Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 05)

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Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 05)

Chapter 05 – Desire


I stayed in Kitchen where in Sita ma goes out to serve breakfast to him. I lost myself in thoughts, how my life changed drastically. An unknown tears dwells in my eyes making my vision blur.

I wipe it and gets shocked while turn, only to find him there…standing behind me. I am snapping my eyes continuously to comfort myself, but before i do, he grabs my hand and drags me to the dining hall and makes me sit beside him on the table and said, “From now on, you should have breakfast and dinner with me. No excuses”.

I am just blinking at him of not knowing how to react and i get jerk listening him said little loudly, “I need a response if i say something , SENORITA”. I gulped seeing him starring me and just nod my head in acceptance.

I felt very odd listening the word as Senorita…i don’t feel like he is calling ME. I look at my plate and started having my food but unknowingly i opened my mouth and said, “Swara is my Name”.

I could sense that i am getting a glare from him, but i did not lift my eyes and concentrates on my food but wheeze listening him, “But i love Senorita . So from today, you practice this name and respond to me when i am calling you or talking to you. Got it?”.

Sita ma who stands beside him chuckles seeing me blinking having my wide opened eyes, he looks at her and said, “Am i joking anything?”

She nods her head negatively and looks at me, i turn down my eyes to the plate and having it silently. He finishes his food and informs her, “There is a party tonight and i will come home late. You stay here tonight and make sure that she is not going to step out after this door”

I am in a verge of crying and stares with tears in my eyes, i speak to myself, “I hate him….i just hate him now”

I left the food in between and rushes inside the kitchen without even looking at both but i felt a strong gaze on my back. I heard their talk in a low voice when i am wiping my tears, i make myself calm down and concentrates on their talk but i could hear only the last word he told her, “Being here is safe for her and that’s final”.

What the hell? Who is he to decide this? Am i safe here? Even he has eye on me then how can he said that i am safe here. My mind provoking me against him but my heart supports him and fight against with my mind. I see, Sita ma is coming towards the kitchen, i quickly composed myself and shows her my back. She comes to me and before she said anything, i hastily said, “I heard”

“What you heard?” she asked me back.

“I am not allowed to step out from this house and he told that it is safe for me staying here” i completed in one go and turns my face to other side.

She understands my feelings well, she rubs my head and said, “There should be some reason for his saying. If he said so, then it is 100% true that you are safe here than outside”

I seriously don’t know what magic he did on her that she is supporting and trusting him blindly. Does she even know what he is expecting from me? Definitely not. How can she trusts him blindly and not opposing him. I did not say anything but i run to my room and locked the door.

I want to cry…cry loudly to pour all my pains out. I feel like something is burdening me inside of not showing any emotions, i feeling so depressed, i want to sleep in my Maa’s lap.

I wanna see her but how can i ask him. He can never understand my craving to see my Maa and his only wish is to have me on his bed and that too after i wish for it. WTF?

After few hours, i felt my eyes are heavy and i slowly opened to find myself sleeping on the bed after thinking a lot about my fate. I look at the timing and it shows 3:00 PM noon. Oh god, how could i sleep like this..this much time? I immediately get up and refresh myself to go down. I meet Sita Ma in the hall having her palm on her cheeks and bows her head down and she looks upset.

I run to her asking, “What happened? Why you look so upset?”

“Finally you came out. Thank God. How can you sleep like this? Are you a lady Kumbhakaran?” she continuously shooting her questions towards me and i instantly laughed hearing the last word Kumbhakaran.

She too smiles seeing her and continues, “I really got scared and looks for you towards the key hole and found you sleeping. After that only i was feeling relaxed. But every half an hour i was checking you but you were not even moving from one position”

I smiled listening her and even i don’t know when i slept. We both then had our food and after that she starts talking about her daughter, her cute small kid who is gonna complete 1 soon. I always love to hear the stories of the kids and i listening her grand daughter’s naughtiness which makes me to forget my pain.

Time passes, and we both done our dinner and i hides myself in the room knowing him coming late. I don’t want to be in front of him and so i came early to my room reasoning her as i am tired.

