Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 31)


Thank you my dears…i know many of you don’t want to end this FF…but i feel like there is no point in running around the bushes and i am ending this ff here…As of many of you know that i have already started a new ff “Hatred Ends with Love”..pls read and support that ff too as you did for this. It was a lovely journey with you all…Most of you don’t know that it is my third ff in Swasan..i already wrote Love is in the air and Love blooms on Swasan. I came back to Swasan after a big gap and got a warm welcome from you all…Thank you so much for all your love and support you given to me. After this i will be writing an epilogue for after two days.

And i forgot…thanks for all your wishes..i have done the interview well…waiting for the results…Fingers crossed.

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 31) LAST CHAPTER


Swasan sleeps peacefully in each others embrace after having an exhaustive and beautiful consummation of their love.

In the mid night, Sanskar feels something and opens his eyes to see swara but he does not find her beside him. He gets panick and gets up from the bed immediately and looks for her. He finds her starring the moon, comes to her and hugs her from back tightly. Swara realises his tension in his touch and turns to him..she finds him looks tensed and cups her face says, “What happened?”

Sanskar, “Where you went in the middle? I got scared of not finding you. Pls don’t go like this”

Swara smiles seeing her tension and sanky continues, “You are smiling seeing my tension”

Swara kisses on his lips and says, “I will never ever leave u in my life. I did that mistake once but i will never repeat that again. I will be with you till my death. Only death can seper…” before she completes her sentence, sanskar closes her mouth and says, “Never ever utter that word from your mouth. I am warning you”

Swara looks him overwhelmingly and says, “What good i did to get you as my life Sanskar?”

Sanskar hugs her tightly and says, “I should say that…what i have done to get you in my life? I am luckiest man in the world”

Swara keeps her head in his chest and hugs him tightly saying, “Sanskar, you are the best thing happened in my life. I want live my life with you for the eternity”

Sanskar kisses on her head says, “Our love is an eternal one Swara..it will be remembered by everyone forever”

Sanskar sees the moon sparkling which is like even the moon is getting shy seeing their love. He smiles and takes her with him.

Next morning becomes one of the most beautiful day in their life. Sanskar wakes up first and looks at his life sleeping beside him by cuddling herself into him. He tuckles her hair behind her ears and kisses on her forehead saying, “Good Morning my wife”

Swara brushes her eyes and looks at sanskar who stares her lovingly and says, “Very good morning..my lovely pati dev”

Sanskar laughs hearing it and says, “It sounds good when i hear it from your mouth”

Swara, “Okay…what’s the time now?”

He checks his mobile and says, “Just 9 AM”

Swara gets shocked saying, “9..sanskar you are so cool saying this. We are very late. Come will go down”

Swara is about to get up but sanskar pulls her again to the bed saying, “It’s ok. No one will disturb us now untill we go and disturb them”

Swara, “Sanskar…pls understand…it is very late. Leave me na”

Sanskar is not ready to leave her and swara is struggling a lot to free herself from him and finally she succeeds. She gets up from the bed and pulls him also to go down with her.

They both comes down and gets ready in their room. Swara takes her dresses and goes to washroom to bath…sanskar also follows her and before she locks the door, he too goes inside by shocking her.

Swara in shock, “What are you doing? Go out..i need to take bath”

Sanskar, “I also need to take bath” saying by locking the door.

Swara, “ok..then u take bath. I will take it after you”

Sanskar, “I want to take bath with you”

Swara hangs her mouth open in shock and says, “Sanskar…you are shameless. How can you say this to me. Leave me..i will go out”

Sanskar stops her and pins her to the wall saying, “Yes i am shameless and i don’t care being shameless with my wife”

Swara gets blush and hides her shy hardly and pushes him but he tightens his grip and turns the shower knob. He makes her stands under the shower and makes her take bath with him only. They both cuddling each other under the water. Swasan enjoys each sec happily being with each. They take 1 hour to come out from the bathroom and swara only puts all her efforts to control him. She drapes towel and runs out from the bathroom and says, “Sanskar…you are really shameless and very bad”

She hears him laughing from inside, she takes another dress and locks the washroom from outside saying, “Be there till i change my dress. I cannot believe you”

Sanskar is continuously knocking the door asking her to open but she did not open it till she gets changed into anarkali suite.

