Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 26)


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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 26)

Raglak goes to their room but still both of them are tensed sensing swara’s situation. But ragini couldn’t control herself, she takes her mobile and message to swara, “Swara, R u ok?”.

Laksh gives her an unbelievable look at ragini saying, “How can you think that she will reply for your message?”

Rags, “If not today, she will see my msg later right. She will reply that time. It’s ok if she replies later or else i will ask her directly tomorrow. This is just for my sake”

Laksh sighs and goes to change the dress. After few mins, ragini’s mobile gets a message tone, she rushes and reads the message. It is from Swara’s, “Yes..i am ok Ragini”

Ragini just smiles seeing the message and shows it to Laksh. Laksh also gets relax but he wants to talk to swara to know about the pbm. He takes mobile from her and message, “Swara bhabi, if possible can you come out to living area”

Soon they get message, “Coming”

Raglak waits there in the living hall for swara and soon she too come and joins with them. Swara composes herself better but stil raglak finds her sobbing face and eyes are red.

Ragini, “Swara, what’s all this? What is burning between u and Sanskar?”

Swara tries to cover up but laksh forecs her to say only the truth. Finally without any option Swara tells them everything from day 1 how they met and till the day how sanskar got to know the truth why she ran away and his angry with swara.

Ragini couldn’t believe that swara is bearing this much torture and not even shown a pinch in her face. SHe hugs her tightly and tells, “I never able to understand your situation swara, you are a pure soul swara..no one can bear this kind of torture not even in dream.”

Laksh, “Bhabi…but what happened today? Y all the things are scattered like this here” by showing the mess up in the hall.

Swara’s eyes welled up with tears remembering the instance when they reached home after the party.


Swara is scared seeing sanskar and is moving back. Sanskar is heading towards her like a hungry lion. Swara, “Sanskar, pls don’t see me like that. I am getting scared seeing you like this”

Sanskar smirks, “You are getting scared is it? Then how dare you danced with that guy? and how come you allowed him to touch you when i am there?”

Swara is still moving back whereever she gets space but unfortunately she hits the table and the vase falls from the table and creates noise.

Swara, “Sanskar, even you also danced with one girl, did i say anything for that?”

Sanky, “Ohhhh…you want to say something for that?”

Swara, “No..i mean..even i felt bad seeing you touching other girls when i am there as your wife”

Sanky, “So you are yearning for my touch right?. Ok then y to waste time..come on…hey y r u going back. Don’t get scared of me..i am ur husband swara. After all you thought that i wanted you just for your body right…let me prove that now that i need only your body. Come…Come to me”

By saying this he starts chasing her whereever she goes, swara starts running saying, “No sanskar…pls stop. You are not in your sense. What are you saying? I didnot mean that..Sanskar pls stop coming to me”

He scattered the things on his way in the hall while chasing her and finally caught her wrist and pulls her in his arms. He carries her to their room while swara is strugging to get down from his arms. He is completely in the influence of alcohol and his walk is stumbling, swara gets scared whether he will put her down. He enters inside their room and puts her in the bed. Swara is atmost scared nd she knows what sanskar is gonna do. She crying thinking about her fate and sees sanskar who is removing his shirt and throws in the floor. He is ready to jump on her and he is still dancing here and there. Swara is moving back on the bed and her eyes widens seeing sanskar in different avatar. He just jumps on the bed and his aim is that he falls on Swara, but before that swara moves aside and falls on the floor from the bed and moves back quickly. She sees sanskar lies on the same position how he falls on the bed. There is no movement from him and this makes swara worries. She hesitantly touches him, no reaction, then she with full energy turns his body and gets shocked seeing him sleeping. She don’t know how to react whether to cry or laugh seeing him. She just cursing her fate and cursing herself for the being the reason for sanskar’s angry. She continues sobbing seeing him on the bed.

Flashback ends————————–

Raglak is like jaw dropping hearing her statement and burst out lauging after that. They couldn’t control their laugh at all and laksh is like rolling on the floor and laughing hardly. Ragini manages to stop laughing seeing swara’s angry face but laksh is like whenever he sees swara he continues laughing. Swara gets angry , “Laksh..i dint say any joke to laugh. Pls stop it”

Laksh closes his mouth by his both hands but still laughing silently. Ragini also laughs silently seeing him but tells swara, “Swara…just relax..ok sorry. But sorry we are helpless after listening what happened? But actually we imagined something serious and whatever you told is ultimately different. And that’s y he is laughing..he is lovely devar right…forgive him”

Laksh comes to them, “Sorry bhabhi..but seriously how you couldn’t laugh thinking about sanskar”. Swara for a sec reminiscies the scene where sanskar falls on her but fell into the bed and slept as it is. She too laughs slightly but stares laksh angrily.

The trio has good time but still she worries thinking about sanky’s reaction the next morning.

Laksh sees her worrying and gets to know her problem. Then the three planned something and encourages swara to do that but she gets scared. Laksh gives her more courage and pushes her to do it.

Swara just nods her head and goes to her room, raglak also goes to their room.

Next morning, sanskar wakes up with head ache and he gets disturbed hearing some sobbing noise. He looks around and finds swara beside the bed by covering herself with blanket. Her face has finger marks which gives him a slight hint. He gets worried seeing her in dishelved state and whispers “Swara”.

Swara looks at him with teary eyes and runs to washroom cryingly. Sanskar gets shocked seeing her and he couldn’t realise what happened to her exactly.

He comes out from the room and looks at the messy hall. He slowly tries to remember everything and flashes of their last night comes to him mind. He holds his forehead and shouts, “SHIT”. He murmurs to himself, “How can i do that to her? I am her husband and i..i forced her”

Before he finish it off he hears another voice from back, “Even i did not expect this from you bhai”.

Sanky turns and gets shocked seeing laksh there with angry. Sanky stammers, “Actually Laksh…”

Laksh just raised his hand and signs him to stop, “I don’t want any explanation bhai. I heard it which i shouldn’t”

Sanky, “what do you mean?”

Laksh with angry tone, “Swara’s scream…she was pleading you yesterday…me and ragini were able to hear her scream but we were helpless of not being able to help her. How cold you do ths to her..she is your wife right and you..you..cha..i can’t even imagine that”

Sanky is now hell shocked hearing him and gets worries for swara. Immediately he goes inside the room to check her and finds her adjusting her dress to cover up the marks on her body. He moves to her and pins her to the wall and slowly moves her saree on her shoulder and finds a hickeys over there and same way he finds some more of his marks on her body. After that he just looks at swara’s face, she did not even look at him and her face is very dull. Sanskar feels guilty seeing her and steps backwards of being guilty. When he moves back, immediately swara moves from there and goes out. He stands being helpless there seeing her going out, he bangs his hands on the wall.

Outside, swara looks at laksh without any reaction and goes down to kitchen. Laksh simply stares her and follows her to kitchen. Swara prepares for breakfast and gets disturbed by laksh’s voice.

Laksh comes there, “Bhabhi”.

Swara looks at him without any reaction and soon both burst out laughing and closes their mouth to control their sound.

Precap: Sanskar change in behaviour towards Swara.

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