Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 21)


I am so so so sorry friends…actually i was stuck in some personal stuffs and that’s y i couldn’t update the ffs. Everytime i always try to update it regularly bit some or the other things stops me inbetween. To equate that i have a given a very long update with romantics of Swasan here. Hope you will enjoy this…Once a Big sorry …. and A VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY…

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 21)

Sanskar stares swara who is coming in night dress chosen by Sanskar. She tries to hide her cleaveages and feels his gaze on her but she didn’t dare to see his eyes. Slowly she comes to the other side of the bed opposite to him and takes out the pillow and blanket and walks towards the couch kept there in the room. Sanskar notices this and blocks her way which makes her to see him face to face. For a sec, she stumbled seeing his sparkling eyes but immediately she throttles the thought away and moves left and right to go but sanskar also moves on the same direction where she moves and locks her ways by keeping his hands across his chest.

Swara gets irritated and asks, “Now what you want? I wore the dress what you asked for right? Just leave my way..i am tired”

Sanskar smirks and says, “I haven’t given this dress to you to wear and sleep in the couch…”

Swara glares him and asks, “Then what you want?”

Sanky, “I thought you understand without telling but if you like to hear it from my mouth, then i have no problem. I want you to sleep with me..in that bed’ by pointing the bed to her.

Swara is shocked and says, “You are doing too much. This is it. I am not gonna do all this shitty things. Just leave my way” she tries to go by pushing him but instead he hold her wrist tightly and throws her on the bed. Before she realises what happened, Sanskar comes on top of her and holds her both hands by his and leans on her face as if he is going to kiss her. Swara is struggling to free herself from his grip and while doing so she shouts him to leave her.

She continues her shouting till she hears the knock on their door. Both swasan is shocked and blinks at each other but the knocking is continues and they hears a voice behind the door. It is none other than Sharmista and Dadi.

Dadi, “Shona..what happened? Y r u shouting? All ok?”

Swara stammers and says loudly, “Haan…dadi ma…i am ok..i am not shouting..just talking” both are in the same position in the bed how they were..but Sanky just turn his head and looks at the door and swara too lies on the bed in the same position and answering them little loud.

Mishti gets little worried and says, “Shona…y u r not opening the door…your voice is very low. From where you are talking”

Dadi pats mishti shoulder and says, “Do you expect your beti to open and show her face at this time. Remember she is married and is with her husband. We just came hearing her shouting and now she told she is ok…don’t disturb them. Chalo we will go”

Inside Swasan looks at each other and when they are leaving, Swara again fights with him to leave her and shouts again, “Leave my hand…I am telling you last time..just leave me”.

Dadi and Sharmishta again stops and hears her shouting and gets confused why swara is shouting like this. Now dadi also decides to see her once. They both again knocked the door and asks swara to come out.

Swasan is shocked again and this time swara pushes sanskar when he loosens his grip. He falls in the bed on the other side and looks at swara who is running to the door but stops near to that and looks at her dress and turns to see sanskar who is smiling seeing her hesitation.

Swara stands near the door and with much hesitation opens the door slightly and just peeps her head outside and smiles at her dadi and maa. Both the ladies looks her wierd and asks why she was shouting. Swara blinks at them and says, “Nothing dadi…i am alright. You saw me right..now its ok na. Ok bye”

She is about to close the door immediately but dadi keeps her hand in the door and oversee her bed inside and notices Sanskar’s leg and the clumpsy bed..she smiles at her and says, “Ok chalo…you go and sleep.” Swara gives a sigh relief and immediatley closes the door and turns but sees sanskar who is silently laughing at her actions.

She stumps her feet on the ground in anger and takes her pillow again in her hand but sanskar stops her saying, “Nope… and you know what i will do if you go to couch”

She controls her irritation and goes to the other side of the bed and puts her body on the corner of the bed and pulls the blanket over her. Sanskar smiles at her and says, “You won’t say Good Night to me”

Swara shows her back to him and says, “Good night”

Sanky, “I am at your back and to whom you are saying?”

Swara, “Why are you torturing me like this, that too this time”

Sanky, “Say Good Night to me”

Swara in her mind voice, “God…irritating.” she then turns to say good night to him but shocked seeing him so close to her.

Sanskar waits for her to turn and once she turns, immediately he moves close to her and hugs her tightly and smiles at her. Swara is speechless seeing him so close and feels his hot breathe on her face. Her heart skips the beat and races faster.

