Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 17)


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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 17)

Raglak, AP and Sanskar started their journey to ragini’s place. Sanky is completely out of interest in going with them but due to AP’s compulsion he agrees to go with them. They started their journey very early in the morning. After a hours of journey, they reached the village and it is fully surrounded with greenery. Sanlak & Ap mesmerised seeing this pleasant place from the busy Mumbai. Ragini is getting excited to meet her family after a long time.

They reached the village and ragini tells them the route to her house. Laksh stops the car infront of the big mansion and except ragini other 3 gets surprised seeing the big mansion. Ragini gets down and welcomes them inside the house. She enters first and others follows her. She sees a man who is of around 40 yrs sitting in the sofa in the living hall and reading the news paper interestingly. Ragini gets happy seeing him and shouts, “Chachu”. He turns and gets surprised, happy seeing Ragini at his doorstep. He shouts happily, “Ragini beta”. He goes to her and ragini also runs to him and hugs him tightly and cries. He sees others also and welcomes them also. AP greets him and says, “I am Annapurna Maheswari and they are my sons Sanskar & Laksh”. He greets her too and says, “I am Shekar Gadodia. Please come in”

Shekar looks at Ragini and says, “Ragini beta, why u did not come home these many days. We were missing you a lot here especially your chachi” and he calls, “Mishti..come here..some one came to see you”.

Shekar makes AP and Sanlak sits in the sofa in the hall and looks for his wife. Ragini gets happy seeing the lady coming and she also gets shocked seeing ragini and shouts, “Ragini” she runs to her and hugs her tightly. All their happy talks are going on and shekar interrupts them and introduce his wife Sharmista to AP and sanlak.

In the mean time, they saw an old man heading towards them. He looks so bold and brave and by his look only people gives respect automatically. Maheswari family gets up and greets them. Shekar introduces them to him and says, “He is my father and head of the family Deendayal Gadodia and she is my mom Parvati Gadodia”. They greets each other and gets it introduced. Ragini tells them all that she is working for their company.

Shekar to AP, “Its very nice to meet you here and i m so happy that my beti is in safe hands.”

Ragini goes to the elders and gets blessings from both. She looks for others and asks, “Chachu, Where is Janvi & Sanju”.

Mishti, “They both went out with shona. You know na they both will not leave shona for a single moment. They three went together.”

Rags, “Where ma?”

Mishti, “Where they will go at this time? as usual to school to teach the village children. Ok you be here, i will get something for them to drink” and when she is about to go but stops and says, “See they came”. she smiles and goes to kitchen.

Ragini looks at the entrance and gets happy and shouts, “Shona…sanju, janvi”

Sanlak and AP sits in the sofa showing their back to the entrance and they can see only ragini’s reactions. Ragini runs and hugs them.

Shekar smiles and to AP, “She is my daughter Shona and they are my grand children Sanju & janvi.”

Sanskar gets some wierd feeling and slightly turns his head to see who is that and gets atmost shock to see the person. He immediately gets up and stands speechless seeing the person at the doorstep. By seeing him, Laksh and AP also sees her and gets shocked. Sanky murmurs, “SWARA”. Yes it is Swara, and still she did not see Maheswari family.

Shekar smiles seeing them and says, “AP ji, she is my daughter Shona… i mean Swara Gadodia”. Immediately after he says, swara’s vision falls on the people standing in the hall and she gets dumbstruck seeing each one especially Mr.Sanskar Maheswari. She stares him continuously and all her moments with him falls into her flashes.

Sanskar is too shocked seeing Swara and he never ever imagined that he will encounter her here. Both glares each other and both have their own thoughts about each. Swara’s ears are echoing with Shaini’s words and Sanky remembers the letter she wrote. His eyes are burning in red and glares her angrily and folds his fist to control his anger.

Swara comes to sense and gets scared thinking whether they might say anything about her. Ragini says, “Chachu, u r telling about shona to them, they..”

