. The way she looks me i can sense the disgusting feeling she has.

“I thought you changed after that incident, but no. I thought to get a nice life partner for you to change you and your character, but you yourself find a trash and keeping it with you in this house” she finish the last sentence looking at me.

My heart beats faster than ever for each of their words, i really don’t know what is happening here. I hear SANSKAR defending me, “Not a word about her. Why you came here?”

I become a silent spectator watching the conversation between the Mom and Son.

“I am your Mom SANSKAR, don’t i have rights to come and see you”

“I am dead person for you. On what rights you have come here and what happened to your so called mother’s love in all these days…when i crave for you”

“SANSKAR, You did wrong. Your dad won’t tolerate all this filthy behavior from anyone. He strongly implied everything in that home. Then how can you expect me to come and see you. Even i don’t like your disgusting behavior that day”

“You believed i did bad right. Then why you came here now? I don’t want to see anyone of you here. Just get out”

“Stop it SANSKAR. Mind your words. You are talking to your mom…remember that. I heard you got a girl in this home and keeping her as your mistress. It’s just disgusting SANSKAR. What will the society think about you and our family when they get to know about this”

“I already warned not a word about her”

“Why should i stop? You are supporting this creepy lady against your mom. What kind of magic she did to you to keep her permanently. And you, don’t you have a family? Didn’t your mother taught any good values to you? How can you stay with stranger in the same house? What you want from him? Money? I give you a lump amount…hot cash. Why you stick with my son? Just leave him and go away from his life”

My heart stops beating hearing the accusation on me, at this moment, i really want to die right away instead of getting humiliated. Tears oozing from my eyes unstoppably, i hear him shouting at his extreme, “MOM”

She turns to him and is about to say something, but i said before anyone, “I never wanted him in my life. It’s your son who kept me captive here” i pass a stern look at him and continues, “I would be very happy, even if i get a chance now to go away from this house, from your son’s life” i completed what i wanted to say in between my sob in a choking voice.

Everyone’s attention turns on me, but my look stops at one person who looks me unbelievably.

SANSKAR….MY SAVIOR…i look at him dejectedly and compose myself not to lose my temper and stay strong.





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