Swara hears the knock on her room door and opens it. Laksh, Ragini and AP stands there worried , swara looks at them and asks, “What happened?”

AP comes forward says, “Swara…we heard sanskar’s sound and that’s y came here. Y he is shouting?”

Swara gets embarras and looks at the washroom and still he is knocking it. Laksh sees that and gives a naughty smiles..he goes and opens the door…the moment door gets opened…he feels his bones are crushing..it’s nothing but sanskar who thought it is swara and gives a bone crushing hug.

Laksh screams badly saying, “Bhai…i m ur lucky…not bhabhi”

Sanskar gets embarrassed seeing everyone laughing at him including swara. He rubs his hairs and gives a sheepish smile at everyone. AP smiles and leaves from there.

Raglak laughs seeing swasan and asks them to come down for breakfast soon.

Laksh looks at ragini and stops smiling seeing her. Ragini feels upset seeing him and goes to him, but before that he leaves from there. Swasan looks each other and consoles ragini that everything will be normal. Ragini gives a fake smile and follows him.

Swara comes to Sanskar and says, “Sanskar…we have to make everything good between Raglak. I can’t see her like this”

Sanskar smiles and wraps her in his arms and hits his forehead with her saying,, “You know laksh right…he loves ragini so much..so he cannot withstand his anger for long. don’t worry”

Swara hugs him tight and kisses on his cheeks.

Everyone finishes their breakfast and continues their other work.

@ Maheswari Industries

Laksh is busy in his work and often he gets disturbed by Ragini’s thoughts…he remembered their first meeting, his proposal, their marriage , their fight and today her pleads through her eyes to forgive her. He gets restless thinking he and says, “I think i am overreacting..she blames me coz bhabhi went missing and she was right at her point. I should have understand her. Shit..even i made her upset for the mistake which she did not do. I should talk to her”. He felts happy after deciding to talk to herself and after sometime he gets a phone call from AP asking him to come to the Apollo hospital as fast as possible.

Laksh gets panicked and before he asks something, AP disconnects the call..laksh immediately goes out to meet sanskar and they both shared the news with each as Swara called Sanskar and informs him the same.

Sanlak reaches the hospital and calls swara….she takes them to the seperate ward there they sees Ragini lies in the bed and AP sits beside her. Laksh gets shocked seeing her in the bed and gets worried. Forgetting everything, he goes to her and cups her face asking,”What happen to you? Y u here? Maa..bhabhi..what happened to her?”

AP stares him angrily and says, “You are asking me Laksh? You should know it what you have done?”

Laksh gets confused and worried, “Maa…i don’t understand anything. Pls tell me clearly what happened to ragini?”

Swara comes forward and says, “Laksh…so much happened now. I am worried for Ragini…now she has to manage two people”

Sanlak is still confused and Sanskar comes forwards asking, “Swara…y u people are talking indirectly. For god sake..pls tell us what is happening here”

Ragini blushes and Swara says, “The happening thing is you are going to be bade papa…n me badi maa…n maa dadi..last but not least Raglak going to be Maa and baba”

Sanlak gets happy and Laksh his happy goes to the extreme level and happy tears oozing from his eyes. He looks at Ragini emotionally and she too reciprocates it.

AP and Swasan leaves from the room leaving them alone. Laksh sits close to Ragini and hugs her tightly but immediately he frees her from him saying, “Will it hurt the baby if i hug u tightly?” asking very innocently.

Ragini laughs at him and pulls him to a tight hug saying, “It will hurt me when you gets seperated from me. Don’t do this to me ever”

Laksh kisses on her forehead saying, “I am sorry for hurting you…i will not repeat this again. Okay tell me…how can i see the baby now?”

Ragini takes his hand and keeps it in her stomach and makes him feel it and says, “It’s just 15 days and it will take another 2 to 3 months to have a proper structure..till then we have to be very careful”

Laksh takes his hand and kisses on her stomach and says by looking at, “My dear baby..i am your papa speaking. Pls come soon dear…i am so much excited to see you and you too have the same excitement to see your papa na. I love you so much” he kisses her stomach again.

