Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 11)

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Chapter 11 – You are Mine

Sometimes , i feel a sort of love, jealous and angry in her eyes. And today i see only jealous in her, the moment when she saw Mahira on the stairs and immediately her sight passed on me and the very next moment, she runs to kitchen. I know she don’t like to face her and i did not stop her to stay.

Mahira comes to me questioning, “What are you doing with her?”.

I just gave her a sharp look, “Wrong question to a wrong person” before i answer her, my mind hinted me.

I gave her cold look and replied, “It’s none of your business. You can leave now”

She looks shocked and her vision moves to kitchen way and i snap my finger on her face saying, “LEAVE RIGHT NOW”

She won’t have guts to stand furthermore in front of me, she walks to the door and stops hearing, “Money will be credited in your account” she did not even turn to look at me and walks away from there.

Sita ma comes out looking at me and i raised my eyebrows signing her to know why she looks little upset.

“Swara looks upset. Don’t know what was the reason?” she said with utmost care on my Senorita.

I smiled and she caught me asking, “You did something?”

I immediately refused, “No..i am not. But why you always asking me”

She smiles seeing my frowning face and with more curiosity, “Something is wrong between you both” she walks away giving me a warm smile.

I go to kitchen without making any noise and observes her preparing my favorite dish…i smiled seeing her, though she is annoyed with me..she still makes my favorite.

I don’t like to see her tiresome face, i decided to do something for her. I walk to my room and get a call from one of my business friend and he informed me about the business party he arranged tonight. I agreed to come but then i decided to take my Senorita with me. Just for a change…well for both of us.

I get ready and come out to have breakfast made by my Senorita, i encounter here in front of her room. She looks so upset..Man..i just don’t like that shrink in her face…i grabbed her in me and questioned her, “Where are you going?”

I gave her my usual warm smile but she mumbles, “to my room”

“Then who will serve me breakfast. I guess i already told you to have breakfast with me when i am in home. You forget or you want me to remind you every time” i give a little warning to her walking towards her.

She blinks at me and steps forward, i smiled and she immediately bows down her eyes…Damn it..why can’t she look at my eyes and talk.

“I don’t want anything. I will have it later” she tried to walk off but i stopped her and she replied again, “My legs are paining. Can’t come down and climb again” that’s it and that’s enough for me.

Before she moves back further, i take her in my arms and descend down the stairs saying, “I won’t let you feel pain” and i started carrying her to the dining table. She flinched more to get down but i did not let her.

I made her sit beside me and i called for Sita ma to serve us the food. All the time i made her sit with me and observed her. She was not eating anything and simply playing with the food.

“If you feel pain in your hand, i am ready to feed you also” i winks at her when she looks at me and started eating fastly. I chuckles seeing her and we both finished our food.

I go to her again to pick her up but she stopped me and said, “I am alright and can go by myself”

I love her tension and some where i get a feel that she is getting enough guts to answer me..well i like it too.

But i don’t like when she is avoiding me and ignoring me. She walks back seeing me… i don’t know why? Am i looking like a devil or what?

I catch her wrist before she falls on the poy and whispers, “I won’t eat you”…she blinks at me.

I tighten my grip on her and continues, “I will be back early today and want to take you out with me. Be ready, will meet you in the evening”

“I am not interested to come with you” this was what i heard from her, but this wasn’t i supposed to hear from her.

I did not bother about her negligence and warns her to be ready when i come.

Evening, i reached home and directly go to her room, it is opened. I see her sleeping like a baby doll cuddling herself more into the pillows. I pat her cheeks slightly and she opens her hazel orbs little and then it becomes wider seeing me, she started crawling back seeing me… Seriously, i feel like to hold her in my embrace and not allow her to move anywhere.

I pull her to me by her legs and she safely landed in front of me and blinking her eyes. I give her a parcel and tells her to get ready and come down. I know she won’t like this and will refuse it but i am not giving her a choice…so i immediately leaves from there without even waiting for a reply.

I get ready in my room and waiting for her anxiously at the living hall. I was trying to frame her in the dress which i got for her..but my mind is not working properly at all. I keep on imagining her, but as usual i get a call to distract my mind. I keep talking in the call..or in other words, the caller keeps talking and i am just listening..coz my mind is full of her thoughts.

I feel her presence suddenly, just like that i turn to the stairs to check whether she is coming or not. But i am just spellbound seeing her descending the stairs…her eyes just starring at me. Our eyes meet for few seconds but it speaks a lot many words. I scanned her from top to toe, the Red Evening Gown Corset Chiffon full length party wear makes me go crazy on her. She looks so Seraphic where i forget myself completely looking at her.

She looks so Scintillating, a warm and lustful smile appears across my face seeing her decor the diamonds which i kept for her. Yes, as per me, she doesn’t any jewels to decor herself, instead the jewels needs to have her to decor themselves…Well am becoming over poetic nowadays.

She walks down to me and my deep down erotic feelings on her aroused and i could feel the hormonal changes in my body, i wrap my arms around her waist and husks in her earlobes, “you look damn s*xy..i am trying so hard to control myself”.

Her face becomes beet red and looks like it gives a tough competition to the dress color which she wears. I smiled gently and walks out with her having her in my arms.

I look at her face when we walk to my Car, she looks so happy, smiling, inhaling the fresh air, i adorn her, she stops smiling looking at me immediately. WHY THE HELL SHE HAS TO STOP SMILING? I really doubt now that i am looking like any ghost or what? I ignored all the thoughts and make herself sit comfortably in the passenger seat and i take off the driver seat and drives off.

