Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 6)

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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 5)

Sahil gets angry hearing their talks and thinks, “How can she do this?”. He decides to ask her. He comes inside and stares at her

talking to Sanskar. He goes to them and says to Sanskar, “I need to talk to you personally”. Sanskar nods and gets him to his room

while swara stares at Sahil expressionless and moves from there. Sahil stares the way she goes and gets inside Sanky’s cabin.

Sahil, “I came here to talk to my Friend Sanskar not my boss”.

Sanky finds some difference in his face and comes to him and asks, “Any problem Sahil? You look tensed?”

Sahil, “Yes. I over hear someone’s talk. They are saying bad about you and…” He stops.

Sanky, “And?” he narrows his eyes and gives an intense look.

sahil, “Actually there is a rumour that you and Swara are staying together”. he stops and looks at him and hopes he will disagre.

Sanky smiles at him and says, “That is not rumour…Actually they were saying the truth.”

Sahil is distraught and tensed and asks, “You mean, she is staying with you?”

Sanky nods and says, “Yes..and what is the problem for you?”

Sahil stammers and says, “I..I..don’t have any pbm but there is a wrong perception about you in our office”.

sanky, “Hmm…well ok i will solve it. Come with me.”

He goes out taking Sahil and calls Swara also and gathers all the staffs. Everyone looks puzled and Sahil is atmost tension. Sanskar

looks at the staffs and says, “I heard that there is a gossip going in our office about me and my new PA. I don’t want to waste al

your time in doing gossiping about me unnecessarily.”. he gives gap and looks at them and continues, “Yes…Swara is staying with me

and will stay with me. Do anyone has any problem in this?”

All are shocked at his encounter and looks each other blankly and keeps silent. Sahil is bewildered and looks at Swara, who is already

in a shock and stands like a statue.

Sanky continues, “And i know that none of you have good impression on me and i don’t care about that…becoz i am your boss and you

all are my servants who works for me. I don’t care about what you said. But I care about what you talk about swara. Do remember that i

should not hear any wrong talks about Swara and this is a warning for all of you. Just come to office, do your work, get your salary

and get lost. Got it?”

Sanky finishes his talk in a strong voice and it almost a warning to everyone who gossips. Everyone freezes there itself and looks at

him tensedly. Sanky looks at everyone and signs them to move on to their work. All are dispersed in a fraction of seconds. Then he

looks at Sahil and says, “It is for you also…If you hear them talking badly and it is your responsibility to correct them and not to

come and ask me.” He pats his shoulder and goes inside his cabin. Swara becomes numb and tears flows down her cheeks and looks at

Sahil without any reaction. Soon she also moves to her cabin and hides her face. Sahil don’t know how to react for this and slowly

walks to his place and sits silently.

In the evening, everyone is started leaving. Sanky also comes out from his cabin and goes to call Swara. She tells him that she will

come in 5 mins. He tells her that he will be in the parking waiting for her and he goes. sahil watches him going out and immediately

peeps into Swara’s cabin and lifts her by holding her arm. He holds her arms tightly and she winces in pain. He not even care about

that and asks, “How dare you can stay with him?” Swara gets hurt and struggles to free herself from him and finally she frees herself

and pushes him away. when he again comes to her, she gives him a tight slap on his face and says, “Dont dare to touch me”.

Sahil is shell shocked and rubs his cheeks and stares her angrily. Swara continues, “Who are you to question me? I will go where ever

i want and i do whatever i like. It s none of your work. Don’t try to sneak your nose in my matter otherwise i will chop it into


By saying this she locked her system and takes her bag and rushes outside. There she sees Sanskar waiting for her smilingly. He comes

and opens the door for her on the passenger seat. Swara feels comfortable seeing him and silently obliges his service. All these are

watching by Sahil from the glass door in the office and he folds his fist in anger and decides to teach her a lesson.