Sanky then tuckles her hair behind her ear and says in husky voice, “Good Night my dear wife…and don’t try to move away from me. I want you to sleep next to me. I want to feel your presence when i keep my hands beside me” by saying this he kisses her forehead and hides in her neck. Swara couldn’t say anything and still in shock. She don’t know what to do and why he is doing all this. She just blinks at him seeing his sleepy face and stares the ceiling for sometime. Soon she also sleeps in that position only.

Next Morning, the first sun rays falls on his face and he wakes up before his wife. He finds himself hugging his wife and looks at swara who is sleeping like a kid by shrinking herself comfortably and rests her head on his chest. He mesmerised seeing her innocence and beauty in her face and his mindvoice, “I know i irritated you and blackmailing you, torturing you…but i am doing all this is just to keep you with me. Nothing else. I need to find out why you ran away from me and what fault you found on me. Soon i will solve everything and make you mine forever. I LOVE YOU SWARA”. He kisses on her chubby cheeks and pulls her nose naughtily.

Swara gets disturbed by his act and wakes up immediately. She opens her eyes and finds her in his embrace and looks at his face so closely. He stares her lovingly and says, “Good Morning sweet heart”. Swara moves from him, sits on the bed and starts brushing her hairs in her hands. She somehow sanskar is starring her continously and looks at him. But sanskar’s eyes are not on her face and little low. Swara follows his gaze on her body and gets shocked seeing her night suite over coat is completely opened and her cleavage is clearly visible and feeding food to his eyes. She immediately leaves her hair and covers herself by her hands and takes the blanket from him to cover herself.

Sanskar feels his body temperature is increasing due to her seductive body and stares swara sensously. Swara gets scared and moves back continuously. Dont know what he thinks, immediately he gets up and goes to washroom. Swara relaxes herself and finds some other dress to wear and she finds Sanskar’s shirt on the couch. She immediately picks it up and wears it. It comes upto her knees and stil she is somewhat ok with that dress instead of that night suite. She decides to teach him a lesson today for torturing her.

Inside washroom, Sanskar is standing under shower and trying to control his emotions. He remembers Swara’s act from yesterday till today morning and feeling restless. Somehow he manages and comes out wearing a bathrobe. He finds swara in his shirt and rolls his eyes and murmurs, “Uff..she is really tempting me”.

Before that when sanskar is in washroom, she starts searching for her dresses and finds them all under the bed. She curses sanskar and selects the dress to wear for that day. Sanskar comes and hugs her from back and says, “So you got it finally”

Swara is shocked and tries to removes his hands from her waist and starts pinching him. He screams in pain and rubs his hands where she pinched and says, “Aaahhh swara..its paining”

Swara, “Hmm for that only i pinched. Move away..i need to get ready”

Sanskar again plays with her by blocking her ways and finally she pushes him on the bed and goes to washroom with her dresses. Sanskar laughs and gets ready for the morning pooja. He goes down after getting ready and informs them that swara will be joining soon.

Swara comes after bath and finds the room empty..she gets happy and relaxed and gets ready. She wears a cute georgette zari work designer saree in pink & beige color combination with embroidery patch work. She looks gorgeous in that saree and applies slight make up and wears the matching jewels. She looks at her once in the mirror and goes down to join the pooja.

Everyone presents there in the hall except Swara. Soon she also comes down and joins with them and they complete the pooja and the elders goes to prepare for the post marriage rituals. Sanskar holds her wrist when she is about to follow them, he takes her to the corner and locks in the wall and says, “I am giving you a final warning Swara. Don’t come infront of me with this much beauty…you are provoking me to make yourself mine now itself.” Swara didnot expect this counter from him and gets blush hearing him but hides it infront of sanskar. She pushes him back and says, “Behave yourself Sanskar. All are here only” she runs away from there of not tolerating his gaze on her.

Sanskar goes and sit with Laksh who is playing with the kids, sanskar also joins with them and starts tickling the kids. Swaraginin helps the elders in the kitchen and Ap also joins them. Soon the couples are called for the marriage rituals and makes them sit opposite to each.

Swasan and Raglak sits beside each and opposite to their partners. The elders keep a big thali infront of them fills with milk and rose petals. Mishti announces that there is a ring hidden in this thali and the couples has to find it. Swasan stares each and swara makes face seeing sanskar. Raglak also looks each other and shares a romantic eyelock. All the 4 starts finding the ring in the thali.

Swara is interestingly finding the ring but suddenly her fingers gets block by something..no no it is not something…it is someone. Yes it is Sanskar who captures her fingers and starts pressing it inside the milk. Swara glares him angrily and struggles to take her hands from him but she gives a fake smile to others and signs sanskar to leave her hand.