Raglak cherish their beautiful moments and soon doctor comes and tells them the process of taking care of ragini about her food diet, medicines etc.

Soon all comes home, wherein AP and Swara takes aarti for ragini and takes her inside with extreme care.

Days passes on and its been 9 months now, Raglak gets very happy that soon they are going to get their baby in their hands. Laksh is on cloud nine and he made sure that whenever ragini needs him, he leaves all his work and stays with her to make her happy. Everyone in the home waits impatiently to see the new born baby.

Swaragini’s parents also comes to their home from village and waits for the new arrival in their baby.

Ragini gets admitted in the hospital and the doctor informs them that anytime she can get labor pain. All takes immense care of ragini and waits eagerly for the most beautiful day in their life.

Swara takes care of everyone and forgets what is happening in her body. She brings food for everyone and starts serving them. Soon she feels dizzy but ignores it.

Again she feels so heavy in her eyes and couldn’t take control of it…she falls unconscious on the floor with a thud. Sanskar gets panic seeing her on the floor. He rushes to her and pats her cheeks to wake up. He gets worried and calls for doctor. She gets admitted in a seperate room.

The doctor checks her completely informs to the family, “Nothing to worry…Another new arrival in your family. Congratulations”

Sanskar is overwhelmed seeing swara lies on bed in unconscious state. All congratulates each other and this time their happiness becomes double. Laksh goes to ragini and informs her the happy news. Ragini’s happiness goes at peak and due to that she gets pain suddenly. Laksh calls for the doctor and immediately she taken to OT.

All waits outside the OT except Swasan.

Swara gets conscious and feels so tired…sanskar helps her sit properly and looks her overwhelmingly. Swara did not know anything and looks everyone confused.

Sanskar shows fake anger to her and says, “How can yo do this to me swara?”

Swara looks on confused and looks at others too while sanky continues, “You hide this big thing from me? How can you?”

Swara, “What are you saying Sanskar? What i have hidden from you?”

Sanky looks at her worried face and mischeiveously says, “You gave me a promotion as a Father of our child and hidden this from me”

Swara took some time to understand what he said and smiles seeing him with tears in her eyes. Sanskar too gets emotional and cups her face & touches her forehead with hers and says, “THANK YOU FOR COMING INTO MY LIFE AND MAKING IT COLORFUL.”

Swara too holds his hands with hers says, “I LOVE YOU SANSKAR FOR MAKING ME A COMPLETE WOMAN”

Swasan hugs each other lovingly and he tells her about Ragini’s situation. Both goes out to meet everyone.

After sometime…a nurse from OT comes out carrying a baby in her hand and gives it to laksh. Laksh’s hands are shivering while getting the baby in his hands. All comes and looks at the baby happily and it is a girl baby. Laksh gets happy tears seeing the baby and gives it to AP. He goes to see ragini after giving the baby to AP. All starts pampering the baby. Soon Ragini gets shifted to a seperate ward and all goes to see her. She gets overwhelmed seeing the baby and the parents gets happy and on cloud nine seeing the baby cuddling, smilling, yarning. They all capturing each and every activity of the baby happily.

Sanskar looks at swara with full of love and gives her a side hug and place a gentle kiss on her head whispering in her ears, “After seeing lucky..even i am also waiting to carry our baby in my arms.” Swara smiles and rests her head on his chest saying, “It will happen soon”

After few days, ragini gets discharged from hospital and AP welcomes the baby and ragini. Swara comes with the plate of sweets and serves to everyone. She feeds a small pinch to the baby and the baby starts sucking her finger once she puts it in her mouth. All laughs seeing the baby’s action and enjoys the moment happily.

Sanskar comes with his SLR camera and arranges it in a stand and set the timings for auto click. Everyone assembles at their position and the elders takes a seat while the youngers stands behind them. The camera clicks at their picture exactly once they settled down and it gives a perfect happy family picture.

Precap: Epilogue

So that’s the end of this ff and i will be posting the epilogue on Tuesday. It will be maximum of swasan scenes.

Guys, for your information who is not aware of that is…i started with new ff titled “Hatred ends with Love”. Pls do read that and provide your support as always.

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