Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 7)

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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 7)

Sanskar is really surprised seeing Swara’s talent and her fluent in english which makes him to think about her background and he decided to ask her about her family. The clients are so happy about the presentation and they appreciates Sanskar for acheiving the task in less time. He goes with them to give them a send off. Swara is left alone in the conference room. She started cleaning the desk and collects the files and is about to leave but stops by Sahil.

Swara is atmost anger seeing him and is about to move from there but blocked by sahil. He holds her hand and says, “I am sorry Swara”.

Swara is surprised hearing him and looks at his eyes and finds it moisty. She feels bad but then she immediately jerks his hand from hers and says, “Sorry is not the word to heal the wound. I felt like some one stabbed me at my back when i did not find you at the right time. I cannot forget or forgive you for this betrayal”. She goes to open the door but turns and says, “And don’t try to come close to me…your chapter is closed in my life”. She goes out from the conference which makes sahil fumes in anger and jealous by seeing her comfort with sanskar.

Sanskar comes back and peeps into swara’s cabin and finds her doing her work sincerely. He adores lovingly and calls her. Swara looks at him in full smiley and unknowingly she too smiles at him and finds relax and happy seeing him happy. He extends his hands and congratulates her for her grt attempt. She accepts it and smiles at him.

He informs her that the clients are so happy for our work and they want to throw party for the success and their visit in india. She acknowledges it. He then informs this news to other employees also and tells them to be there at the party hall in the evening.

He allows everyone to leave early from office to reach the party early. He takes swara with him leaving sahil angry. Sanskar drives to a shopping center instead of home which surprises swara and looks at him. Sanskar understands her and says, “I know you don’t have any party wears, that’s y i got you here. Get something which you like”.

Swara, “No sir..its ok. I ll manage with the clothes i have. I don’t want anything else and i already have to pay u back for the ones which you bought”.

sanskar, “It’s ok Swara. They are our valuable client. And more over they are so happy by your work and in the party you should look more special. It’s my order and you cannot deny it”.

Swara unwillingly goes with him inside the shop and looks for the dresses. Sanskar admires her from distance and whenever she sees him, he turns his look somewhere. Finally she selects something and comes to him with the bag. He paid the amount and they both drives to home. He tells her to get ready in 1 hr and informs her that he will be back here to pick her up. She feels bad that he is not coming inside but still hides it and nods and goes inside.

Exactly after 1 hr sanskar comes to farmhouse and looks for swara. He calls and gets a reply, “Just 5 mins”. He smiles and sits on the couch. After 5 mins he heard the sound of the door opening and he moves his eyes over there and stuns seeing swara who is coming out from the room like an angel. He is dumbstruck and mesmerized seeing her beauty and he is completely bowled out. Swara looks at him smilingly and slowly climbing down in the stairs. she left her hair freely and it is blowing softly on her face. The matching earrings she wore is dancing on his ears based on the rythm. The sound from the bangles she wore hits his brain as a music and he almost fainted seeing her essence of beauty.

Swara dressed in a Red and black combo plain saree with matching earrings. She looks adorable yet simple. She got the ready made blouse with back knot. She looks gorgeous in her simple look but even then sanskar is stumbled seeing her. He did not even move single step here and there and stares her without blinking his eyes.

He comes to his senses after swara hesitantly shakes him by touching his shoulder. He still stumbled and takes her with him. Some unknown feelings rise in his heart by having her near to him and he feels complete when she is around him. They both reached the party venue and sanskar hands over the key to the security for parking and he rushes to other side door before swara gets down. She is surprised but stil obliges and gives her hand to him who is extending his hands. He gently helps her in coming out and holds her hands as if they are the couples. Swara hesitates and try to take her hands but sanskar did not allow her to do so and tells her, “It’s ok Swara…atleast for today we can pretend as a couple”. After that she couldn’t utter a single word and he goes with her inside the party hall and greets everyone. All of their eyes are widened seeing them together and praises their pair. Sanskar overhears some ppl talking and he feels proud. Only two pair of eyes are burning in jealousy and stands helpless and it is Sahil. He gives a forceful smile to sanskar and stares swara without any reaction. Swara did not even look at him and goes and joins with the ladies hub.

The clients arrives there and welcomes everyone and asks them to start the party and enjoy. Sanskar joins with them and talks about their business in overseas etc etc. After sometime swara feels bored since she did not get good company and slightly she feels that ppl are avoiding her. She felt bad and moves away from the party hall. She goes to the garden area and walks nearby the poolside. She lost herself in some thought and did not notice the stone and got slipped coz of that but some strong hands holds her in the nick of
time. Swara opens her eyes and sees Sanskar so close and she feels his hands covers her waist tightly. She felt butterflies in her stomach when she feels his hands touches her bare skin in her waist. She composes herself and stands straight. Sanskar stares her nervous and says, “Cool Swara. Its ok. By the way, y u came here? i was searching for you..”

