Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 07)

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Chapter 07 – Trapped but Addicted


What happened to me? Why this sudden change in myself? Why am i feeling so restless when i see her? God…i want to punch myself seeing her crying because of me. Seriously, I did a blunder in forcing her, how could i do that? How can i force her and that’s not my character?

“Well, desire changes every man’s character. You are not a god to control your feelings” My mind again snapped me but i least bother about it.

Now, all my thought is revolving around her..MY SENORITA. A small smile appears on my face thinking about this name and her face.

I don’t know why but i started liking her when i saw her the very first time, that cheap rogue sent her picture to me, she looked scary even in that picture but beautiful too.

I literally lost myself in admiring her each and every part of her face, her narrowed forehead, big browny hazel eyes with lot of fear in it, her sharp nose, soft cheeks, her lips, everything …everything made me go crazy seeing her and i immediately told to get her for me.

I was so excited and eager to meet her, when i went inside i was literally blown seeing her in front of me..i couldn’t think anything else than getting her in my arms. I don’t know what caught into me but her fragrance just made me mad and with no more waiting i buried my face in the crook of her neck…i was just enjoying myself in inhaling her fragrance, the new taste of her body made me animal too…i completely lost myself and conquered her lips with mine..but before i moved onto next level, i have been pushed away from her…no one dare to do that but she did. I simply stood there watching her.

Her vision moved away from me to the goons and he started humiliating her in a very bad way. I could not stand quiet seeing the girl who i admired the most was getting beaten up by the cheapsters…i smashed them and took her with me.

The moment she fell in my arms, i was unknowingly felt like She will be my responsible forever. That’s it, and nothing stopped me to get her with me from that hell.

Though i saved her from the hell, i couldn’t stop my lust on her. I still want her in my arms but with her will. I promised her that i will wait for her to come to me.

I can’t force her, infact i never ever force any girl to bed with me…but they all like to be with me..just for my money. But she looks
different, she never tried to do show off in front of me unlike others.

In fact, she always hide herself from me, from my view and she tried to escape from me also. Even still, i laugh remembering the scene how she was hanging getting scared seeing my brave guards. I laughed seeing her and to my surprise she called me as Savior.

I seriously don’t know how she can call me like that when i myself wants to acquire her. But the truth was even i turned to be a hero when i heard that name from her mouth…i turned out to be her Savior then.

Unknowingly my growing lust on her makes me mad and today the way she stands in front of me and the moment she serves me the breakfast, my heart is wandering to take her in my arms and pour all my thirst on her.

I hardly controlled my emotions, GOSH..she is really testing my patience. She is simply fostering my hormones uncontrollably…god only knows how i am dumping all those emotions into my deep heart.

I let out a deep breathe and moves aside all her thoughts and reach my office. I find my staffs looks weird seeing me, but why?

My Manager comes forward to me wishing me morning and asks, “Any good news sir?”

“Good News? Why so?” i replied

Manager, “You look happy today..that’s y i asked”

“Is that bothering you? You like to see your boss to be in Khadoos mood isn’t it?” i said sarcastically

Manager frowns, “No No sir..i just simply asked”

I smirks at him and goes to my cabin without saying anything. I feel something different in me, I smiled, my manager told me…how could he
capture my inner feelings so easily, is it depicting in my face clearly?

“Face is the mirror of all our emotions and feelings boss!!!” I rolled my eyes listening it, but it is true actually.

I remember her face, automatically a smile appears on my face without my knowledge.

I move my thoughts aside and concentrates on my work.

@ Evening,

I fastly finish my work and leaves my home…first time happily to the farm house..just to see her. Its kinda new feeling for me. I drives in the
speed as much as i can and when i reach my compound i see the gates are opening and even the door also.

I look for my guards who are in the cage barking continuously, for a second, my blood freezes and i did not think anything and run inside to check her.

Thank god !!! she is here only but…but he is dragging her and she is struggling to get herself free from his grip. She even bites his hands and the next biggest mistake he did is…he slaps her.

The next moment i shout at him to the core, my voice echoes in the whole mansion and makes him shiver and frees his grip from her hand.

She immediately runs to me and hugs me tightly which is a very surprise moment for me and she push her self more into me and choking,

“Please save me…i won’t go with him. Please don’t send me with him. I will die if i go there”

I tightens my grip on her when i hear the word die. No..i never allow anyone or anything will harm her.

He looks me scared and i glare him with my red shot eyes, “HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER?”

“Sir, i bought her for some money, i need to take that. That day you got her with you and the persons who bid money on her they were bugging me daily to get her. It’s a loss for me Sir and anyway she..” i stopped his words by throwing a check fills with 5 lakhs of cash.

He smiles widely looking at it and immediately puts a salute to me and walks out. I stop him when he is suppose to cross me. He looks me confused and she too did the same.

I slap him hardly which makes him to fall on the floor and the blood oozes out from his corner of the mouth, she is startled and is moving back, but i hold her tightly saying, “This is for slapping her and i won’t repeat it next time…i should not see you here again. If i see you, then that will be the last day in your life. MIND IT”

He gets up and stumble to stand, his vision falls on her and to me, i signed the way saying, “OUT”. He immediately leaves from there, and look at her face, tears are still oozing from her eyes, a drop of blood from her lips, i wipe it with my kerchief, she winces in pain, which gives me the pain seeing hers.

I slowly wiped it asking, “Where is Sita Ma?”

She suddenly comes to her sense and runs to kitchen and finds her on the floor unconsciously. My blood boils seeing her in that condition, i lifts her and put her in the bed, making her lie comfortably and goes to call doctor, leaving senorita with her. She sits beside her and rubs her forehead.