Swara interrupts, “meeting for first time..i dont know about them”

AP understands her point and just smiles at her. Laksh too did the same but Sanskar…he couldn’t smile at her but simply stares her without any reaction in his face.

Swara feels uncomfortable witnessing sanky’s glare on her but she somehow avoids his gaze and stands with her parents. After normal talks Swara, Ragini & the kids goes inside to their room. AP looks at Laksh’s tense face and starts the topic about Raglak marriage to them. She did not say that Raglak first meeting and all but she tells them that she likes her character and interests to make ragini as her bahu. Shekar gets happy hearing it and looks for his father’s approval. Dadaji thinks for a while and says, “We cannot decide it immediately, will think and tell our decision. Anyways they are our guest now, will arrange their accomodation first and we will discuss it. You all came here for first time and i want you to spend some days here and you will enjoy this surroundings for sure.”

AP agrees for it and Shekar guides them to their guest house for their accomodation.

@Swara’s room,

Swara, “Ragini, here no one knows that i worked for them and tell me why they came here?”

Rags, “Shona, actually…i want to tell you something”

Swara, “Hmm tell..what is that?”

Rags, “Laksh proposed me for marriage.”

Swara, “Wow…Ragini. is it true? I am so so happy for you. Really laksh is really a gentleman as far as i know”

Rags, “I also know shona. he is a gentle man. But…”

Swara, “What is stopping you ragini?”

Rags, “I am a widow swara, i don’t know whether i am doing it right or not?”

Swara, “Ragini….just leave that past. Laksh is your present. If you really like him then just go for the marriage. So tell me do you love him?”

Swara, “Ragini….just leave that past. Laksh is your present. If you really like him then just go for the marriage. So tell me do you love him?”

Ragini remembers the moment laksh saves her from the goon and his confession, she smiles and gets shy. Swara, “Ok so now i got my answer. I really very very happy for you Ragini”

Swaragini husg each other and the kids too joins them.

@Guest house,

Ap and Laksh witnesses Sanskar’s anger. He is boiling in angry and gets restless thinking about swara. Laksh tries to pacify him but all in vain. AP gets worried thinking about him.

Shekar invites them to join for the lunch with them. They agreed and goes with him. Sanskar is eager to swara again but she is not there. Sanky gets restless and laksh notices his upset and asks them about the kids and others. Shekar, “They are in their room with the kids. They will have it later.”

Sanskar did not want to have anything but just for formality he had two bites and finishes his lunch. AP and Laksh looks at each other and AP signs laksh to follow him. Sanky comes to garden and walks here and there with tension. Laksh comes and asks, “Bhai…y u r behaving so wierd. It will be noticed by them”

Sanky, “How can i be so calm Laksh. You know na how much i suffered because of her and she is here infront of my eyes. But i cannot see her, hold her and i want to ask her why she ran away from me”

That time sanlak hears a laughing and giggling sound from the window. They look up and sees the window opens and guess it is swara’s room.

Maheswari family comes to their guest house and settles down for sometime. But Sanky gets disturb by remembering the laughing sound from swara’s room. Some how laksh calms him down.

In the night @Swara room,

Swara leans on her bed and pats Sanju who is sleeping hugging her. She lost in her own thoughts and tears flows down in her eyes. She looks at Ragini who sleeps on the other side of her bed with Janvi. They three are having a nice sleep but swara losts herself after seeing sanskar.

Suddenly she hears a sound of stone in her room. she looks at it in the ground near the window. She takes it and sees some paper with it. She reads it, “I need to talk to you now”. She understands it is from Sanskar, she gets tensed seeing this and looks outside from the window and sees a shadow near the tree. She decides to go and meet him.

