Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 16)


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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 16)


Ragini is in her cabin working sincerely. A pair of eyes are watching her delicately and lovingly, it is none other than Laksh. Yes, she joined Maheswari group of companies and working under Laksh Maheswari. Till now Ragini does not know laksh’s interest on her. She forget her past and move on in her life and decides to stand in her own feet and she proves herself to laksh that she is capable of this work. All these 6 months, laksh gets to know about her past life and after that only he becomes more strong and stubborn to get her in his life, but he did not propose her yet. Ragini has a good impression on laksh but she did not realise her feelings on him.

Laksh gets a call from AP, he attends it, “Maa?”

AP, “Laksh, Is Sanskar there?”

Laksh, “Haan Maa..he is in his cabin. What happened? U need anything?”

AP, “Beta, he is not attending my call. I want to talk to him”

Laksh reaction got changed and replies, “Maa, you know na. He gives more importance to work than anyone else. He might be busy in work. I will tell him later or tell me na if you need anything”

AP, “Laksh, i am his mom. Work is more important than me is it? For past 6 months, he totally changed and he not even ready to spend time to his family. He spends most of his time only in office and just to sleep he is coming to home. I am done now. I cannot take it anymore. Please make him understand”.

Laksh gets worried and says, “Maa…pls don’t cry. I will talk to him once. Don’t worry. take care of your health first. I am keeping the phone. Bye”

Laksh disconnects the call and gets worried thinking about Sanskar.

Flashback – Before 6 months

Sanskar crunches the paper and looks on furious. Laksh also worries seeing sanskar and felt bad for him. Shaini and Sharad comes to hall and smirks seeing the brothers who worries for Swara. Shaini comes forward and keeps her hand on his shoulder and says, “Leave it Sanky. She is of that type girl who uses the guys and their money for her luxurious life. She tried to use you and ur money but now i came na..so she got to know that she will not get anything and i will not let her get anything..that’s y she ran away without informing anyone. Leave her Sanky. Who knows now she would have got any other man who can spend money on her”

That’s it, Sanskar’s anger goes to extreme level and throttles her neck and warns her, “Not more a word about her. I will not leave you alive…got it?”

Shaini gets hurt and struggles to free herself from him, Laksh and Sharad gets shocked seeing them and makes them gets seperated. Sharad gets angry on Sanskar and says, “Is this the way to treat your fiancee? She is going to be your life partner. keep that in mind. You are hurting my sister just for that 3rd rated girl”

Sanskar gives him a tight slap in his cheeks which makes everyone shocked. AP comes and worries seeing sanky in extreme anger and furious. AP comes forward and holds his hands and pleads him to leave them. He calms down little and is about to go but turns to Shaini & Sharad saying, “There will not be any engagement or marriage in this house for me. I should not see you both when i am back. I am not just saying…its a warning”. He leaves from there and drives off to somewhere that no one knows. Laksh calls to office and gets to know that Sanskar did not reach office.

That day night, sanskar reaches home and he struggles to stand properly. Laksh and AP waits for him in the living hall and finds him in drunken state, they gets worried seeing him. Laksh runs to him and holds him from not falling, he takes him to his room and puts in his bed. AP comes and looks at him who is blabbering due to the influence of alcohol. Laksh removes his suite and changes him into a night suite and makes him sleep comfortable. AP cries seeing his state and says, “No mother wants to see their sons in this state and i got the punishment of witnessing my son’s pain.”

Laksh takes her with him and consoles her. The next day morning, Sanskar wakes up and still in drizzy feel, he shouts as “SWARA”. AP and Laksh runs to his room and sees him sitting in the bed and having the drinks there itself. They both tries to stop him but he is not ready to listen anyone. Laksh sits with him and he also try to take the drinks from him, Sanky stops him and asks, “What are you doing? Y u want to drink?”

Laksh, “Y i should not drink? You are my bhai. I follow your foot steps. If you are drinking, then i will also do the same, you cannot stop me. I have right to share your pain. We both are brothers and more than that we are friends.”

