Swasan – Love Behind Lust Season 2 (Ch 04)

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CH – 04 : Senorita


I feel a hell lot of pain in my head, well that’s not new for me. But i feel some new aroma near me, i open my eyes with a lot of difficulty and find a cup of Strong coffee on the poy. I snap my eyes continuously to get a clear vision, and i find a blur image walking towards the kitchen. I wipe my eyes and sit on the couch to look at the image but before that i lost it, still i know who is it.

“Think later, before it gets cold, pls have it. She prepared it with lot of efforts” My mind reminds me her immense effort for this coffee, and most importantly i myself feels like i needed it.

After a long time, someone offers me a morning coffee and that too directly up from bed. I take a sip of it and the very next moment i remember my mom and i miss her a lot. A sad smile occurs on my face and i finished the coffee offered for me. I hear some noise in the kitchen and heading towards there to look at her. I see her trying to get something from one of the cabinets above, she is trying her luck hard to get it but couldn’t achieve it every time.

I smirks seeing her and walks towards her without giving much noise, or you can say a Cat walk. I slowly bends down and lifts her from her knees, i seriously don’t feel her weight and she looks scared seeing me lifting her and she tries to get down but i stop her saying, “It’s ok. Take whatever you want from the cabinet.” but still, she struggles and pushing my hands down and this time i said in a cold tone, “Don’t struggle much and i told you to get it what you want. FAST”

She shivers a little and i could sense it, she blinks and takes the box which she wants and looks at me to put her down. I slowly slides her down, where in, my hands are started rolling on her body and when it comes to her waist, i couldn’t control anymore, i squash it slightly which gives me the pleasure and shiver to her. She stumbles when she finds my fingers on her waist while i squash it and she keep the boxes on the concrete slab and turns to my side immediately.

Her eyes are widen seeing me so close and he holds the slab back for her support and moving beside her to go out from me. I cage her in my arms by blocking her way at both the sides and stares her for a while. She too looks at me for sometime with a fear in her eyes and soon, she moves her gaze down of unable to face me.

I see her breathe uneven coz of my proximity, i moves to her close and whispers in her earlobe, “You look so hot when you hide your blush and don’t do it often in front of me. I can barely control myself but i won’t give you the assurance for that”
I see her body gets stiffen listening me and smirks thinking my effect on her. I move away from her saying, “If you plan to cook something, then don’t. I have asked someone to come today who is the only person stays here other than me”. I look at her who is nodding her head like a robot, i smiled seeing her, don’t know why but i like her big browny hazel eyes which widens more than normal size when she looks at me.

I stopped admiring her and goes to my room to get ready to leave for my work.

I wake up early and comes out from the room, only to find him still lying on the couch occupied by a deep slumber, but i could see he is blabbering something in his sleep. He often shrinks his forehead and holds it unknowingly.

I hesitatingly move to kitchen and look for the milk, luckily i found the carton of milk in the fridge. I boiled it and prepared a strong coffee which is my favorite, i go to him and keep it on the poy near to him. I know he is in half sleep and anytime he can wake up, i immediately run to kitchen to avoid his stare on me.

I thought of doing something for the breakfast, i search for the groceries and gets it inside the Fridge, and i was looking for the other ingredients which is kept at the cabinets. I tried hardly to reach my hand at that level, but every time i am failing. And suddenly, i felt like i was flying in air, and what was that? before i understood and stumble i heard him saying me, “Take whatever, you want?”

My body is freeze and i started struggling to get out from his grip, but he did not let me down and instead again warned me to get the stuffs which i want. I hastily picks it up and moving down, in other ways he is putting me down. But suddenly i felt an electric shock when he presses my waist sensuously, i almost lost my control and i feel a heat arising on my body.

I quickly turned to him after keeping the stuffs and tried to move from his grip but he blocked me in both the way and leans on me closer, i could feel his hot breathe on my earlobes, i closed my eyes tightly of unable to bear his proximity and then i heard his husky voice asking me not to blush in front of him. But my mind comes to the picture thinking “why i should voluntarily go and blush in front of him. It’s an immediate reaction whenever i see him or he stares me or i feel his presence. I am helpless to hide it or control my emotions when he is in front of me. Looks like blushing becomes my routine whenever i see or feel him. Seriously it is a serious issue now and i should somehow control it, before he does what he said”

I was in my self thoughts and did not even realize that he moved away from me and then i heard him saying that some one will come and cook, i instantly nodded my head and blinks at him when he smiled at me.

