Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 28)


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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 28)

Sanskar and Laksh is filtering the city like anything to find out swara but they did not give any information about her. It’s already late in the night and still they did not reach home. There Ragini is worried thinking about Swara and AP also reaches there and prays god to get swara back.

Sanskar stops the car near the beach and stares the waves and moon. His vision gets blurred coz of tears and it rolls down his cheeks. He remember one of his beautiful moments with swara


Swasan coming back from office and he takes her in a different way via beach. Swara first sees the beach in her life and gets excited seeing it.

Swara, “Pls stop the car”

Sanky stops the car and looks at her amusingly who is looking outside the window. Sanky, “WHat happened? You never seen beach or what?”

Swara, “Yes, I never seen it before. This is the first time i am seeing. It is so beautiful right”

Sanky gets happy seeing her excitement and parks the car nearby. He gets down and takes swara also. Both are walking towards the sea, and he is able to see swara’s excitement and happiness gets increasing slowly.

Once they gone near to the sea, swara starts jumping like a kid seeing the waves and the Full moon under the dark sky.

She looks at sanskar once and asks, “Shall i?” signing him that she can go into the water.

Sanky also signs her to go but says, “Not so deep”

Swara nods and goes near the water. Since it is evening time and already the city is covered with darkness. Sanskar finds swara’s face glittering like a gold, he gets mesmerised seeing her cuteness and the reaction she gives whenever the waves touches her or she is trying to get escape from the waves. He enjoys each and everything of hers. He just spends his time in seeing her enjoying. Swara gets tired of playing in the water and returns back to sanskar.

Sanky, “Enough..so soon?”

Swara understands that he is teasing her coz it is been almost 1 hr she was playing with the waves.

Swara, “Shall we sit here for some time?”

Sanky shows the sand and asks, “Here?”

Swara, “Hmm yes. It looks good to watch the full moon while sitting in the beach. I feel so relax starring the moon like this. Whatever the sorrows we have, will forget everything and our mind & heart fills only with peace. you will never get tired of watching these two”

Sanky is just lost himself in her and stares her lovingly.

Flashback ends ————————————-

Sanskar cries remembering his moments with swara and bangs the stearing wheel heavily which hurts his hand also. He holds his head in both hands and shouts, “SWARAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

Laksh reaches home and gets worried of not seeing sanskar also. He tries reaching him but he is not responding to the calls. Ragini & AP gets worried for Swasan.

Just then Sanskar reaches their home and is fully in dishelved state. His eyes are red and it clearly states that he cried a lot. Laksh supports him and makes him sit in the sofa. AP sits beside him and holds his hand for support.

Ragini to laksh, “Laksh, i am getting scared thinking about swara. She is already upset and now we don’t even know where she went? I am really scared now”

Laksh is already in tension and gets irritated now coz of ragini and shouts, “Just stop it Ragini. Even i am also worried for my bhabhi and if i knew where she went, why i make you all sit like this?”

Ragini gets shocked at the same time angry too, “Don’t shout at me Laksh. It is because of you only. All the problems now happened because of you.”

Sanskar is confused and asks, “What do you mean?”

Laksh interrupts, “Shut up Ragini”

Ragini, “Why? Why should i? You also know that coz of your plan only she was upset and decided to tell everything to sanskar and that’s y she went. Otherwise she would be in home only”

Laksh bangs his head and looks at Sanskar who stares him. AP comes forward and asks laksh, “Laksh, what is she saying? What was the problem?”

Sanskar comes forward and asks laksh, “What plan is that Laksh? Pls tell me everything clearly”

Ragini, “I will tell you” she wipes her tears and starts telling their plan which makes swara upset and how decides to tell everything to sanskar. Sanskar is furious now and says, “You all together cheated me”

Laksh, “No bhai, bhabhi is not at mistake. It’s all my plan and i thought of this plan is just to make you and bhabhi one. But she was not happy and want to tell you everything, that’s y she left from home saying she is gonna meet you”

Sanskar consoles him and sits in the sofa with a thud saying, “But i got only her message but after that i did not get any message or call after that from her”

Laksh sits beside him says, “Bhai..now it is going out of control. We need to inform police soon. It’s already late”

Then Sanlak goes to police station and files a missing complaint. Inspector gets the picture of Swara and starts his investigation.

Sanlak returns to home and finds AP, Ragini, Kaka & Kaki also sits in the hall sadly. Kaki sees them and goes to dining table & arrange the food. She calls them to take the food since no one is having anything for long time. But Sanskar not even responded to her and goes to his room & locks it.

Ragini looks at Laksh who stares her angrily and goes to his room without even looking at her. Ragini feels bad and follows him. AP tells kaki to have the food and keep the rest aside. But kaki too did not have anything and goes from there.

Sanskar stares the moon from his balcony, he sees swara’s face in the moon and he tries to catch her but he couldn’t. He comes to sense and says, “Why are you always torturing me Swara? Once you yourself left me and made me suffered without you, then you again came to my life and i thought this time i not even allow you to think of leaving me and married you forcefully. I know you too loves me coz i could see the love in your eyes, the hate word just came from your mouth not from your heart. I was happy to sort out our problems and start the new life. I was so happy that day but i was shattered hearing that you did not trust me at all. You never seen my love for you. I was totally shattered thinking about your perception on me. I was hurt badly and that’s y i shown my anger, hatred to you. But all are just fake, i can’t even think my life without you swara. And now also i can’t be angry on you, I am able to understand that you supported this plan is just to get my attention. I am not that stone hearted person of not realising your love on me. Now i want you Swara. I want to hug you tight, i want to kiss you everywhere. I am not angry on you instead angry on me. I couldn’t protect you being your husband. Where are you swara? Pls come back to me. I am waiting…your Sanskar is waiting for your love”

He just stays there itself and stares the moon continuously. No one knows when he slept.

