Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 25)


Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 25)

Swara just jumping continuously in her room happily and does not aware that sanskar is on d way there. Sanskar is climbing the stairs and walking towards his room who is unaware of Swara’s happiness, he opens the door and finds swara sitting sadly in the couch by hiding her face between her knees and covers it with her hands. Sanskar looks at her without any reaction and opens his wardrobe, selects one suite and goes to washroom to take bath. Once he goes inside and locks the door, swara lifts her face up looks at the locked door and gives a sigh relief. She giggles and says, “Oh god..i should control my excitement..otherwise he will not spare me.” Somehow she pacifies herself and controls her emotions…soon Sanskar comes out from the room and swara again goes to the old position by hiding her face. Sanky again gives her a stern look and gets ready. He stands infront of the mirror and getting ready, but he did not miss to notice swara via mirror. Swara lifts her face up and finds sanskar there, immediately she goes and stands behind him. Sank sees her standing but he did not utter single word.

Swara, “Sanskar…Pls…”

Sanky moves to bed and takes his watch and starts wearing it, while doing so, “Have a business party tomorrow and be ready for that”. Swara smiles slightly but stops when sanskar turns to her. He looks at her with so much of hatred and says, “I don’t have a zero interest to go with you..but what to do, it is from my best friend and i can’t deny him. But don’t think that i forget and forgive you. It will never happen”. He just leaves after that and slammed the door, its just like a slap on her face.

Swara couldn’t control after that and cries vigourously thinking about his hatred towards her. She buries her face in the pillow and cries continously forgetting food and everything. Kaki comes to her and rubs her hair softly, swara looks at her and puts her head on her lap says, “I never wanted to hurt him, i accepted that its my mistake of not trusting him, but what to do..i was in that situation where i lost my trust on everyone. I believed that Shaini and her words, i realised my mistake now and i desperately need his forgiveness.”

Kaki wipes her tears saying, “Don’t worry beta, whatever happening is for good only. One or the other day, sanskar baba will get to know this if not today, then it will be more bad then. Atleast he got to know now that everything happened becoz of that lady and you just believed her. He will understand u soon and you have to wait for that beta. U don’t know when you were not here, how sanskar baba was, he was lifeless and always thinking about you. We have to repent for what we did. Everything will be alright soon. Now come on , have something. You should be more strong and have energy to handle him na…chalo come and have some food”. Swara composes herself and goes with her.

Sanskar is in his office but his concentration is full on Swara and her crying face. He holds his fist tightly whenever he remembers her crying face. He throws the things in his table and leans on his chair by staring at the ceiling. Hearing the sound, his PA comes and shocks seeing his messed room, behind her there is one more person also comes and stands at the door step and gets shocked seeing Sanskar in dishelved state. PA realises something and looks back whishpers, “Laksh sir”. Yes it is Laksh and he keeps his fore finger on his lips saying, “Sssshhhhh…come out”. They both go out before sanskar seeing them.

Laksh to his PA, “What happen Sakshi, why sanskar is like this?”

PA, “I really don’t know sir. From yesterday noon, sir is like one roaring lion. He leaves very late from the office but he came so early before everyone. I guess something is wrong…but scared to talk to him”

Laksh gets worried and immediately he calls to Swara, “Hello Swara bhabi, How are you?” asks her in a normal voice.

Swara gets cry hearing his voice but controls it, “Haan Laksh, i am fine. How are you and how is ragini?”

Laksh, “Haa..she is fine..but y ur voice is so dull?”

Swara gulps and adjusts her throat saying, “Nahi tho…i am normal only. Might be coz of cold.”

Laksh, “Acchaa…ok Bhabhi…did sanky bhai told you about the party?”

Swara, “Ya Laksh, he told me.”

Laksh, “Fine…i will talk to you later. Bye”

Swara, “Bye”

Laksh cuts the call but he doesn’t feel good after seeing Sanskar and hearing Swara’s tone.

He goes back to his cabin without meeting sanskar.