Swara, “Nothing sir.. i just felt suffocate over there that’s y i came here to have a fresh air. I am ook now..will go inside”.

Sanky obliges her and both goes inside and finds the event organizer informs about the game for the couples. He selected 4 couples and lack of one more. Sanskar looks at her and says, “Here we are”. The presenter welcomes them to the stage where in swara is shocked and nods no. But he pulls her to him and goes to the stage. The crowd starts clapping for them.

Presenter, “We are going to play a game here, we are going to play this with Bricks and we call it as Circle Bricks – Saat Rounds. We will keep 7 to 8 bricks in a circle and each couple should walk on the bricks and complete the 7 rounds without falling down or keeping your legs down. You have to hold your partner’s hand to have the balance and finish the 7 rounds. The one who finishes the 7 rounds by holding their partners hand is the winner of this game and this will be played by each couple seperately. Okay who will play this game first”.

Sanskar is ready to go but pulled out by Swara by holding his hands. Swara, “I am not coming for this. I cannot walk. Pls leave me i will go and sit somewhere”. she s struggling to get her hands from his grip but all in vain. Sanskar tells her, “No way swara. you know what i love to play games. You are not going anywhere..just be with me”. before they decide, 3 pairs finishes their game and they have lost it in 3 to 4 rounds. The 4th pair also goes there and they are taking the rounds by holding each other’s hands strongly and to everyone’s surprise they completed the 7 rounds perfectly and they are jumping out of happiness. Now the presenter calls for the 5th pair and that is swasan. They goes the center stage and set theirselves on the bricks and sanskar holds her one hand tightly and gives her courage. she nods him and starts following him on the bricks. They both simultaneously keeps their legs on each bricks at the same time to maintain the balance. Atlast they also completed the 7 rounds successfully and everyone gives applause to the 2 couples.

Presenter, “Now it is tough for me to announce the winner. We have two couples have finished the tasks perfectly but winners will always be one right. So i will announce the winner now and how we decided is based on the time..who finished the round with less time will be the winners. Fingers crossed….and the winner is..is….is…none other than…Sanskar & Swara. Give them a big round of applause.” Swasan gets happy and congrats each other and a spark comes to their eyes which they did not notice at all.

They called in the center stage and gets the prize. The presenter announces to start the music and calls the winner for the dance.

Swara is reluctant and hesitates to dance but sanskar immediately accepts it. He gives the prizes to the presenter and is ready for the performance but swara is about to move and stops in the mid by sanskar. He holds her wrist and pulls her to him and covers her by her his strong hands so that she cannot move further. The music starts and the song played is Janam janam Janam..saath phar.

He holds her face and tuckles her hair behind her ears and starts singing the song. He still cups her face and turns her opposite by keeping his hands on her shoulder from front side and buries his face in her hairs and smells her fragrance which makes her shiver. He then keeps his hands on her shoulders and slowly rubs it and rolls it down till it reaches her palms and tuckles his hands between hers tightly and lifts her in the air and circles the stage. Then slowly he puts her down and makes her face him. He puts his hands on
her waist and touches her waist sensously which makes her closes her eyes and breathes heavily. She immediately moves away but he holds her one hand and starts rotating her continuously and finally pulls her into his embrace and makes her lean halfway. He covers her with his hands on her back and she keeps her hands by encircling his neck. The song gets over but they both lost in to each other’s closeness and gets into an eyelock. They both comes to a sense by hearing a loud applause. He helps her stands straight and
everyone claps heartfully and wishes them.

Soon the party gets over, they both reaches farmhouse. Swara gets down and is going to her room but stops. when she looks back gets shocked seeing sanskar holding her saree pallu at one corner and looks at her seductively. A cool shiver flows in her body by seeing him she tries take it away from him but in vain. Sanskar reduces the distance between them in his each moves, but swara tries to stop him but he is not listening anything now. Her beauty completely seduces him and he wants to take her in his arms right now. Her heart beats faster for his each moves. Finally he locks her into the wall and comes closer to her. Swara’s eyes shows the fear clearly but sanskar failed to see that. He moves his eyes from her forehead and it stops on her lips. It is shivering due to the fear but sanskar smiles at it and leans on her. Swara closes her eyes tightly and tears drops down from her eyes. sanskar lifts his eyes from her lips to eyes and looks at her face.

Precap: Swara ignores him in home and in office which makes him irked.

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