Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 22)


Thank u so much guys for ur priceless comments. I m giving you two episodes back to back with twist n turns. Hope u will enjoy

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 22)

Swasan has a cute eyelock via mirror. He applies cream on her hickeys and Swara gets goosebumps coz of his sensual touch. Slowly sanskar’s hands drowling down to her neck and swara immediately jerks off his hand and moves to the door but stop in the mid. She holds her saree on her shoulder and turns back. Sanky smiles holding her saree pallu in one hand and another hand in his pant pockets. Swara for a sec mesmerizes seeing him and his smile but soon she composes herself and stares him angrily.

Swara, “Leave my saree Sanskar”

Sanky simply nods and starts folding the saree which makes swara moves to him slowly.

Swara, “Sanskar, what are you doing? Just leave me ..i have to go down”

Sanky smirks at her and with just one force, he pulls her to him. Swara with a sudden jerk falls on him and hits his chest with her face.

Sanskar wraps his arms around her waist and tightens his grip. Swara struggles to free herself from him and continuously pushing him from her. But the more she pushes him, the more he tightens his grip.

Suddenly both gets shocked and moves away after hearing couple of voices from the door. It is none other than Raglak who is standing at the doorstep and smiles seeing their face.

Laksh, “Well bhai, i can understand that you want to be with bhabhi all the time, but it is not possible na. Everyone is waiting for you both in the living hall. Elders want to say something to us. We came here to take you both but dint expect that you did your romance without locking your door. Sorry”

He holds his ears and keeps a pout face. Swasan gets embarrased and swara just run from there without waiting for any one.

In the living hall, AP, SHekar, Sharmista , Dadaji & Dadiji everyone assembled there and waits for Swasan & Raglak.

Both the couples comes down and waits for the announcement. Shekar informs Swaragini that they are travelling to their sasural today only.

Ragini feels happy and smiles looking at laksh. Sanskar too gets happy and smiles but Swara is shocked and did not expect this. She looks tensed and worried. Sharmista observes and goes to her. She hugs her by her shoulder and says, “Swara, i know why you look tensed. It is new place, new people and you have to adjust yourself for each of them according to their wish. As a lady, even i felt the same tension when i came here but see me now…i am very happy with your papa right. Soon you will also be very happy in your sasural. All are very good there and i am sure you will be happy there.”

Swara gets teary eyes and hugs her mom tightly and thinks, “Maa…your assumption is wrong. My sasural will give me only pain. Yes all are good except my husband whom i supposed to believe.”

AP comes to her and understands her tension. She cups her face and says, “Swara, till i am there no one will dare to hurt you. It’s my promise. You believe me na”

Swara unknowingly nods her head and hugs her. AP hugs ragini too and blesses both her bahus.

The day passes as usual and they started their journey in the evening. Swaragini bids bye to their parents with teary eyes and leaves from there. Sanlak in the front seat, Swaragini and AP at the back seat. After 2 hours of journey they reach their home Maheswari mansion. Swaragini gets surpised seeing their lavish home and As far as swara she knows only his farm house. AP welcomes them inside and does all the rituals. Once they come inside, Sanskar holds Swara’s wrist and stops her moving inside further. All gets surprised by his act and AP, “Sanskar, what happened? Why u stopped her?”

Sanky, “Maa, we both are going to live in the farmhouse for sometime”

All are shocked and especially Swara who is at extreme shock and stares his face without any reaction. Her heart starts racing fastly and she could actually hear her own beats. Laksh comes forward and asks, “Bhai, why this decision? ANy pbm staying here?”

Sanky, “Hey cool. I don’t have any problem. I need to spend time with my wife alone. Well we will understand each other better if we stay alone for sometime. What Swara?”

Swara did not answer to him and keeps quiet. AP and Laksh tries to say something but Sanky interrupts them and says, “I decided it and we are going”

AP understands that Sanskar is going to make her answer for all his pains on those 6 months. She comes forward and looks at his eyes, “Sanskar, i promised her that i will not let anyone hurt her. I think you will also keep my promise and don’t dare to hurt her” she finished by giving him a firm look.

Sanky just smiles slightly and says, “Being a husband, i have some responsible maa. I won’t let anythin harm my wife. Don’t worry. I am your son and will not do anything wrong”

AP smiles and blesses them. Ragini hugs swara and everyone bids bye to them.

Swasan gets into the car and drives to farmhouse. Swara sits silent and looks outside the window. Sanskar often looks at her and he too did not talk anything till they reaches the house.

Swara gets down from the car and looks at the farmhouse and all the 6 months back memories started haunting her. She stops in the door and looks around the house. It is decorated nicely and shines coz of the lightings. Soon latha kaaki and kaka comes from inside happily. They make swasan stands together and she does aarti and welcomes them inside. Swara enters inside and remenisces her first day in this house. She looks at Sanskar who is starring her blankly. She gets scared seeing his reaction changes and moves back. He holds her hands and drags her to their room and pushes her on the bed.

Swara really gets scared now and moves back being in the bed and hits the board.

Sanskar removes his shirt and folds it into half sleeves and bends towards her. Swara closes her eyes tightly seeing him so close.

Sanky, “Did you remember anything after coming here?”

Swara opens her eyes and stares him scaringly.

Sanskar stands straight and asks, “I want to know why you left me that day. I won’t believe your answer that you are disgusting by my touch. Coz i already proved you that you are unable to withstand by my single touch. And you are melting like a ice whenever i am near you. So i want to know the real truth, why u left me on that day?”

Swara is still on the bed and looks at him without answering anything. She thinks, “Shall i say the reason? How he will react after that? Or shall i take sometime and tell him the reason why i left?. why should i think all this? what mistake i did when his intentions were wrong about me?”

Swara comes to senses hearing sanskar’s voice. His face tells her that he is waiting for her answer.

Swara unintentionally tells, “I need some time”

Sanskar, “Ok..till tomorrow night you have time and you should tell me what was the reason behind your abscond”. He leaves her there itself and goes out. Swara is shocked and thinks how to handle him alone here. It’s already late in the night and she slept soon without having food. Sanky also did not disturb her and makes her sleep properly in the bed and he too sleeps beside her.

Precap: Swara gets shocked seeing Shaini again and gets angry on Sanskar. Shaini blurts out the truth to Swara and tells her that Sanskar will not forgive the person who doesn’t trust him.

So how is this episode guys. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know your comments.

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