But sanskar slightly nods as No and makes his grip more tight and smiles at her. Here raglak also pressing both their hands and romancing instead of finding the rings. The elders who is watching them gets suspect and teases them. Raglak gets blush and now they tried to find the ring seriously and ragini wins the game. Then they all wait for swasan to finish the game.

Sanskar is not ready to leave swara’s hand, so she pinches him hardly and he screams coz of pain but hides it when his mom asks him. Swara smirks at him and says, “Yeah i got the ring”. Sanskar also, “Even i also got it”

AP and Mishti wonders and says, “How come? We have put one ring in each thali..how come you both find the ring?”

Swara try to take her hands but she couldn’t and blinks at them. Then they asks sanskar to take his hands out and he immediately takes his hands by holding swara’s hand. All laughs at them and swara feels shy coz of his behaviour. AP, “Sanskar..i never know that you can be so mischevious”. Sanskar smiles and winks at Laksh and both gives hi-fi.

Swara gets up and goes to kitchen to hide herself from everyone. Ragini and Swara didn not allow anyone in the kitchen and they tells them that they will prepare for their lunch. They make everyone sit in the hall and goes to kitchen. Both the sisters gets busy in preparing their families favourite dishes. Ragini prepares laksh’s favourite and swara already knows what sanskar likes and she prepares his favourite. After a solid 2 hours, both sisters invites the family members to have the lunch.

Mishti and Dadi makes everyone sit and they started serving to them. Swara sits beside sanskar on his left side and when she is about to take her hands but sanskar holds it under the chair and not leaving it. Swara keeps a pout face and pleads him through her eyes to leave her hand. But simply he nodded no and holds it tightly.

Swara starts eating in his left hand and blinks when dadi scolds her for her behaviour. She couldn’t say anything but just stares them helplessly. Sanskar smirks at her and laksh notices his smile and slightly bend down under the chair and notices that sanskar holds swara’s hand. He smiles and tells this to Ragini…they both laughs seeing swara and she tells laksh to help her.

Laksh then looks at his side table and finds the pickle near him and says, “Sanskar bhai…can you please pass the pickle here”

Sanky stares him and says, “You can take na..y u asking me”

AP, “Sanskar..he is asking right. Give it to him..it is near you”

Sanky glares him while laksh smirks. Sanskar leaves her hands and gives the pickle to laksh who takes it but simply keeps it near him and winks at him. Swara immediately takes her hand and stares sanskar angrily and thinks to teach him a lesson now itself. After few mins, she screams and says,”Ouch..maa…hand is paining. I can’t eat it”

Mishti worries and says, “I will feed you” but swara stops her and says, “I would like to have it from my husband’s hand” she finishes saying and gets shy.

Sanskar couldn’t believe and starts coughing by holding his head. He then looks at her face but couldn’t find anything suspiciously.

All started teasing them and swara turns to sanskar says, “Can you feed me the food?”

Sanskar is still in shock and simply nodded yes and starts feeding her the food. He didnt smile at her but trying to find the change in behaviour from her face.

Suddenly he screams loudly and holds his finger and blows air in it to reduce the pain. He then stares her angrily and asks, “Is this the way you will eat?”

Swara keeps a puppy face and blinks her eyes cutely and says, “Sorry Sanskar ji.. i thought it is bhendi and i don’t find difference between your finger and bhendi…what i will do?”

That’s it…Laksh couldn’t control and burst into laughing…and soon all joins with him and laughs seeing swasan. Sanskar really got angry and irritate, he keeps the food there itself and rushes to him room. Swara turns, sees him going and smilingly says, “This is what i want Mr.Sanskar Maheswari. Whatever you will do with..you will get it back. Ab toh mazaa aaya”. She then continues her food and winks at Raglak who also smiles at her.

In the evening, some of their relatives comes there to bless the newly married couples. Swasan and Raglak sits together and gets blessings from the people. Sanskar did not talk to anyone and keeps silent. He did not even talk to anyone at the dinner time. Swara feels something is wrong and thinks what big blast gonna come now.

After the dinner, mishti sends swara & ragini to their with milk to their husbands. Ragini looks happy but finds swara tensed and she asks, “Shona..what happened? you look so tensed?”

Swara, “No Ragini..nothing like that. I am happy only”

Rags, “DOn’t worry swara..i also notices sanskar jiju…he is angry with you still…you can convince him. All the best”

Then swara comes to her room and finds him no where in the bed and keeps the milk in the table and looks for him here and there. She gets jerked when she hears a voice very close to her. Yes it is Sanskar only who stands behind the door and once she enters he locks the door without her notice and comes close to her.

