Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 19)

Thank you so much beautiful ladies. Okay i have to clear some points here, i forgot in the previous episodes. About the kids i will clear the confusion in this episode…here is the next chapter

Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 19)

Swara leans on her cot and stares the ring in her finger. She remembers all her moments with sanskar from day 1 to till now. Tears rolls down in her eyes and says, “Why Sanskar? Why you are troubling me like this? I thought you loved me but my assumption was wrong..you need only my body and that’s what you told to Shaini also. i heard everything Sanskar…even you also have the same mentality like other men. I hate you Sanskar…i just hate you”

@Guest house,

Sanskar stands outside and stares the moon and feels upset saying, “Why you left me Swara? I was like souless body when you were not with me..but when i saw you here i felt like my soul came back to me. But i was hurt when you told that my touch is disgusting for you…it feels like someone stabs in my heart. I don’t know why you left me but this time i will not leave you and for sure will make you mine. You said my touch is disgusting right…just wait and watch my dear swara what am gonna do to you”

Next Morning,

Gadodia family is doing some special pooja in their home and AP comes there to join with them. She finds two photos and they are doing some pooja for them. After that she asks sharmista about them. Mishti gets tears and says, “He is my elder son Adarsh and his wife Parineeta. They died in a road accident 6 months before. Janvi & Sanju are their kids. Swara only managing them well to not to think about their parents.

AP is overwhelmed and is proud of having swara having her DIL. Once the pooja is over, they are doing the preparations for their sangeet and Mehendi function. In Swara’s room, Ragini and the kids are in full happy mood and selects the dress for the function except Swara. She just simply sits in the bed and stares 3 of them. Ragini observes her face and find something fishy, she send the kids out and goes to Swara.

Rags, “Swara…what happened? Y u look so upset? Are you not happy with this marriage?”

Swara worries seeing her and says, “No ragini..i am not upset…i am alright..just feeling headache..that’s it”

Rags smiles and takes her to select the dress for her. She tries some grand lehengas and finally she selects one for her and says, “Swara you know what, Sanskar & Laksh went to city to purchase sherwanis for them. Noone knows na all these will happen so fast like this” swara just nodded like a doll.

Sanlak comes back after purchasing their dresses and is getting ready for the Mehendi function.

Their family decides to have the mehendi function in the morning and have the sangeet function in the evening. Soon Swaragini got ready for mehendi function.

The family rejoices the moments for their daughters happiness and everyone enjoys the happiness around them. Mehendi is applied to swaragini and sanlak is called to find out their names in their hands.

Laksh struggles somehow and finally finds it in ragini’s hands. Now it is Sanskar’s turn and he comes to Swara. Swara just wants to run away from him but stumps her foot in the floor to hide her feelings. Sanky smirks seeing her nervous face and holds her both hands and observes her palms for sometime and lifts only his eyes to see her face. She simply stares him what he is gonna do..to her surprise he just joins both hands facing the palm up and touches his name which is splitted and written in the corner of both the hands. Swara gets surprised seeing him but finds her emotions. Sanky gets appreciations from everyone and he gives a winning smile to her. She gets irritated and goes away from there.

She sits at one corner of the couch and starts playing with the kids. Sanky sits opposite to her and admires her activities. Sanky thinks to tease her and goes towards her and sits beside her. He also starts playing with the kids and in act of playing like that he often touches her and makes her irritate. She gets angry and tries to avoid him but he voluntarily teases her.

Sanky, “Okay kids…tell me onething whether your swara aunty knows cooking?”

Kids together, “Yeah…She knows”

Sanky, “What…to prepare hot water is it?”

Kids, “No uncle..don’t tease my swara aunty..she knows everything”

Sanky, “I won’t believe you kids…i am sure she doesn’t know anything”

Swara gets furious and says, “Can you pls keep quiet and stop pulling my legs”

Sanky laughs and says, “Why Swara…why u are getting angry..i am saying the truth only na”

Swara simply stares him and turns her face to opposite side.

Sanky again to kids, “So kids..now agree with me..you swara don’t know anything”

Kids together shouts, “Noooo…our swara aunty knows everything.”

Sanky, “Achaa..ok then ask her to prepare a nice coffee for me”

Swara stares him angrily but the kids accepts his challenge and pushes swara to prepare coffee for him and to prove her. Swara gets irritated and goes to kitchen to prepare coffee. She prepares it but she added mirchi powder also and says, “Mr.Sanskar Maheswari…you are gone now”

She gives the coffee to him and the kids cheers her for her attempt. Sanskar smiles and takes the sip of the coffee but widens his eyes in shock and glares her who is keeping a naughty face on him. Sanskar stares without any reaction and drinks the whole cup seeing her without blinking his eyes. Swara is shocked seeing him and gets worried about him. He finishes it and immediately goes to his room. Swara is worried seeing him going but the elders appreciates swara and all starts teases the grooms.

Swara is worried sitting in her room and ragini comes to her to make her ready for sangeet function since it is going to start soon. Swara wants to see sanskar but suppress her feelings and getting ready. Both bride and groom gets ready and the function is started. All the relatives started dancing for the nice old songs and soon the song changes and the couples are dances accordingly. Raglak finishes their performance and now it is Swasan turn. Till then sanky did not look at her but swara only stares him with worry. They both comes together on the dance floor and stares each other. The music starts and they started dancing for the song Janam Janam saath song. They both forgot the surroundings and holds each other sensously and moves according to the music. Sanskar doesn’t have any reaction on his face while staring her but swara eyes shows how much she is upset and cares for him. Soon he forgot his angry and dance with her closely and swara too goes like a water in his hands.

They both gets senses hearing the people applauds them and moves away from each. They all praises their pair and blesses them to be together.

Precap: No precap…yet to decide

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