@ Sanky cabin,

Sanskar walks here and there like an impatient lion, he talks to himself, “Why u did this swara? I believed you than anyone else but u did not trust me and believed that girl’s statement. Am i that bad Swara? How can you even think that i will cheat you? Don’t you see the love in my eyes for you? I gave you such a precious place in my heart but you yourself fallen down from there. I never ever expected this from you. I am hurt swara..just coz of you. If the world says that i am bad then i won’t even bother but you also thought the same and left me. You ever imagined that how i was living for those 6 months till i see you. After seeing you, it feels like i got my soul back in my body. But now again you killed my soul coz of your mistrust on me. I will forgive you for this swara. I just hate you now”

Swara manages to do some work and waits for sanskar in the night. Today also he drank so much and pierces swara by his words. He just ignores her in all the way and falls on his bed. Swara worries for him so much and curses herself for his state. Again she did removes his shoes and suite as a perfect wife does and makes him sleep properly in the bed.

She again goes to couch and falls asleep believing in the new hope for tomorrow. Next morning, swara wakes up before him, cleans the mess up in room and goes down. She only prepared the coffee but gies it to kaki to give it him and tell her that not to reveal her name. She prepares the breakfast for him before he comes down. She makes sure that he should not know that she only prepared it. When he comes down, swara runs to other room and hides herself. Kaki serves him the food, for the first bite itself he stops having next and looks at kaki. Sanky, “Who prepared food today?”

Kaki stammers, “It’s me”

Sanky gives a faint smile, “I know kaki…you are also lieing to me. Though its been 6 months…i still remember the taste of her cooking.”

He goes out without having food, swara cries silently seeing him going without having anything.

Kaki consoles her and continues her work. Swara also did not have anything and goes to her room. After some time, she gets a message in her mobile. It is from Sanskar, she gets happy and reads it, “Get ready at 6 PM for today’s party”. That’s it…a one line message, she has mixed emotions seeing his message.

Swara wipes her tears and decides to look good infront of him. First she finished all her household work fastly and goes to parlour after that to make up herself beautiful and special today.

She back to home around 4:30 and selects the saree for today’s party. She takes it and murmurs, “I am sure, you will be happy seeing me Sanskar”

She changes herself into the saree and does the slight touch up and adjusts her hair. Just a simple make up, she left her hair free, a small diamond earrings and bangles matching with saree, a cute elegant chain with her mangalsutra in her neck which gives her a simple and adorable look on her.

She gets ready by 5:30 PM and waits for sanskar. Around 6 PM she hears a horn sound, swara gets happy, picks up her purse and mobile, runs outside happily to meet sanskar. She stops seeing the car and the person inside the car. Her excitement just washes away withing a sec, yes it is laksh and Ragini who came there to pick her.

Swara hides her sorrow from raglak and gives them a gentle smile. Ragini waves her hand happily and signs her to get in. Swara understand that Sanskar only sends them to picks her up. She obliges her and sits at the back seat behind laksh and diagonal to Ragini.

Ragini starts her chatting continuously, but swara just replies her either by smiling or giving one word answer. Her eyes cleary shows the disappointment and it is noticed by Laksh through the mirror. When he saw tears in swara’s eyes, laksh immediately keeps his hand on ragini’s lap and sign her to keep quiet. Initially she did not get it but he signed her to look at swara, who bends her head down and looks at her joined hands in her lap.

Ragini gets worried seeing but don’t know the reason for her sadness, she looks at laksh and he gives an assure smile at her. The trio reaches the party hall after 30 minutes. Swara lost all her interest now to join the party, but she moves forward with raglak jst for their sake. Raglak joins their hands and enters inside the venue followed by swara.

Inside the party hall, Sanskar is busy in chatting with his business friends. He s drinking alcohol and mingles with them in their talk. Mr.Varma, looks behind sanskar and says, “See Laksh too came with his wife. Welcome Mr & Mrs. Laksh Maheswari”. Sanskar also turns to see them but his sight goes behind raglak and halts there itself.

Yes, He saw swara behind raglak and mesmerised in her beauty and forgets to blink. Swara who is not interest all these, silently enters behind them and her eyes start searching him everywhere and stops seeing him. Her eyes does not have any reactions..no excitement, no happiness, no charm and finally no life after seeing him also.

She just walks with raglak like a robo and stands beside ragini. Ragini holds her hand for support and looks at sanskar who is still starring swara. Laksh introduces Ragini to Mr.Varma and others. Mr.Varma, “Who is that laksh beside your wife?” pointing swara.