Swara turns and before she moves back, sanskar pulls her to him and says in cold tone, “I am giving you so much of freedom right and you are taking the advantage of the liberty right?”

Swara gets scared seeing his eyes and stammers saying, “No..No..Sanskar..i just played”

Sanskar, “Oh..you want to play with me…that’s fine. Ok then now i will play with you”

Swara is blank and simply stares him without uttering any word.

Sanskar in his stern intense voice says, “Now i need a kiss”

Swara is shocked and says, “It’s too much Sanskar. I can’t do all your nasty wishes”

Sanskar, “Nasty? ok fine…then i will go and tell your family your whereabouts where you were?”

He starts walking towards the door but swara keeps pulling his hands and says, “Sanskar pls…stop this. I can’t take this black mail anymore. I will do wat you say”

Sanskar stops and says again, “You have to kiss me now..in my lips”

Swara unwillingly moves towards him and stands on her tip toe and is about to lean on his face but he stops and says, “Is this the way of kissing your husband?”

She blinks at him and he continues, “You know how to kiss right..i am sure you remember our first kiss…coz i couldn’t forget it. First hug me and then kiss me”

Swara goes to him so close, takes his hands and keeps it in her bare waist which is hidden behind her saree. She gets goosebumps in her body when she feels his touch on her waist and she cups his face in her hands and leans on his face so close. She still hesitates but somehow she starts kissing his lips slowly. Initially it was an unwilling one but soon, she forgets herself and closes her eyes and starts kissing him passionately and sucking his lips like a hungry tigress.

Soon Sanskar also lost his temper and control and he too kisses her back and bites her lower lip which makes her moan in pain. He starts exploring her mouth and locks his mouth on hers. He then pulls her to the wall and pushes him on her and kissing her hardly than before. Their s*xual organs are knocking on their way to get a space for them but they both controlled it and moves apart from each other after a long kiss. Swara breathes heavily and couldn’t face him eye to eye. She moves to the bed and lies in her side and covers with blanket.

Sanskar looks at her with more hungry, he too goes and lies beside her. Then he turns her to face him and kisses her neck sensously. Swara already lost all her energy and is not ready to oppose him, so she kept quiet and gives him a clear way of finding his treasure in her neck. He pushes her neck upwards more and puts his face completely on her neck and starts sucking it hungrily and gives love hickeys also. For each of his hickey, she moans in both pleasure and pain. He then about to remove her saree from her but finds a drop of tears from her eyes and gets disturbed seeing it. He felt bad of pushing her for his hunger, he then moves away from her and sleeps on the other side of the bed by showing his back to her.

Swara wonders what happened to him but did not ask anything and she too sleeps after sometime.

Next morning, sanskar wakes up and rolls his hands on the bed to find his wife but it looks empty. He then sees her getting ready infront of the mirror, swara also sees him via mirror and gets embarrassed seeing him. She soon finishes her make up and rushes outside to avoid his glare more. Sanskar smiles and goes to washroom to get ready.

In the hall, Ragini is serving tea to everyone and looks at swara who is lost and coming down. She goes to the kids first and plays with them for sometime. Ragini finds her disturbed face and thinks to ask her about yesterday.

Soon Sanskar also comes down and joins with laksh and others. After sometime, when swara is playing with the kids, Janvi notices something on swara and asks, “Swara bua…what is this?”

Swara did not know what she points and asks, “What janu?”

Janvi keeps her little finger on swara’s collar bone and neck and says, “Why it is red here? DId you get wounded?”

Swara is shocked and stumbled what to reply to them. She is dumb for a sec and ragini comes for the help and send swara to her room. Swara runs to her room fastly without seeing anyone but sanskar notices all this and he too goes behind her.

Swara comes and stands infront of the mirror and looks at the hickey and says, “oh god..how i left it like this…i should have hidden it”

She touches it and felts some pain on the part and takes a cream to apply on it to hide it. But before that sanskar comes behind her and snatch the cream from her hand. She did not move but still stares him what he is doing.

He moves her hair at one side and looks at the hickeys he given to her. He keeps his finger on it and swara winces in pain. She closes her eyes when it pains and soon feels a chilness on that same place, she opens her eyes and looks via mirror where sanskar is kissing on her neck to soothe her pain. Then he applies the cream on those places where ever the hickey is visible and both shares a cute eyelock via the mirror.

Precap: Swasan, Raglak and AP travels to their home. Swara encounters her past in the farmhouse with Sanskar.

So how is this episode guys. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know your comments.

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