In Raglak room, ragini is keep on convincing laksh but he is not ready to talk to her. Laksh, “You blamed me for bhabhi’s missing right. Then we will talk and be normal once we find her. Till then pls don’t disturb me” by saying this he just coverd himself with a blanket and slept. Ragini sit in the bed beside and cries seeing him.

Next Morning, Sanlak goes to police station again and checks for any other clue. Sanskar is worried too much and try calling her mobile once again. But for his luck it is ringing and he informs this police. But just after a ring, the call has been disconnected and he tries her number again now it says as switched off. Sanskar is worrying about her a lot, then inspector immediately contacts the Cyber cell team and they tried to trace the number from where it was attended. Somehow they find the place in the network where the call has been attended and switched off.

They all goes to that place and Inspector and his team are disguised as a common people and just gets the information about swara.

Sanlak also goes to some shops and the passerbys to check for swara. Sanskar to shopkeeper shows him the picture of swara and enquires about her. he did not get any clue and comes out from the shop sadly. But a pair of eyes noticed him and hides himself from sanskar. He hides his face and runs from that place, luckily Sanskar also sees that person and doubts on him. He too goes behind him but he missed him in the crowd.

Laksh and Inspector comes to him and Sanky tells them what he saw and his doubts. They three discuss something and make a plan to catch him.

The same guy who escapes from Sanskar comes and knocks the door and finds a lady opens it. He immediately goes inside and locks the door & breathing heavily.

Lady, “What happened? Y r u so tensed?”

Man, “I saw him and he too saw me. He tried following me but luckily i mixed in the crowd and escaped from him”

Lady slaps him hard saying, “I already warned you not to go out then y u went?”

Man rubs his cheeks saying, “I want to meet the customers, if we stay here then how can we get money”

(by now you all got to know who is this man and lady…yes the broker which sanky used to call and his wife)

Lady, “I don’t know what you do..make sure that Sanskar should not reach here and i want to see him suffer after all he spoiled our life and business”

She gets the flashes how sanskar informed police about their business by pushing the innocent girls in this hell, how the inspector raids their house and took all the girls from there and puts them in the Govt. Homage and how they got punished by the law. That lady is furious now to spoil Sanskar’s life which he can’t even think about now.

They both goes into the room and stares the sleeping Swara who is in the influence of Chloroform. Lady looks at swara and says, “Now it is my turn and i will make your life hell. I got to know that Sanskar married you and make you as his beloved wife..now he will see how his lovely wife becomes prey to other men in this city.” she smiles evily.

Laksh and Inspector waits outside the room restlessely and the door opens, they find a cute Punjabi Singh . Actually it is Sanskar who disguised himself as Punjabi Singh with beard and Turban, even he wears a specs also. No one is able to find that is it sanskar. Laksh hugs him and wish him all d best.

The trio leaves in the Laksh’s car. They reach the bazaar and signs a guy who stands at the flower shop. They all waits for the broker.

Laksh, “Bhai, are you sure, he will come to this bazaar only?”

Sanky, “I am cent % sure…he has so many contacts in this market and he will get his local clients from here only. He will come for sure”

They wait for him and its been 1 hr slowly they are losing hope but for sanky somewhere he is not losing his hope and looks everywhere in the shop. Fortunately the broker comes to that market and meets his old friends in the shops. Sanky points him to Inspector and he signals the guy to move and shows the broker.

The guy goes to the nearby shop where the broker stands and asks the details of the girls. Broker hears him and concentrates on his talks.

The guys tells the shopkeeper about his boss who came from punjab is a very big business man there and here he is in business meetings.

ShopKeeper, “What you want me to do?”

Guy, “Bhai, my boss is a womaniser..hope u understand”

Shopkeeper looks at him doubtedly and says, “I don’t know anything about..go from here”

The guy observes that the broker is watching him, so he gives a sad look walking across him by saying, “Oh god..what i will do now. Boss will kill i am not done his work. He gave this much money to me but am not able to find anyone”

Broker sees the money he has and he goes behind him.

All these are watching by Sanky, Laksh and Inspector.

The broker catch the guy and tells him, “I heard you were talking to that shop keeper. Actually i have a girl, she is very beautiful. What u say?”

Guy, “Thank you so much. Where is your home? Give me the address”

Broker, “No, i wont give the address, u get ur boss to the place which i give you, from there i will get your boss to my place”

Guy, “Why r u so particular about ur place?”

Broker, “It’s not necessary for you. Get your boss to XYZ place”

By saying that he leaves from there. After sometime the guy comes to the place where Sanky and other’s waiting for him. He tells them what that broker told and Sanky decides to go alone first and tells laksh to follow him.

Evening, Sanky waits in the place where the broker mentioned, he came and welcomes sanky with wide smile. Sanky just gives him a fake smile and folds his fist in anger.

After 30 mins of drive, both reaches a place which is very far from the city and it look like a farmhouse which is deep interior from the roadside.

They reach the home and he welcomes sanky inside. His wife comes to them and gets shocked seeing a person with her husband. He takes her seperately and tells her everything. She too comes with a wide smile and welcomes him.

Sanky in different voice with punjabi slang, “I don’t have more patience. Show me the girl”

Broker chuckles seeing his urgency and asks for the money. Sanky gives him extra money and asks where to go. Broker sends sanky to the corner room and goes with his wife.

Sanky enters the room and locks it from inside. He then turns and gets shocked seeing his love, his soul Swara on bed without having any movement.

Precap: Swara gets hurt and Sanky treats her wounds and place a kiss on it.

HOw is this episode guys, hope u all like it. Pls comment it and next episode i will try to give it tomorrow.

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