Sanky gets teary eyes and hugs him tightly says, “What wrong i have done lucky? Y she left me and went? I thought of giving my whole life to her but she betrayed me and ran away. y she did like that? You don’t know Lucky…i loved her a lot. But she cheated me. I cannot take this up and i need to forget her and that’s y i am drinking to get rid from her”

Laksh consoles him and makes him look his face, “Bhai, i can understand your pain. Well, we don’t know what swara thought. Only she knows y she ran from you. But all is over now, nobody knows where she went. Don’t think about her, think about maa and make her happy atleast. We all are with you and promise me that you will not take this alcohol from today”

Sanksar promises laksh and hugs him tightly. AP who looks them from outside, gets happy seeing sanskar’s decision and prays for his good. From that onwards, Sanskar is working like hell and spends his most of the time in office only. The employees are scared seeing his angry and furious. Laksh gets worried and to be sure, he also taken a charge of some department and helps sanskar in business. But still sanky avoids coming home often, if he comes also, he used to come at late night and leaves early. Laksh always keeps an eye on Sanskar and his whereabouts. Its been 6 months now, there is no change in sanskar’s behaviour. Inbetween AP talks to him about his marriage but sanskar immediately refuses it and said no one should talk about his marriage in this house. After that AP also never took that topic infront of him, but she continues her prayer to give change in Sanskar’s behaviour.

@ Present

Laksh’s thoughts are disturbed by Ragini who asks him to sign some documents which needs to be submitted to clients. Laksh signs it and stops ragini who is going. She turns and looks at him. He gets up from his seat and comes to her close. Ragini feels nervous seeing him so close which she never experienced it.

Laksh comes close to her and takes her hand in his and says, “I have something to talk to you personally. Shall we meet after office hours?”

Ragini did not respond him for a min and accepts his request, but she looks confused seeing his closeness.

In the evening, Laksh takes ragini with him in his car. He takes her to a sea side restuarant in outskirts which is decorated nicely with a candle light and balloons everywhere. Ragini is shocked seeing all this and finds no one in that place except them. Laksh, “Its reserved only for us”.

Ragini is tensed and follows him where he goes. Laksh gently holds her hand and takes her to the stage which is decorated in a very romantic way with heart shaped balloons and red roses. He makes her stand in the center stage and bends in front of her. Ragini is shocked by his gesture and moves little back. He then takes a red rose from his coat pocket and extends it to Ragini saying, “I LOVE YOU RAGINI. i lost my self from the day i saw you in temple. I never thought that you will be joining in my company but it happens. I want to share my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Ragini is stunned hearing his confession and does not know how to react. Tears flows down in her cheeks and she moves back. She is about to go but laksh stops by holding her hand and pulls her to him. Laksh, “Where are you going? I told you my heart and i need an answer”

Ragini stammers, “I..i..don’t know what to say. I have to go from here”

Laksh again pulls her and says, “Y u want to go. don’t you like me? I know you like me, don’t hide your feelings Ragini.”

Ragini struggles to free herself from him and says, “Sir…pls leave my hand. you are hurting me. I don’t have any feelings on you”

Laksh, “Don’t lie Ragini. I know you have feelings for me and i know the reason also why you are rejecting me”

Ragini stares him silently and laksh continues, “I know about you everything ragini and after that only my love for you got increased”

Ragini is shocked and says, “You know na then leave me. All these love and marriage is not made for me. Just leave me pls”

Laksh tries to convince her but she continues fighting with him finally he pulls her to him and place his lips on her which makes her silent and shocked. It lasts for long till they both need oxygen. He seperates her from him and cups her face saying, “I really love you ragini. I want to give you all the happiness in the world which you deserves to get. Why can’t you understand me?”

Ragini is still in shocked and slaps him hard on his face and runs from there. Laksh gets worried about her and follows her, but he did not find her in the parking and checks with the security there. He informs him that she already gone from here.