I put myself in the blanket and soon the sleep takes over me..i forget everything and sleeps peacefully, until i feel a strong arm on my waist. In the mid of my sleep, i try to turn to other side but i couldn’t feeling a strong weight on my body. I opened my eyes and finds an arm around my waist, and a hot breathe on my crook of the neck. I started breathing heavily and slowly turns my head to other side and gets shocked seeing him sleeping beside me.


I feel bore in the party, moreover it is a business party, no entertainment nothing. The party goes silently until i saw him there. Yes, my biggest enemy, i can call him as THE TRAITOR. My blood boils seeing him smiling happily with others after spoiling my life. How could he do that?

I request the bartender to give me more on Scotch Whiskey, i gulped it at one go and asking him for more and more and more. I couldn’t digest myself seeing him roaming happily after destroying me and my happiness.

I suddenly heard a voice beside me, i am already in a trembling state and i obviously know it who it can be, i just turn only to find her in front of me, starring me angrily. She tells the bartender to stop giving me the shots. My anger rise to the peak and my inner soul screams at her “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO STOP ME IN DRINKING?”

I throw the glass on the floor which was in my hand and starts walking towards the entrance making everyone starring at me. I smirked seeing all and just walks away from the shadow of the dirty people.

But while walking few steps away from her i heard him talking to her, “Ragini, Are you alright?” and she said, “I am ok Laksh”.

I kicked the pot kept there at the entrance and someone come to hold me but i shoved them away and warns them not to touch me just by my finger. I let out a sigh breathe and goes to my car, i silently drives to my farmhouse where i can find peace now.

I entered inside and finds everywhere it is dark and i steps up to go to my room. I unlocked the door and i just slipped my self on the bed when i find it. I don’t know what was that, but i find a soft, smooth and spongy teddy beside me. I felt good while touching it, i just smiled widely having my eyes closed and hugs the teddy tightly and goes into deep slumber.

ARGHHHH, what was that? I opened my feeling a shake on my body and finds my Senorita beside me, staring at me with her big hazel browny eyes. I snapped my eyes open widely and looks at her asking, “How come you are in my room?”

Her eyes widens more and stammers looking at me and meanwhile she is trying to take my hands from her. I moved down my gaze to the place where my hand is, the beast sleeping inside provokes me to get her in my arms, i smirked and i tighten the grip more than before by giving a tremor to her. With just one pull, she falls on me hitting my chest and still struggling to move back by pushing me.

I did not even try to loose my grip and whispers, “I guess you agreed for my wish?”

She is breathing heavily and her chest heaves up and down, which is making me go crazy for a moment, i did not realize what i am going to do, i leaned on her face and crashed her lips with mine.

I pull her more into my embrace and now she is completely into me…infact under me and nowhere she can escape from my arms. I push myself more on her, ruling her lips as a hungry beast.
Yes, i am a beast and it burst out seeing the angel in front. My inner turmoil tempts me more and i am pushing myself more on her. I hold her hands which was pushing me back and locked it on either side and kissing her like a hungry lion who hunting its Prey.

Slowly i let down the speed of my kiss on her and finds her struggling for the breath, even me too. I kept my forehead on hers and breathing heavily, planting a kiss on her forehead, then i slide down my lips on her eyes which has full of tears now, i know it but i am helpless for now.

I moved my lips towards her cheeks and finally i buried my face in the crook of her neck and kissing everywhere.

Suddenly i felt a strong grip on my hands which is holding hers, its just a kind of reciprocating it. Soon i loosen the hold on her wrist and joins my palms with hers and entwined my fingers in hers tightly. She too hold it of unable to control burning emotions.

I still hide my face in her neck by licking it smoothly and i released my hand from hers and rolling it on her body, by provoking her hormones against her. She moans in pleasure and it tempts me to give more.

I sense her fingers started playing on my hairs and i rolling my hands under her top to touch her bare skin. I find the curves of her waist and takes it in my arms and squeeze it gently at first and little harshly the next.

I smiled hearing her moan in both pain and pleasure and that’s what i want. The beast is ruling him from inside but the human tries to come out by pushing the beast behind.

Will the Human defeat the Beast?
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