Sanskar takes swara’s hand and makes her stand beside him, he hugs her by her shoulder and says, “She is Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheswari” he press her shoulder while saying that. Swara just gives them a warm smile to acknowledge him.

Mr. Varma welcomes Maheswari and tells them to enjoy the party, meanwhile he moves to other guests leaving the four there.

Once he goes, Sanskar takes his hands from her shoulder and immediatley picks a glass of alcohol serves by the waiter there. Laksh notices his change in behaviour, he makes ragini be with swara and follows Sanskar.

Laksh finds sanskar in bar area who is ordering the bartender to provide him some more alcohol. Before he gets another glass, laksh stops him and shouts, “what the hell are you doing here Sanskar? What happened to you? U r behaving strange?”

Sanskar laughs saying, “Yes…am behaving strange..coz i am a stranger”

Laksh gets confused seeing him, but some how stops him in taking some more, he drags to the party floor. when they reach there, they hear the host announces for the couple dance. Mr. Varma signs the Maheswaries to step on the dance floor. Laksh takes ragini’s hand and moves to dance leaving Swara with Sanskar alone. Sanskar walking towards Swara, her heart for a sec gets happy seeing him coming to her but to her shock, he walks crossing her and stands infront of another girl extending his hands to her asking for dance.

Swara’s heart is trembling seeing the situation, but she controls her feelings and manages to cover up her. Sanskar starts dancing with that girl very closely and sensuously to make swara hurt and the truth is swara is really getting hurt by sanskar coz of his behaviour. He smirks at her and continues his dancing with that girl closely.

Swara cursing her fate and thinks why she came here, but to disturb her thought a 6 feet hunk handsome guy comes to her and extends his hands for dancing with him.
Swara refused, but he still stands there and asking her hand again for dance. She looks at Sanskar once who dancing with that girl intimately, and gives her hand to him for dance. He gets very happy and kisses on her hand and takes her to the stage.

Seeing together on the floor, 3 ppl are shocked and the first is Sanskar who did not expect this becomes numb seeing swara with another man. And the next duo is Raglak, who is confused seeing swasan with different persons. They decide to talk to swara later about their tiff with each.

Now Swara with a stranger guy and Sanskar with a stranger girl dancing on the same floor..isn’t look awkward?

Now the music slowly got gears up and there are around 7 couples dancing slowly on the floor according to the music.

All the couples dancing together and goes in the same flow. The music gets gear up fast and their dances also getting faster and faster. Sanskar couldn’t concentrate dance on his partner but his concentration is only with Swara. He finds that guy wraps her by touching her waist, and swara feels little uncomfort after feeling his touch. She tries to maintain the distance between them but he often pulls her to him closely and tries to hug her, but swara always tries to push him away. Sanskar notices this and gets furious seeing the guy forcing swara, he puts all his anger on his dance and that girl where she feels pain in his touch and pushes him from her.

Sanskar didnt even apologise her and rushes towards Swara, he pulls her from his grip and pushes him anxiously to the floor. He then turns to swara who is standing with shock seeing sanskar as a converted animal now. He grabs her wrist tightly which surely gives the mark on her wrists, he drags her and puts her in the passenger seat & drives off to his home. Swara sits silently in the car holding the seat tightly and is ready to face anything from sanskar now. Sanskar is now like a hunting lion who fumes in mixture of anger and jealous together which makes him to behave like an animal. His heart is burning with so much of emotions and all the flashes on their dance comes to his mind seeing swara with another guy which ignites the burning fire inside him.

They both reaches home and sanskar pulls her out from the car and throws her on the floor inside the house. He is in influence of alcohol now who is completely out of control now, walking towards swara as if she is his prey. Swara stumbles and stands from there moving back seeing his angry.

Raglak is in car and driving to sanskar’s home after seeing what happened in the party. Laksh gets shocked seeing sanskar’s behaviour, he apologised to everone on behalf of sanskar and leaves from there with ragini. They reaches home and gets shocked seeing everything is messy in the hall.

They move towards Swasan’s room and hears some sobbing sound from inside. They both hesitate to knock it and thinks to ask her everything in the morning. Then they leave to another room and dozed off.

Outside Swasan’s room, only the sobbing sound is coming continuously and ofcourse it is of Swara’s.

What is happening to swara? Any wild guesses 😛

Precap: Sanskar guilty feeling. Swara becomes weak and faints.

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