Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 06)

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Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 06)

Chapter 06 – Guilty Feeling


I was completely losts myself in his touch and without my knowledge i let out a moan of his each touch which makes him to take me for granted.

I let out a gasp and holds his neck tightly, he goes one step ahead and starts sliding my dress from her shoulder and placing a wet kisses there.

Out of Control, he gives me hickeys and it gives pain to me and makes me to come in sense, the reality hits me badly seeing me in his embrace in an unwanted situation. I get tensed realizing the fact, i somehow gathers courage and soon try to push him from me, but his grip on me gets tighten the more i push him.

Gathering all my strength, I catch hold of his hairs in my fingers tightly and pull him upward with a force, i hear his scream and within no seconds, i pushed him on the other side and immediately i make a way for me out of the bed and the next moment i am on the floor crawling backwards towards the wall, and tightly holds my knees towards my chest. I look terrible seeing him glaring me angrily and still rubbing his hairs.

I too glare at him with tears and anger in my eyes together, i suppose to yell at him but before that he does, “How dare you?”

I look at him with tears in my eyes still oozing out but i don’t want to keep quiet now, i instantly give a reply to him, “How dare you to touch me?”

He gives me a sharp glare and is about to say something but i take a lead, “You told you will wait till i come to you, but what were you doing to me now? You were forcing you on me”

He gives a confused expression, “Excuse me? I never forced you and do keep that in mind. You melt in my hands and you equally responded to my touch. Then how can you say that i forced you? You even hugged me and did not stop me instead enjoying my touch on your body”

He just spits the words like a venom towards me, i feel disgusted hearing his words and i felt like dying now itself and unable to hear this disgusting words anymore, i hold my knees to my chest more tightly than before, i closed my eyes tightly of thinking about my situation, such a bad, unwanted one, tears are oozing from my eyes..nowadays it is unstoppable for me.

He continues without even bothering my thoughts, “And before that, if you are not interested then why you are in my room? why you slept in my bed?”

I lift my eyes to look at him, i let out a heavy breathe saying, “This is my room which you gave me”

He gets shocked and looks at the surroundings, his facial reactions changed seeing the room and his stare comes to me and it halts seeing me, MY EYES.

We both gets locked in eye to eye contact, but that lasts for maximum a minute, i moved my gaze to other side of unable to bear his look but tears continues to flow.

For a minute it is very silent and i hear a murmur, “I am sorry”. I did not even turn my face to him and sits at the same position. I feel his gaze on me and this time it is little louder than before, “I am really sorry”

This time i turn to face him but did not say anything except my unstoppable tears on my cheeks. His face clearly depicts his guilty feeling seeing me in this state saying, “I said i am sorry then why are you crying” he comes back to his nature and yells at me.

I jerk hearing him and he too gives a shocking reaction seeing me getting scared. He immediately gets down from the bed and comes to me, i stick on to the wall lizard and finding a way to escape from him.

He walks to me and sits in front of me kneeling down saying, “I am sorry, how many times you want me to say this? When you respond for my touch i really thought you too got interested on me”

I just closed my ears by my hands of unable to hear this words and shouts, “Because of you only. your touch melted me. I don’t know why but i lost my self in your touch. Is it enough or do you need any other explanation”

I just shouted at my extreme and i really don’t know what i told, but i look at his face which is in shocking mode starring at me.

I feel embarrassing seeing his gaze sticks on me, soon his gaze changes into a guilty feeling seeing me crying. I really don’t know whether he feels guilty or not but i felt so.

He got up and leaves the room without saying anything.



I felt a heaven in her touch on my bare chest, her hold on my by her soft skin made me to push myself more on her and the her moan gives me more pleasure to get her in me at any cost. I was pulled back and that too by my hair, it pained me a lot, soon i understand what’s happening, she pushed me aside and jumps out from the bed. I rubbed my hair to soothe my pain and she looks scared seeing me and goes backwards.

I shouted at her and she gave me a reply back which i did not expect at all.

She told me that i forced her but how can i, she herself came to my room and slept on my bed, then how can she told me that i forced her. I got angry and yells at her pointing that she herself came to me, but after that she said is the most shocking one for me. She told that this is her room. Is it so?

I looked around the room and i realized my mistake, i felt so guilty seeing her crying badly, i don’t know why but from first day onwards, i hate her crying, her tears does something to me, i felt really bad seeing the tears on her cheeks and my hands are itching to wipe it.

It is my blunder, without any other thinking i said sorry to her. She did not even look at me and i made my voice little louder and said sorry again. Now she looks at me but with tears in her eyes. Oh god, i just hate her tears.

I blamed myself for making this unwanted situation. She reminded me my promise on her that i will not touch her without her will. I gave a promise to her but i myself broke that.

But she did not even give damn to see me, i again yelled at her and points her response for my touch which is the madness i did again. But i was so shocked and surprised hearing what she told next. She liked my touch, melted in my touch, even i too, i completely lost in her touch on me.

I don’t know what to say, i silently leaves to my room leaving her there.

I come to my room and falls on my bed, i lost in her thoughts, i closed my eyes tightly to avoid thinking about her but my mind, my heart everything occupies by her thoughts…only her thoughts.

Somehow i struggled and slept. Next day, i woke up as usual and gets ready to go office. I came out and is about to go down but i turn to look at her room which is closed. I stands there for a minute looking at the locked door and goes down to leave. I did not feel to have food, so i was walking directly towards the door but a voice stops me asking, “Won’t you have break fast today?”

I just stopped where i am and slowly turns to look and i am completely mesmerized, stunning seeing her. She looks like a diva for me, she looks so fresh, her long black silky hair is still wet and the water droplets dripping on the floor, few hairs on her forehead, she has the bowl in her hand and looks at me for an answer.

I did not say anything but just nodded my head and walks to her..i mean…walks to the dining table.

For the very first time, i look so nervous and she too looks the same. I sit on the chair and she stands beside me serving my favorite dosa. I silently have it and often my gaze falls on her but she purposefully avoids my gaze and goes inside the kitchen after serving.

I want her to come again, i really want to see her again in front of me. I started coughing and waits for her turn to come and give me water. But i see Sita Ma beside me asking, “Have Water?”

I roll my eyes and drinks water and leaves from there silently without saying anything. I feel like i am going mad seeing her, having her in front of me. It is very difficult for me to control my emotions whenever i see her.


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