I observed her antics, she gets scared when i drive fast and becomes normal when it gets slow..i started playing with her. I chuckles seeing her giving multi reactions.

We reached the venue and i take her inside, she feels nervous, her hands starts shivering..i hold her near my and assure her. She walks in with me and i met some of my business friends there and we greeted each other.

I am blank when they ask me about her..and her relationship with me. I simply retorted all and introduced her to them as my partner. Good that they did not ask me anything after that. What else i can say? My bed partner? No…definitely not. Then who is she for me? I have been asked so many questions by my mind and i simply move it aside when i meet few more people there.

I suddenly feel a touch and it is Mahira. I smirk at her and i know she will come to this party. I don’t have any personal grudge with her, just that i don’t want to share the bed with her. She hugged me and i reciprocated it with a smile. She knows many people there and she easily mingles with them and talks equally like others.

Soon others, walk to the dance floor and i have been pulled by Mahira, I first nodded no but then i saw my Senorita, who stares me angrily…Well yeah really. She looks so angry and of course jealous too. I smile smugly and grabs Mahira by her waist and gets her to the dance floor.

My only intention is to raise the jealous feeling in her, so that she will come to me as fast as she can. I realize one thing is that nowadays, my tough challenge is to control myself having her near me. Only God knows how i am tackling my hormonal changes.

For a minute, i did not observe her and indulges in dancing with Mahi, but then i immediately turn my look to the place where she stood and now she is not there.

I released Mahi from me and goes to the place where she was and looks around the place to search her. I become worried of not able to see her, i run to all the places to check her presence. Tension arises in me and i feel like my hyper is getting increased of not seeing her anywhere.

I see Mr. Sahil Joshi coming opposite to me, it is a way to lawn. He is adjusting his suite and stops looking at me. I shove him and tried to move away but i stopped immediately listening him.

“Are you searching someone?” he get my mind.

“Yes” i replied immediately and he continues, “She wore red color party gown is it?”

I looked him suspiciously asking, “Where is she?”

He smirks at me and said, “She came with you and now romancing another one” i get hyper now and hold his collar to beat him but he again stops me saying, “Go and see at the corner of this way to lawn. You can find her”

He left leaving me startled for a sec, but some obscure feelings arise in me, i reached to the place where he pointed and there i found her..My Senortia…but with..with him.

I fold my fist in anger, i can sense that my blood boils seeing her with him, i controlled myself a little and calls her by her name..yes for the very first time..i call her as..no shouted calling her name, “SWARA”.

She gets shocked seeing me, infact she gets scared hearing my growling tone. I lour at her, my look is clearly tells her how much angry i now.

The one who stands with her, turns and gives me a shocking reaction…what else he can? I moved my sight to him from her and walk towards her. He keeps looking at me and her back to back.

She steps towards me and is about to say something, but i did not give her any chance to speak, instead, i drag her from there harshly..she looks surprised by my act and winces in pain..because the way i hold her…will definitely hurt her.

“Sanskar” i stopped for a sec when i heard the voice from my back. I know, he only called me. I turn to him just to show my disgust on him and groan..just to convey my deep hidden pain, “Don’t Dare to spell my name from your filthy mouth”

I did not wait for any explanation and drags her with me to the car. I pushed her inside and drives off to home. All the way i drive at a high speed just to show my anger somewhere. I know she is scared but i am not bother about that now.

We reached home, and pull her out and drags her insanely inside the house, where in i hear her wincing in pain. Sita Ma stands at the path and looks us shockingly and doesn’t have guts to stop me.

I take her to my room and throw her on the floor by showing all my anger. She gets scared seeing me, of course it is new for her. I lock the door behind me and walk slowly towards her with heavy steps. She looks scared and crawling to her back.

“What were you talking to him? You allowed him to hold your hand…you like so much is it? What magic he did to you or you yourself went to him?” i stopped when i hear her, “What are you saying? I don’t understand anything? I was…” i stopped her blo*dy filthy explanations and hold her shoulder, pulls her up..she keeps wincing in pain…don’t know why i still feel bad seeing her in pain..but what about mine? Even i am in pain seeing her with him…she should feel what i am bearing.

I push her to the bed to her shock, her face clearly showing me the unexpected things happening for her. I removed my suite and unbutton the shirt and leans towards her saying, “How come all girls are going behind him? even i am not less than him? you always protest yourself from me..from my touch and today you allowed a third person to touch your hand?”

I feel so pain thinking about the scene again and again…My angry rises to the extent and hold her chin tightly and mumbles on her lips, “You were romancing with him right?”

I hear something from her but i refuse to take a notice of and crushed her lips with mine. I showed all my pain, frustration, vex, anger, jealous, everything. I make her gasp for breath, she winces in pain when i bite her lips…i could sense the blood…i just brush aside everything and keeps pushing myself when she is pushing me back.

She keeps fighting with me, i hold her hand on either sides and leans on top of her mumbling on her lips, “It was my foolishness to wait for you, now i will show you who i am”

All the while, only one thought is keep running in my mind is i won’t let anyone snatch her..my senorita from me. She is mine….only mine. When i see her with him, only i know how much i worried for her, how much i am possessive about her, how much i am obsessed with her. The pain of loosing someone…i couldn’t even finish that sentence. I experienced it once but now..i won’t. I won’t let my senorita go out from my hands.



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