Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 29)


Thank you again for you amazing response. So here we gonna start the journor of romance between swasan. Now nothing is stopping them to move closer and vl c how they

gonna make their moments beautiful. Here you go with next chapter

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 29)

Sanlak and Inspector plans against the broker and finally sanky reaches his home by disguising himself as a Punjabi singh.

Sanky enters the room and locks it from inside. He then turns and gets shocked seeing his love, his soul Swara on bed without having any movement.

He immediately moves to her and takes her head in his lap. He starts patting her cheeks slowly to make her awake. He holds her shoulder and tries to make her sit but

she winces in pain still she is not in conscious. Sanky gets worried and moves her cloth aside where he touches her shoulder and finds the stick mark on her shoulder.

Not only there, he finds the same marks on her other parts of the body and blood clots over there. Unknowingly swara feels pain whereever he touches her. Sanky cries

seeing her in pain, a tear rolls down his cheeks and falls in her cheeks. He slowly whispers in her ear, “Swara…Swara…pls get up. I came..your sanskar came. Pls

get up swara”

Swara slightly opens her eyes and gets a blurred vision first, she again tries a lot and open her eyes widely and looks at sanskar with teary eyes. She did not

understand first anything and sees a punjabi singh, she immediately moves back but then she realised the truth that its sanskar when he removes his beard and he came

for her rescue when he hugs her tightly. She too hugs him tightly and cries saying, “Sanskar, pls take me from here. I am getting scared seeing them. They are again

forcing me and when i refused it, they beaten badly. I don’t when i lost my conscious and they were beating me continously till i lost my sense. Pls sanskar, take me

from here.”

Sanky seperates her from him and cups her face, “Ssshhhh…don’t cry. I am here right. Till i am alive, no one dare to touch you. I will teach them a lesson for sure,

how dare they beat my wife..Sanskar Maheswari’s wife. I will not leave them now”

Swara holds his hands tightly and says, “I don’t want anything, i want to go out from here”

Sanky, “Ok..ok..ok”

Sanky takes his mobile and informs laksh about swara and he asks him to get inspector the mentioned place.

Sanskar takes swara, opens the door and comes out. The broker and his wife gets shocked seeing Swara with Sanskar. Sanskar makes swara sit in the chair kept there and

looks at the broker and his wife angrily. They both did not expect sanskar here that too in disguise. They looks at each other and signs something to each. Within a

fraction of seconds, he throws the vase on sanskar and it hurts his forehead, meanwhile swara shouts at sanskar’s name and goes to him. The lady catches her hand and

pushes her on the floor. Soon sanskar manages himself and beats the broker badly. He slaps the lady also and pushes both on the floor. He then takes the long stick

hanged on the wall and starts beating them with that. Both shouts in pain of unable to bear it and pleads him to stop it. But the ruthless sanskar did not hear

anything and beating them black and blue. The stick is almost gonna break but still he continues beating them and swara stands there at the same place where she was

and just watching them.

Soon Laksh reaches there with inspector and stops sanskar from beating them. Inspector takes them away and arrests them for their illegal activities.

Sanskar is still in anger seeing them but laksh calms him down. He looks at Swara who stands in fear and goes to her. Swasan has an emotional eye lock and tears

started droozing from both of their eyes. Swara is about to say some thing but he keeps his finger in her lips saying, “Will go home first”

All reaches Maheswari home, there AP & Ragini hugs Swara tightly and gets to know the entire incidents. They send Swasan to their room to take rest. Swara is unable to

walk then he lifts her in his arms and enters inside the room. He puts her in the bed and locks the door. Then again swara tries to get up he comes and stops her

saying, “Now what you want?”

Swara, “It’s ok i will manage”

Sanky, “No tell me i will get it”

Swara,”Pls understand…i will manage it”

Sanky, “For god sake, can you pls stop trying your stunts and tell what you want? I will get it”

Swara blinks at him and says, “I want to use washroom”

Sanky rolls his eyes and again lifts her and makes her stand inside the washroom and comes out. Swara smiles at his act and gets freshen up. She opens the door and

finds Sanskar stands there and gets ready to lift her but she said that she can walk, still he holds her hands till the bed and makes her sit. He gets the first aid

box and starts applying the ointment in her wounds. Swara gets tears seeing her husband’s immense care for her.

Swara, “Sanskar…”

Sanky, “hmmm”

Swara, “I have something to say”

Sanky, “Tell me..i am hearing”

Swara thinks whether to tell or not and gathers some courage saying, “Actually..that day night..nothing..”

Before she completes her sentence, he keeps his finger on her mouth and says, “I know everything and you no need to tell it again”

Swara blinks saying, “You know everything”

Sanky just nods and concentrates on applying ointment to her hands.

Swara, “But you did not say anything..you did not get angry on me for cheating you”

Sanky looks at her eyes and says, “Yes..i am angry and it is for not cheating me…it is for your carelessness. Second time you again caught in their hands. I can be

angry only if you are infront of me..what is the use of getting angry on you when you are not with me…and by this time all anger washed off”

Swara smiles saying, “Really?”

Sanky, “You don’t believe me yet. Ok let me show you”

He is applying medicines on her shoulder wounds, he moves her hair aside and place a kiss gently. Swara closes her eyes coz of his proximity and smiles.

Sanky whispers in her ears, “Now you believe me?”

Swara smiles naughtily and nods as No.

Sanky too smiles and again kiss on her neck. Swara clutches her saree tightly to hide her floating emotions.

Sanky, “Now?

Swara again nods No and he turns her face to him and sees her closing her eyes. He smiles and kiss on her forehead saying, “Now?”

Swara nods No and Sanky again kiss on her cheeks and says, “Now also?”

Swara now opens her eyes and looks at his smiling face and nods No again. Sanskar looks at her lips and leans on her face to capture her rosy lips..but swara moves

away from him due to the shyness. But before she moves too far, he get hold of her wrist tightly. But Swara winces in pain and he immediately leaves his hold and comes

to her cups her face saying, “I am sorry”

Swara smiles and hugs him tightly and he too reciprocates it.

Suddenly their intercom rings and he attends it. It is Laksh calling them for dinner.

Swasan goes and joins for the dinner with them. All gets a nice time except Raglak. Ragini is trying to pacify him but Laksh makes face.

AP gives him Lady’s finger fry to him, initially he tastes it and says good but when he comes to know that it is prepared by Ragini, he said it tastes very bad which

makes her fumes in anger.

Swasan enjoys their cute antics and smiles seeing their kiddishness.

After the dinner, Ragini goes behind laksh to convince him and Swasan goes to their room. Swara feels tired and it is clearly visible in her eyes. Sanskar makes her

have some pain relief tablets and makes her lie in the bed and covers her with the blanket.

When is about to go, she hold his hands and signs him to sleep beside her. He smiles and lies beside her and immediately she turns to his side and makes herself

comfortable in his embrace. She keeps her head in his chest and he wraps her by her waist. Both stares each other for sometime and soon dozes off.

Precap: Sanskar reaches home and finds no one there. He gets a chit and goes to terrace and gets surprise seeing the decorations and stunning swara at the center.

HOw is this episode guys, hope u all like it. Pls comment it and next episode will be on Tomorrow.

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