Soon the doctor comes and checks her health and prescribed some medicines stating that she is just fainted and nothing serious.



I felt awkward seeing him coming down after getting ready, all the yesterday’s incidents haunting me and i feel embarrassed going in front of him.

He did not notice me but he did not come to have breakfast also. I don’t know but i worried and calls him for having breakfast.

He turned and look at me for a while from top to toe, i felt goosebumps on my skin, i turned and go to the table arranging the plates for him. He silently came and sit beside me, i served him and goes inside to avoid his stare on me.

I was helping sita ma, but we both heard him coughing and she asked me to go and see, but i avoided and tells her to go. She looks me weirdly and goes out, after a while she comes inside and tells me, “Something is wrong with him. He is behaving strangely. Do you have any idea?”

I blinked at her of not knowing what to reply, moved my gaze to my work. I felt she stared me for a while but i did not even turn a inch to look at her face.

Then we both finished our breakfast and gets into some talks. She told me about her family, daughter, grand daughter, her little cute naughty antics..i expressed my feeling to get the kid once here.

She agrees and she asks me about myself, how i came here? Actually she asked my history.

I initially did not feel to tell her but soon, i told her everything from the day i met him my savior, and how he got me here, my brave attempt to escape ..everything i told. She laughed at me hearing my attempt to escape from this house and she told that it is not that possible to get away
from his guards.

I made a face listening about the stupid dogs..guards. She laughed at my reaction and then we spent our whole day in cleaning the house, cooking and she even told me about his likes and dislikes. It just got into my mind and stuck up there automatically, and i decided myself to prepare his favorite tomorrow.

I became so tired after doing all the cleaning, i told her and went to my room to sleep. I woke up hearing a sudden noise on my room’s door, my eyes left wide opened seeing him in front of me. I was crawling back to the bed, but he get caught of me leg and pulled me to him.

He held my hair tightly and he did not even bother listening my winces coz of the pain he caused. He mercilessly dragged me down and i saw Sita Ma lying on the kitchen floor unconsciously. I tried to bite him, but he slap me hard and we both became shock listening a voice from the door step.

For a second, i felt like i got my life back. He freed me from his grip and i ran to my savior, i just landed my self in his arms, i hugged him tightly
and crying out all my pain and pleaded him not to send me to the hell. I could say that it was a blind faith i kept on him. I was sure..my subconscious told me that he will not let me go to that hell and i believed it and my savior too.

He hugged tightly as if he is saving me from the harms coming on my way. i felt so secure and sage in his arms. Soon he sent him out but before that he gave him a tight slap on his face for slapping me…it was like…i never felt this kind of affection or care from anyone. It was new for me and i stood blinked at him.

He took his kerchief and wiped out my blood from my lips, and he asked for Sita ma….i immediately ran to kitchen looking for her..she was still unconscious only. He lifted her and places her in the bed in her room.

Doctor came and checked her completely saying nothing is serious, it’s just because of some shock. I felt relieved and saw him going out with doctor. I slowly rubs her forehead and i know she got injured because of me. I felt a motherly love from her for the first time after i got it from my own mom. Tears drop on my cheeks and i hear his voice, “Why are you crying now? She is alright”

I immediately get up and stand beside her looking down the floor. He asked me again, “How he came inside?”

“I don’t know” i replied in a choking voice

He stands quiet for sometime and stammers, “Did he..he hurt you?”

I lift my eyes to look at him, i feel the concern and worry in his eyes for me. I slightly nods my head as NO and i could see his muscles are relaxing hearing me. He feels so relaxed and moves out from the room.

I don’t know how to react for him, and did not sure about whether he is good or bad. My mind and heart fights to decide about him and his character. Finally my heart wins the argument and i come to a conclusion that HE IS NOT BAD.

I cover her with the blanket and go to my room. I feel like i want to take a hot bath…my body feels so painful and tired. I look out for a dress and go to my washroom.

I feel so relaxed after having a nice hot bath, i come out covering myself with a towel and starts wearing my saree. I just put my Pallu on my shoulder and arranging the pleats of my saree around my waist.

To my shock, my room door gets open with a thud and due to this sudden shock, i stumble and dropped my saree down, i am shocked looking at him starring me without blinking his eyes, i collect the saree from the floor and covers myself by that and turns to other side.

I feel so tense and nervous, some unknown feeling floats in me and it makes me breathe heavily. I feel so thirsty now and i want him to go from my room right away.

But instead of that i started feeling so nervous, i am feeling his presence near me, my body freezes when i feel his touch on my waist. I move my body slightly of unable to bear his touch, but he did not give a shit care about it.

He just rolling over his hands on my bare skin and moves my wet hair to one side and place a strong kiss on the nape of my neck. I just stand helpless and arch my neck backwards to his shoulder just to give a way to fulfill his need. He keeps on moving his lips on my skin and turns me to face him, my eyes dwells with tears but i couldn’t stop him.

I opened my mouth to say something but he shuts it by his hands saying, “Don’t utter a word” and he pins me to the wall and bury his face in my neck. I want to stop him but i did not do it. I don’t know why but the worst realization i got is I like his touch…i crave for his kiss…more than that my body melts for his touch..his kiss..his presence…his warm breathe.

I closed my eyes tightly and hugs him too…now i cannot stop in giving myself to him. I know am Trapped but Unknowingly i get addicted to him. Yes, i need him…i want to be in his arms…i feel solace in his embrace. Slowly i am giving up myself to him completely….to MY SAVIOR.


That’s it for today guys. I don’t know what i wrote…i simply wrote something.. Let it be…i wanna hear from you guys. Please share your views too and i would be happy to read that.

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