Swara hides her hand by covering her shawl and feels the pain. Sanskar notices her sad face and questions her but all he got the answer is only silence. He reaches home and before he says anything, she runs inside and goes to her room and locks it. She leans on the door and starts crying vigourously. Sanskar finds it odd and follows her inside but stops in the hall itself and thought to give her some time.

After few hours, swara opens her eyes and finds her self in the floor near the door itself and understands that she slept while crying. She goes to washroom and freshes herself. She comes to balcony and enjoys the cool breeze. she gets jerk hearing a voice next to her saying, “Good Evening”. she turns and finds sanskar standing in the next balcony which is next to her. She is speechless seeing him in full casual wears a v neck loose shirt and in shorts. She becomes dumb for a mins and comes to her senses and asks, “How come you here?”

Sanskar smiles and says, “Y i should not? This is my home and i can be anywhere my dear”. Swara’s body gets tighten hearing his statement and she goes back to her room. Sanskar laughs at her and thinks, “Well..i am enjoying this ride. It is getting interesting day by day”.

Sanskar comes down to the dining hall and calls kaki to get the dinner but to his surprise, swara comes with the food and keeps it in the table. Kaki comes behind her and says, “Today she only prepared and did not allow me to do anything. Sanskar stares her lovingly and starts having it. He asks swara to have with him. She hesitates but he pulls her and makes her sit with him. When he is about to serve she takes it from him and starts serving to him and for her. He adores her simplicity and starts having the food and praises her for the tasty food. She feels happy hearing his praising but hides it to herself. Sanskar finds her upset but he knows if he asks she will not say anything. So he thinks to let it go for sometime.

After their dinner, she goes to her room and finds sanskar also follows him. she gets tensed and climbing stairs fastly and goes inside her room and is about to lock but stops by sanskar in the mid. She looks at him nervously and gulps. He moves towards her and says, “Why are you getting scared seeing me? I am just a human. Don’t be afraid.” by saying this he comes inside sits on the bed. Swara stands near the door itself and it looks like she is ready to run out anytime.

Sanky looks at her and says, “So what have you decided?”. Swara looks him puzzled and blinks at him.

He gets up and steps towards her and says, “See Swara, i like you and you too know about that. I desperately need you. I told you that i will wait for you and will not force you but you should not think to have it for your life time. I don’t have much time. So think well and decide soon. Okay?”. he pats her cheeks and goes out by closing the door.

Swara stands there itself and cries thinking about her fate. She curses herself for living this kind of life. She prays god to show the path for her to get out from all this problems.

Next day, both gets ready to go office and she did not even look at his face. He observes her hesitation but did not ask anything. They both reaches office and gets into together. All the staffs gazes falls on them. Swara feels like 1000 knives stabs her and Sanskar also observes this but he did not mind anything. Sahil too stares at them wierdly. Swara rushes to her cabin and concentrates on her work. After few hours, Sanskar telecoms Swara and informs her that today one of their prominent client is visiting their office and he asks her to prepare the presentation of their project to show them. She agrees and works on the PPT.

Sanskar and Sahil leaves to receive the clients and Swara is preparing the presentation and she thinks this is a chance for her to prove herself. After sometime, Sanky and clients reaches the office. He introduces them to the staffs and they reached the conference room to have the meeting. He introduces Swara to them and asks her to go for the presentation. She switches off the lights and starts the presentation. For each and every slide she explains about their project and the sample examples for the concept. Clients are very much impressed with the presentation and praises her knowledge on the project. They wished Sanskar also for the same. They talk to Swara about her ideas and she too talks to them so fluently in english which makes sanskar surprised and he stuns seeing her knowledge and talent. Slowly unknowingly he starts falling for her and he names it as a Lust but he did not aware that it is not only Lust, there is a love for her behind his lust.

Precap: Swara walks in the garden in the night and is about to fall but sanskar catch her in the nick of time. There is a cute eyelock between them.

Guys, hope you like it. I will update it regularly for sure and pls provide your comments and suggestions for this episode.

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