I did not come out of kitchen, i placed myself on one of the tabourets kept there. Soon, i felt a soft feather touch on my shoulder and i turn only to find a middle aged lady looks at me with a gentle smile on her face. I too smiled on her and i should say that i get a peace of mind the moment she hugs me, i felt a motherly touch from her and i too hug her back.

She caresses my face and kisses on forehead saying, “You look so beautiful as he said” and she goes to start her work. Wait..wait..wait my stops at the word she said about him. I recalled what she said, “You look beautiful as he said” which means he told her about me and he defined my beauty to her. An unknown curiosity appears on my face to know further more from her about his views on me.

I slowly moves to her and stands beside her, i hesitate but still i asked her, “Did he really said that?”

She looked me back at my question and a soft smile appears on her lips looking at my face. I know i asked a stupid question but still something forced me to ask her about his thoughts on me. She continues chopping the veggies and says, “He did not say anything other than that”. My face immediately fell after hearing her and i tried to hide my disappointment but she added to her statement, “but the one word he said about you itself is enough to know that how much he likes you”

I looked at him of not understanding what she was saying, she looks at my confused face and continues, “Sanskar sir, never mentioned any woman as beautiful. You are the first person he said like that”

I gets into thinking what’s new in this. She understand my thinking and says, “Don’t try to squeeze your little brain so much. You go to your room, i will finish the breakfast and call you.”

I nodded as no and stands with her saying, “I will also help you”. She smiles at me and within a short time we both speak so much and i forgot that i am a slave here, i am in a house arrest. Gosh..how can i forget that have a smile on my face. But i felt deep inside in my heart that i am safe here..with my Savior.

Last word instantly comes out from my mouth and it is heard by her and she questioned me back, “Savior? Who?”
I blinked at her and thinks what to say, how to tell the previous incidents, how he saved me from the goons and from his sweet guards. I continue blinking at her and we both turns back to look at the kitchen entrance after hearing his voice.

He stands at the entrance getting ready in his Black slim fit Tuxedo, i just stand starring at him with my mouth open, to be frank i am luring at him badly. He is damn handsome. Whether i spoke loudly or not, i don’t know but I hear chuckling noise , immediately i come to sense, seeing him smiling at me.

“GOSH !!! What have i done now? i lured at him and he found that. God, how can i face him now”

I immediately composed me…no i tried to compose me and somehow managed it of not showing my embarrassing face to him. I turned to other side in the name sake of helping her. She smiled at me and i could sense it. She then talking to him, “Sanskar sir, who is that Savior?”
Oh no? Why she is asking that to him? God, why i am facing all this in one day.

I heard him replying, “Guess, it’s me. Coz, i saw her chanting that name looking at me when my guards were about to eat her”

I immediately remembered that moment when i called him as Savior and he caught me in his arms and i buried my face in his chest, all just came to my mind at once and makes me smile unknowingly.

She asking him again, “Oh you the Savior, then what’s her name? See i did n’t even ask her name still?”

Oh yeah, we both did not even ask each other name still, i snapped at myself and is about to say my name but i heard something else from him.

What was that?

He said immediately when she asked him, “Senorita”. I gasped for a moment and feels something good in my heart hearing it from his mouth. I murmur the name once and i feel so good saying it and more than happy when i hear it from him.

“Senorita? What kind of name is this?” she questioned him. He smiles saying, “When she can name me as Savior then why can’t i name her as Senorita?”.

“Clever answer” she retorted him back.

I dropped the plates from my hand when he asked me, “Senorita, do you like the name?”

I turn and looking at both with scary face and looks down the dropped plates rolling on the floor giving a heavy noise.

He smirks at me saying, “If you don’t like also, i don’t care. I am gonna call you as Senorita from now on. Get used for it and respond me when i call you by that”

I gulped seeing him and nods my head like a kid blinking at him. He smiles and left telling her to get his food to the dining table. I let out a heavy breathe after he goes from there.

She laughs at me seeing me relaxing once he goes out immediately. She cups my face asking, “What’s your real name?”

I gently smile at her saying, “Swara”

“Nice name. I will call you by that” she replied and i nod my head. I get her hand in my asking, “How should i call you? what’s your name?”

“My name is Sita and you can call me by any name as your wish”

“How he will call you?” i hesitantly ask her and she replies with a smile, “Sita Ma”

I smiled listening it and said, “I will also call you like that…Sita ma” i trailed by saying that and we both shares a light moment. She then takes
the food to the dining and serving him who talks with her with a heartful smile.

I wondered seeing him smiling happily towards her and thinking why he is behaving badly with her.

I was in a mind set that Sita ma will stay with me in this house but i forgot that i never get what i want. I felt happy seeing her without knowing the awaiting shock for me.


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