Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 2)


Thank you all for the support. First of all Dhara & Amu..I am disappointed of not getting comments for the Love blooms FF so only i stopped even i lost interest in continue that. I will try to see to end it..but i can’t assure you.. and thank you so much for asking means you still remember that FF and i am so happy for that.

Okay now lets get into this new FF.

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 2)

Episode 1: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-love-behind-lust-episode-1/

Sanskar looks at the picture and lost himself in her beauty and cherish smile. He thinks for a sec that how come she is in this work. And the next moment he thrashes that thought and thinks, “Whatever it may be…she is mine today”. He starts to leave and reaches home and greets Annapurna. He goes to his room and gets freshen up and takes rest for sometime.
He closes his eyes but he is haunting by swara’s cute look and smile. Immediatelty he gets up and gets dressen up and dials to the broker number and tells, “I am starting now..Make her ready”. The broker also accepts and looks at his wife and signs her.

His wife goes to a room and locks it. He waits outside and he only hears the scream of the girl who cries loudly and keeps on refusing what she said. Finally after sometime, her scream is stopped and his wife comes outside showing thumbs up to her husband. They both arranged a room and takes that girl to that room and waits for Sanskar.

Sanskar reaches that house within 30 minutes which is too fast. He enters his house and greeted by the broker and his wife. They shows him the room and he gives them the money and walks to the room. He opens the door and enters inside and finds a girl is standing near the window holding it for support. He can see only her back. He locks the door by keep on looking at her. He slowly walks towards her and he observes the shiver in her body for each of his moves. He is seeing her holding the window tightly due to the shiver.

Now he is close to her, standing behind her and is hearing her heavy breathe. He keeps his on her hair which is kept open and slowly he moves her hairs to one side and leans on her shoulder and pours his hot breathe on her body and slowly he lifts his eyes and sees her face through the reflection in the window.

She closes her eyes tightly of not able to bare this closeness. He smiles at her reaction and keeps his hands on her back and rolls his finger on her body which makes her shiver more. He takes his hands and drills down to her hands and clutches her hands tightly and with one force, he twirls her to face him.

Now he is seeing her clearly, her face, her eyes which is showing the fear on him, her shivering lips, her chest moves up and down due to the heavy breathe..UFFF…she is beautiful and hot too. So many thoughts are going in his mind by seeing her. He completely forgets himself and slowly leans on her but stops hearing a voice saying,

“THere is a camera in this room”. Yes it is Swara who said this to him.

He stops and moves back seeing her puzzled and asks, “What are you saying?”

Swara, “Yes..they kept camera in this room, so that they will record everything and plan to blackmail you to get money”.

Sanskar, “What nonsense are you talking? Do you want me to believe a person like you?”

Swara is pained hearing that question and disgusting look from him but still she says that, “but even i have a heart which is thinking not to betray the one who believes in me. You believe me and came inside but here inside this room we are watching by them”. she tells this in cryingly.

Sanskar taken aback and sits on the bed for sometime and starts smoking there itself. Swara stands at the same place and does not move at all.

Sanskar calls the broker. Swara says, “Sir..please don’t tell them that i told you about this camera and all…they will kill me..Pls sir”. He comes inside and looks at them alternatively and ties his hands across his chest and stands infront of him.

He looks at swara for a sec and sees sanskar’s angry look, He thought that she is not agreeing for his wish and he rushes to her and pulls her by her hair. She screams in pain and shouts him to leave her. He is about to slap her but he is stopped by a strong hand which is none other than Sanskar who looks at him with red eyes. He is boiling in anger and gives him a hard slap to him. He falls on the floor and rubs his cheeks.

Sanskar, “How dare you?”.

The broker gets scared seeing his anger. Swara also gets scared seeing him like this.She steps back and stick to the wall. He goes to him and says, “Do you think i am a fool?” The broker did not understand anything and blinks at him. He comes to swara who is scared and steps back. He grabs her hand and moves forward and looks at broker and says, “I am taking her with me and from now on don’t try to get her back”. By saying this he throws the money on his face and goes out with her.

Swara is shocked but she couldn’t refuse and thinks this is the chance to get out from this hell. Sanskar thinks, “What if not here, i will make her mine in my place”.

Two different thoughts are going in 2 brains and only god knows what will happen.

Precap: Sanskar gets swara to his farm house and puts her in the bed. Swara tells him that she lied him about the camera and pleads him to leave her.

So guys, how is this episode. Hope you guys like it and pls pls give me your valuable comments for the same.

Credit to: Sathya

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