Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 4)


Thank u so much for the support guys… Well here sanskar is not bad in heart but he has a weak point and that is woman. Now he got swara to his home is also for the same reason but soon he will change becoz of her. Pls do read and provide ur support.

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust

Swara drinks more water and looks at the parcel he got for her. She takes it and tries to open it but before that she thought about him whether he had food or not. She takes the food and goes out of the room to check him. She wonders seeing where she stands now. She did not see anything when he brought her here.

Yes, it s a very big farmhouse…she hesitantly looks for him and goes down through the stairs. She stops there in the mid of the stairs by hearing sanskar voice.

Sanskar is talking to his mom and he informs that he is staying in farmhouse tonight. Swara gets freezes hearing that statement and silently looks at him. While talking sanskar turns and notices her standing like a statue and staring him. He raises his eyebrows and signs “What?”.

Swara comes to senses and nods as No slowly and shows him the food packet. He looks at her naughtily and disconnect the call. He comes to her slowly and each of his steps makes her heart beat beats fastly.

Sanskar comes to her and asks, “What happened? U didn’t like the food?”.

Swara,” No, actually I don’t know whether u had ur food or not, if not thought of sharing this with u.”

Sanskar smiles at her and moves towards her which makes her to move backwards. Finally he stops moving when she hits the wall and blinks at him. He leans on her and asks,”Sharing with me is only the food?”.

Swara starts sweating seeing him so close and says,”I think u don’t want this food. Let me go and have it..m hungry”. She runs to the room where she was without even looking at him. She missed to notice sanskar’s heartful smile seeing her running.

She goes inside and locks the door and sits on the bed and breathes heavily. She composes herself and slowly she starts having the food. Soon she gets dozed off due to the tiredness.

Swara wakes up when she feels the sun rays falls on her face. All the scenes are started running on her mind and all of sudden she got up with a jerk and looks at the room. She calms down after making sure that only she is in the room. She goes to washroom and gets fresen up. She heard a knock on the door and hesitantly opens it but to her surprise a middle aged woman stands there with a coffee cup and smiles at her.

Swara also smiles at her and now she feels little relax after seeing a lady in his house and it is clearly visible in her eyes. She gets the coffee and thanks her. Once she goes , sanskar comes to her and says,”Had a good sleep?”. She nodded him as yes.

Sanskar, “Good, so she is Latha kaki…she works here and I asked her to stay here with u. You no need to afraid of anyone here till she is with u..not only her husband kaka also stays here only. They are like my family, so u can be here without any fear…they will safeguard u even from me”. by saying this he winks at her.

He informs her to finish her bathing and comes for breakfast. She immediately goes and does all her work and goes down to have bf. Sanskar looks at her from top to bottom and asks,” What is this?”. She getsbpanicked and looks at her but she did not get why he said so.

He comes to her and asks,”If I forget means atleast u could have reminded me that u don’t have any spare dresses to wear”. She blinks at him and keeps silent. He looks at her and asks her to have food first. Both finishes their bf and he told her that he is going out and will be back soon. She nodded silently and goes to kitchen to help kaki.

After half an hour, she heard sanskar calling her, she comes out from kitchen and gets shocked seeing with so many bags. He gives that to her and tells her to change it and come. She tries to say something but he didn’t allow her and pushes her to the room with the dresses. She wore one salwar and comes out. Sanskar feels happy seeing her in his choice of dress and tells to tell him if she needs anything.

She stammers and says, “Thank u, but I cannot accept all these for free of cost, I have pay u back”.

Sanskar,” Do u want to pay back to me?”. She nods as yes and he asks,”I am always ready to get it from u”. He smiles seeing her eyes widened hearing his statement.

He comes to her and looks at her eyes and says,”I can see the fear in ur eyes…don’t worry. I won’t force you as I said. I like the way u told me that u want to payback. So how u will do?”.

She looks at him and thinks for a while but she don’t have answer. He continues saying,”OK don’t worry.. I will give u an option. Can you work for me?”.

Swara looks at him surprisingly and says,”OK”.
Sanskar sarcastically says”OK to do any work?”.
Swara,”I will do any work which will not impact my dignity”. She wonders seeing him smiles at her and he says,”That’s great to hear. Well u can join in my company today itself as my PA”. Swara happily accepts it but at the same time she notices his sensual stare on her and feels odd.

The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Sanskar gets shocked seeing her fluent in English while talking to the clients and he gets impressed.

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