Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 24)

Thank u so much for ur enormous support dears….as you all expect now on Swara will pour all her love on Sanskar…but sadly he will not accept her and ignores her. Hmm he hurted by her and it takes little time to come out from that. But the happiest thing is he will not let others know about their fight and maintain good rappo infront of others…so how swara gonna use that opportunity.

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 24)

Swara cries badly thinking about Sanksar and his angry. Its very late in the night, kaki looks worried seeing swara with swelled eyes. SHe is sitting in living hall waiting for sanskar. Kaki so many times forces her to have something but she refused it. It’s been around 11 PM, she heard a horn sound and immediately she goes to open the door. She opens the door with much preparation but soon it gone after seeing Sanskar in drunken state.

He leaned on the door and stands in a very dishellved state. His eyes are red due to the anger still he has on swara. Swara tries to hold him but he jerks her hand off , raises his fore finger saying, “Ssshhhhhhhhh….DON’T touch me. You lost that right of being my wife. I hate you and everything about you. Just leave me”

He goes inside by ignoring her who is still in shock listening his harsh words. She follows him and he stumbles while walking, when he is about to fall, she holds him by his shoulder, but the angry sanskar pushes her from him. Swara lost her control and gets hit in a table and got hurt in her fore head.

Sanskar did not even look at her and climbs to his room. Swara somehow manages to get up and touches her wound. Its bleeding…yes her heart too bleeds now coz of sanky’s behaviour. He not even given a chance for her to explain her point. He is so hurted and hurting her also. Swara feels pain in her head but she wipes it and goes to their room. She finds sanskar in bed mumbling something. She cries seeing him in pain..she goes to him and removes his dress and wipes his face with wet cloth and makes him sleep properly in the bed. She cleans the wound and puts the plaster in that, then she puts her body on the couch and stares the sleeping sanskar.

Swara in her mindvoice, “I am so sorry Sanskar. I did wrong and made you suffer a lot. I am ready to bear anything but not your ignorancec. I am sorry for everything. I need you sanskar…coz i love you..i love you so much. I will go to any extent to get you back. I promise you now..i am Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheswari will get her love back at any cost. Its a promise on our love Sanskar”

Don’t know how long she stared him, soon she too gets dozed off in the couch itself.

Next Morning, Sanskar feels pain and holds his head shouts, “Aaahhhh…my head”

Swara also got up coz of his shout and goes to him to hold his head, but he pushes her hand aside and shouts for Kaki. Swara stands helpless and looks at him with teary eyes. Sanskar did not even look at her face once and shouts for kaki again.

Swara cryingly, “Sanskar”

Sanskar gets angry and breaks the vase which is on the table. Swara gets scared and keeps silent. Kaki comes by running and waits for him to say.

Sans, “Kaki…pls get me a cup of coffee. My head is paining. And remember don’t allow others to do anything for me. Just u prepare and get me”

Kaki looks at swara once and goes out. Sanskar reacts like there is no one in the room except him, he goes to washroom , refresh himself and goes down to have coffee. Swara literally don no what to do and stands quiet. Her mind is not working and is in the verge of crying.

Before she goes out, their landline is ringing. She picks it up and before saying hello, she heard sanskar responding the call. She keeps quiet and just listened it.

Sans, “Oh Hi Mr. Varma, When you returned to India?”

Varma, “Just 2 days back Sanskar. Well i finished all my official meetings with everyone and now it is time for party and that’s y i called you”

Sans, “That’s grt. Just tell me when..i will come ”

Varma, “I just spoke to Laksh and he informed me about your marriages…that’s good to hear and now i want you to come to the party with your wife and introduce her to us”

Sanskar becomes silent and did not answer anything. There Swara listens everything and her heart is beating faster to hear the answer from him and she breathes heavily.

Sans, “Ok Mr.Varma. I will come with my wife there”

Varma, “That’s grt. I am so happy for you sanskar..after all you are my bestie in this business and i will be very happy to see you happy. Party is tomorrow and venue details i will inform you later. Be ready to enjoy. Chalo now i got to go to invite others also. Bye”

Sans, “Bye”.

He keeps the phone down and thinks something seriously. There in room, Swara gets very happy and starts jumping in happiness. She gets so excited and gets happy tears.

Precap: Sanskar behaves well with Swara infront others and Raglak. Sanskar irritates swara by dancing with other girl. Sanskar gets angry & Jealous seeing swara dancing with a handsome guy. Raglak finds fishy in Swasan’s behaviour.

So many interesting scenes are lined up now and get ready for the ride with me to know how swasan gonna unite. To know more stay tuned and guys next episode i will post it on Sunday. From now i will give the day when i will post.

So how is this episode guys. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know your comments.


  1. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Hahaha..precap is Awsum..Both tries to Make Eachother Jealous 😅😅. .Good..hope RagLak Solves SwaSan’s Prblm..n Da Part was AWSUM..Poor Swara..She has to Bear n Suffer fr thr Mostake she Did..Hope she Gets Her Sanskaar Bak..Continue soon

  2. Hadi


    |Registered Member

    Yr u u take much time to post it’s fabulous dear but its short so plZ try to post long n ya soon plZ lz

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much dear. Sorry for late but I do have some personal things to complete… N ya so from now I will post two days once n have already given the day when I will post next.. It is on Sunday.

  3. Ariba


    |Registered Member

    It was so short update😞 but loved it💕💕💕 precap itself increased my excitement😍😍 waiting for sunday

  4. Mica


    |Registered Member

    it’s so short dear.. but let it be.. still i luv it sooo much.
    poor swara, this MU hurt them both..
    but still let it be, let swara tried to get sanskar’s love..
    waiting next part,… xoxo

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much Mica… Yeah it’s short I don’t have time…. U know na…. Mmz also there in line… That’s y. I ll give next one long

  5. Madhu

    You wont separate them no????
    Plz unite them….
    I loved angry jealousy track…..
    Awesome dr…cant wait fr next one….uodate it asap dr…plzzzzz…..if u can long one ok……..

    • Sathya



      No separation dear…they will stay together but Sanky will ignore her n hurt her… So upcoming scenes will be of how Swara gonna handle him…

  6. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Nice dear… Continue soon…. Sorry for not commenting on the previous ones….. I was busy with my brothers wedding…… But from now I will the regular commentor… Lots of love…..

  7. Rain_Lightwood


    |Registered Member

    oh its amazing! but the epic was too short yaar… next time will u make it long?
    this jealousy track will definitely be interesting… Raglak to the rescue now:):):)
    waiting for next episode:D

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