She comes out from her room and slowly goes out from the house to garden. She finds everywhere dark and slowly she moves to the tree where she saw the shadow. Suddenly a strong grip drags her to some corner. She gets scared for a sec and is about to shout but a hand closes her mouth and tightly. She feels a hot breathe on her face so close. She looks at him..yes there he is. Sanskar. Both shares a cute eyelock and they stands so close so that other can feel their hot breathe on them. Sanskar slowly moves his hand from her mouth and glares her face. Swara comes to sense and try to move but Sanky pins her to the wall and locks her in his embrace and says, “Don’t try to move an inch from here”

Swara gets scared for a sec and next second, she cuts him and says, “This is not your home to order anyone and moreover am not old swara to listen all your nonsense. Just let me leave from here”. Sanskar angry got raises immediately and pushes her to the wall again and says, “Don’t test my patience Swara. I don’t want to do any romance with you now…i need an answer for my question?”

Swara looks at him confused and says, “I am not answerable to anyone. Leave me.” she is pushing him away from her but he stands so strong all her efforts goes in vain.

Sanky holds her hands and says, “You are Ms. Swara Gadodia. Y u ran away from me that day? Tell me. I want to know the reason now”

Swara finally with all her efforts pushes him and says, “Don’t dare to touch me Mr.Sanskar Maheswari. You need the answer na. Ok listen. I don’t like you and i hate your closeness with me. I felt disgusting when u touch me. You got your answer now? And don’t disturb me from now on. Just go away from me and my way.”

She runs to her room and locks it. She leans on the door and cries silently. She wipes her tears and slowly walks to the window and look outside and sees Sanskar is standing there at the same place still. She gets angry and closes her window. Sanskar looks at the window and murmurs, “You don’t like me and felt disgusting of my touch. You did wrong Swara. You don’t know about Mr.Sanskar Maheswari the ruthless Businessman who cares nothing to get what he want. Now i decided that i will make your life hell Ms.Swara Gadodia. Just wait and watch, i will make you dance on my tune”.

Next day morning, AP is shocked hearing what sanskar said her just now. AP, “What are you saying Sanskar? How can i ask this to them?”

Sanky, “Maa..you just ask them. Rest they will decide and give you an answer”

AP worries seeing his evil smile and prays god to give good thoughts to him.

Shekar invites AP to his home and all the elders sits to decide about Raglak marriage. Gadodia family accepts this marriage and decides to finish the marriage as soon, so that they can take ragini to their home as their bahu. AP gets happy hearing that and thinks to tell them what sanskar wants.

Swasan and Raglak goes out together to roam the village to have a nice sight seeing. Swasan behaves normally infront of Ragini. Sanskar sends Raglak to spend time alone. Laksh thanks him and take ragini to little far from them. Swara not even mind to look sanskar, she turns her face opposite to sanskar and stares the scenery.

Sanky, “So Ms.Swara Gadodia, i need to talk to you”

Swara, “I don’t have anything to talk to you”

Sanky, “if it is about Ragini?”

Swara turns to him and asks, “What Ragini? what you wanna talk about Ragini?”

Sanky, “So much love on her..huh? That will be good for me only.”

Swara gets irritated and says, “Come to point”

Sanky, “You care for her right? So u will do anything for her happy isn’t it?”

Swara looks at him confusedly and says, “What you are trying to say?”

Sanky, “First answer me. Do you care for Ragini’s happiness?”

Swara, “Yes..i care for her so much. Her happiness is priority for me”

Sanky, “That’s good. Then you have to do what i say?”

Swara, “What?”

Sanky, “Yes. You have to obey me now to make ragini happy”

Swara, “If am not?”

Sanky, “This marriage will not happen and i mean it, you know me better than anyone. I will do as i say”

Swara gets worried and asks, “What do you want now?”

Sanky come close to her and sees her hair flowing in air. He moves it from her forehead and tuckles it behind her ears and says, “Simple…Marry me”

Swara becomes numb and shocked. Sanskar is smiling seeing her shocked face.

The screen is freezed on Swara’s shocking face and Sanskar’s smiling face.

Precap: Not decided yet. Sorry 🙂

So guys how is this episode and hope swasan fans enjoyed it. So from now on it will be full on drama on swasan and you all will have nice cute nok jhok of Swasan and silent romance of Raglak. Hope you all liked this episode and pls give your comments for the same.

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