Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 20)


Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 20)

After Sangeet gets over, everyone leaves to their respective place. Swasan is lost in each other thoughts and gets worried thinking about the marriage life which gonna start with hatred.

Next day, haldi ceremony finished successfully and all are getting prepared for marriage. Sanskar reminiscies his moments with Swara and thinks, “You made me helpless to do this marriage forcefully. But in one way am happy that i will get you forever. I don’t mind what you think about me…all i want is you..just you”

Swara gets tensed thinking about her marriage with Sanskar which she don’t want. She looks at Ragini who is happily getting ready to step into her new life again. She doesn’t want to spoil the happiness of her family and unwillingly getting ready for the marriage.

Pandit calls the grooms and AP gets Sanlak to the mandap. They did some pooja and he calls for the brides. Sharmista goes and gets her daughters and makes them sit beside Sanlak.

Swara’s mind and heart is not concentrating on the rituals and gets worries thinking about her fate and same as with Sanskar. Both their faces did not show any reactions but Raglak happily performs their rituals.

Pandit recites the mantra and asks them to take the pheras. First Swasan takes the pheras followed by Raglak. Sanskar ties the mangalsutra to Swara and puts sindoor on her forehead. While doing so, Swara did not look at him which hurts sanskar and he felt bad seeing her. Laksh also ties the knot to Ragini and keeps sindoor on her forehead. Pandit announces them as husband and wife from now on. Both the couples gets blessings from the elders and taken to their rooms.

Swasan goes to Swara’s room and Raglak has been given another room nearby. Swara removes the garland and jewellery and looks for the night suite to change her dress.

Sanskar comes towards her and stands behind her. Swara senses him at her back but did not show any reaction and acts like searching for the dress.

He understands her act and suddenly he keeps his hand on her waist and pulls her back to him. Swara gets shocked and gets goosebumps by his touch. She don’t know what to do but stands like a statue. Her heart raises her beats more faster than ever and she breathes heavily. He smiles seeing her nervous and puts her hair aside and place a wet kiss on her collar bone. Swara closes her eyes of not tolerating his touch and holds her dress tightly by her fists.

He kiss her continuously and starts moving upwards and stops near her earlobe and whispers, “You told that my touch was disgusting for you right? How is it now?”

Swara opens her eyes and is shocked listening him. He turns her to face him and tuckles her hair behind her ears and looks at her eyes. His face doesn’t have any reaction but swara’s face shows only hatred on him.

Sanskar stares her for sometime and says, “Now you have to do what i say?”

Swara, “What you want? Y u do this to me?”

Sanky, “Simple. You have to take your word back”

Swara, “Ok..i ask apologize from you. I am sorry for saying those words…now just leave me peacefully”

Sanky, “Aaaaaahhhhhhh..my dear wife…this is not the way to get your words back”

Swara gets irritated by him and asks, “Then what you want me to do?”

Sanky, “Just a touch”

Swara did not understand anything and looks at her confusingly.

Sanky continues, “I have to feel your touch on me often. To make it more clear…for example..now i need a kiss. I will not force you but you yourself should come and kiss me. You should not object me. So its clear right. Whenever i need you..you should come.”

Swara, “If not..what you will do? Now you can’t blackmail me..ragini marriage is already over. I wont come to your words now”

Sanky smiles seeing her innocence face and says, “You will. Achaa Swara..your family did not know that you were staying with me and before that you were caught in a disgusting place…mmm are they aware of it?”

Swara’s face becomes pale and tears hides her eyes. Sanskar feels bad seeing her face but he doesn’t want to keep him away from swara. He need her badly and he is ready to do any thing which can keep her near him. He holds his fists to control his emotions and stares her.

She wipes her tears and goes out of the room immediately. Sanskar raises his hand to stop her but halts it in the air and looks at the way she runs. He felt very bad for hurting her but he too gets hurt inside and thus he decided not to let her go from him again.

After sometime, Swara comes from the room and looks for Sanskar. She hears the sound from the washroom and goes to her wardrobe to get her dress but she gets shocked seeing none of her dresses are there and instead some night suits are there which is looking very small and transparent.

Swara understands his cheap game and is about to go but exactly at the same time sanskar comes out from washroom after having a bath. She looks at him and gets awestruck seeing his bare chest and looks at his eyes. He smirks at her and moves towards her. Swara tries to go from there but he locks her way and pushes her beside the wardrobe and cages her by his hands. Then he himself takes a dress from there and gives it to swara and asks her to wear it.

Swara throws it back to him and says, “I won’t wear anything”

Sanskar laughs and says, “Yeah..even that is fine. Coz anyway i am ur husband and there is no need of dress infront of me. I will be very happy if you won’t wear anything” he winks at her. Swara becomes dumb and thinks to escape from his clutch but his strong hands pulls her to him and he moves his hands to her back. He makes her busy in admiring him and he silently removes the dori and buttons from her blouse at the back. Slowly she gains conscious and struggles to free herself from him but before she completes her action, he fully opens her blouse and touches her bare back with his hands which makes her to feel the chillness in her body. She stops breathing for a min and stares him. He pushes her to wall and locks her in his arms and tries to removes her tops forcefully. She fights with him but finally man power wins and he removes her dress and throws it on the floor…but when he doing so, swara pushes him with full force and takes the blanket from the bed and covers her body with that and roars, “How dare you?”

Sanky falls on the bed but smiles at her saying, “Now you have no choice but to wear this” he again gives that night dress to her and asks her to wear it. Swara don’t have any other choice, takes the dress and runs to washroom with the blanket only. After entering inside, she curses him with all bad words and wears the dress. She looks herself in the mirror and finds awkward seeing her in this transparent wear. She keeps on adjusting her dress and comes out slowly.

Sanskar arranges the bed and looks at her coming from washroom. His harmones fluctuates badly and it gets evacuate in his body. He feels something is happening inside his body and stares her continuously.

Precap: Sanskar makes swara to keep his hand on her waist. Swara closes her eyes of unable to tolerate his sensual touch.

So how is this episode guys. Hope you all like it. Pls let me know your comments.

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  10. Omg this is outstanding,eagerly waiting for next post, plz bcz this is uncontrollable really awesome

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