Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 8)

Thank u so so much guys for the lovely comments n support. I m glad that u all liked the last episode. Let’s get into the chapter 8.

Sanskar looks at her face, her eyes and tears from them. Somewhere he felt bad seeing her tears, he realized what he is doing great and slowly moves back from her. Swara still looks him with fear. He completely moves away from her and allows her to go to her room. She has to go to her room by crossing him. She walk past him slowly and sanskar also goes to the same way buy coz of the carpet his legs slipped and is he is about to fall and shouts as “swaraaaaa”. Swara turns and sees him falling and before she realized he falls on her and both falls on the ground. But unfortunately while falling his lips also falls on hers which makes both of them in shock. Sanskar immediately pulls him away from her and looks at her and says, “sorry… It’s by mistake”. But Swara feels bad and runs to her room without seeing him.

Sanskar feels bad but he didn’t go behind her. After sometime he leaves from there informing the Kaka and kaki. Swara locks her door and goes to washroom to was her face. She pours water on her face a lot and starts washing it continuously. She comes out finally and goes to the mirror and looks at her face. She remembers their moments from party, dance, games and their intimate moments and the kiss also comes to her mind. She closed her eyes tightly and falls in the bed and soon dozed off.

Next morning sanskar comes there and waits for Swara to leave for office. But kaki informs

him that she already left. That’s it sanskar rages at her activity and drives angrily to office
equipment. He stops the car and hands over the keys to security and rushes I some office and finds Swara doing her work. He peeps into her cabin and holds her by her arm and asks, “how dare u came to office without me?”.

Swara winces in pain and says, “I was having pending work, that’s I came early… Pls leave my hand.. U r hurting me sir”.

He shoves her and gives her a stare look goes to his cabin. He also gets disturbed when he sees her ignoring him. He cannot tolerate the pain getting ignored that too from Swara.

He understands that she is angry coz of yesterday’s kiss but he is sure that it happened by mistake and he wants to pacify her.

He gets disturbed by sahil`s call and let him come inside. They are discussing about some projects and sahil often notices sanskar eyes flows out of his glass door to Swara cabin. He controlled his jealousy and try not to show in front of him.

After the discussion, he goes out and sees her going somewhere and he too follows her. He blocked her way and pins her to the wall and
asks, “what s happening between u n sanskar?”.
She didn’t understand at first and tries to get out from his grip but he didn’t allow her to do so and asks her again. Swara, “what’s ur pbm?. I don’t
know what u r asking and what u want to know?. Leave me”.

Sahil hold her more tightly and says, “don’t try to
act smart.. I have never seen sanskar like this
and he never goes behind one girl. What u did
to him? He is like hypnotized… When I tried to kiss you, you never allowed me and now u r
staying with him and I know he never leave the girl without her…”.

Swara gets disgusting and with full force she
pushed him back and runs to her cabin crying. She consoles her and wipes her tears. She
takes her bag and leaves office informing that
she is not feeling well.
Sanskar is not aware of all these. When he goes
to her cabin to talk to her, he didn’t find her.
When he thinks to call her then only he remembers that she don’t have mobile. He gets passed of and leaves to home. Sahil who
watches his tension of not finding her gets
irritated. Sanskar drives to farmhouse and calls
for Swara. Buy kaki comes and tells him that
she did not come home yet. He is worried now
and thinks where to search. He takes his car and starts searching her in the nearby Park, temple but he could not see her. He feels tense
and gets more worried for her. He talks to
himself, “where r u Swara? I don’t know why I
am searching u like this but now my only motive is to find you and keep u in my arms. I
don’t know the reason but I am worried for u.”.

Sanskar zooms the places where he assumed that Swara could gone there but he did not find
anywhere. He gets exhausted and reaches
home tired. But all his tiredness went off when he sees Swara in the hall looking at the door. He feels happy excited and what else… He runs
towards her and hugs her tightly which makes
her suffocate at first but she understands his worries from kaki.. So she also reciprocates the hug and it makes him tighten his grip. Swara somehow releases herself from his grip and looks at his tired face. She informs him to fresh up. He obliges and goes to his room and soon he comes back and finds her with a cup of coffee. He takes it happily and looks into her eyes.

Swara avoids his gaze but feels upset. Sanskar, “r u hiding something from me swara”. She gets surprised hearing his question but just gives a fake smile. He sees the pain in her eyes and moves beside her. He takes her hands within his and asks, “What is bothering you Swara? and why can’t u share that with me?”.

Swara cries and tears flowa down in her cheeks. Sanskar didn’t say anything but waits for her answer.

Swara, “My past is behind me, torturing me.. Which I don’t want.”

Sanskar looks puzzled.

Precap: Swara’s past revealed to sanskar. Sanky’ perception towards her changed.

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