Laksh gets panic thinking it as late night and he immediately takes his car and drives. On the way he looks left and right side of the road and shouts her name. After sometime, he sees a car parks on the roadside and he too stops near that car and gets down to check it. He finds no one inside the car and is about to leave from there but stops hearing a scream. He gets panic because it is of ragini’s voice. He runs here and there to find where the voice is coming and he heard some others voices also. He starts running into the bushes and finds the foot prints. He gets tensed and runs towards the foot prints. He is shocked seeing some 2 men are forcing ragini and misbehaves with her. He runs to them and pulls them from her. He beats them badly and takes ragini to his car. Ragini is shivering due to this chaos and hides her skin from the torn cloths. Laksh covers her with his jacket and hugs her to make sure that she is safe. To his surprise, she too hugs him back tightly and cries. He composes her and says, “Ragini…i am here na. don’t worry nothing happen to you. Till i am alive…i will not let anything harm you”. She is surprised to see his love for her but did not say anything to him. They both leaves to ragini’s place. He drops her and leaves from there. Ragini stares the way he goes and gets into thinking.

Laksh reaches home late and sees AP waiting in hall. He goes to AP and she also notices him and asks, “Laksh, what happened? Y u r so late today? Where is ur coat? what is this blood laksh?”

Laksh, “Maa…calm down. Nothing happened to me. Actually i gave my coat to Ragini” he bites his tongue after spelling ragini’s name. AP notices it and asks, “Ragini? Who is she? Laksh are you hiding something from me?”

Laksh blushes and says, “Maa…i love her. She is working in our company.” and he continues telling his first meeting with her till now. AP gets happy atleast Laksh moves on in his personal life. AP, “Laksh, i want to meet her. Will talk to her parents”

Laksh interrupts her, “Maa…i only proposed her but she did not accept it and more over, she don’t have parents. She is staying in hostel here. But i remember her saying that she has a distant relative who is staying in her native place. They are the guardian for her.”

AP, “No problem laksh. I will talk to ragini first and then will talk to her relations. I am so happy for u” she kisses his forehead and goes to her room. laksh also feels relaxed and goes to his room. All these conversation is heard by Sanskar also who stands at the doorstep. He smiles saying, “I am also happy for you laksh. Atleast you should get a happy life which you deserve. I will make sure that you will get what you love…no one can stop me in getting your love to you”

Next day morning, AP serves breakfast to laksh and suddenly Sanskar also joins them. AP & Laksh is shocked and looks each others face. Sanky notices it and asks, “What..is anything written in my face? Maa…am very hungry…pls serve me too na”

AP is in extreme happiness and serves him the food and she also joins with them. All 3 have food together after a long time. Sanskar breaks the silence and says, “So Lucky, what is her Name…mmm…Ragini right? Her guardian name is Mr.Shekar Gadodia. They are her maternal relatives and stays in the village Palghar which is 109 kms away from Mumbai. All these details i got it from her application form. Maa…if you need more information about ragini to talk about their alliance we can directly go to their home and finalise it. After all it is my lucky’s marriage.”

AP & Laksh is speechless and stares Sanskar, but he not even glance them and finishes his breakfast & leaves. AP smiles at him and says to laksh, “Introduce me to ragini. I will talk to her” Laksh also nods happily.

AP also comes to office and laksh introduces her to Ragini. Ragini is nervous and gets tensed. AP takes her to a personal room and tells her, “Ragini, laksh told me everything. I can understand your problem, but it was your past and now you have to look for your future. Forget everything and move on in your life. Laksh loves you very much, i seen him smiling after so many days and it is because of you. I am so happy to get you as my daughter in law. If you want i can talk to your relatives who is taking care for you. Will you accept my laksh?”

Ragini is shocked and says, “Maa…i don’t have anything to say Yes or No. They are not just my relatives, more than that..they are my family. They love me a lot like their own children. I will agree to them whatever they say”. AP gets happy seeing her respect to the elders and says, “Fine. I will talk to them. Now you tell me when we can go and meet them?”

Laksh comes and says, “Day after tomorrow, its a weekend time. We can spend weekends in her home itself…fine ragini?” he winks at her. Ragini did not give any reactions but bows her sight down. AP gets happy thinking about Raglak but gets worried about Sanskar. Laksh understands her worry and hugs her saying, “Everything will be alright. Soon Sanskar also will settle down. Don’t worry”. AP nods happily.

But in Sanskar’s cabin, he is getting restless and throws the things everywhere in his room. After 6 months he thinks about Swara and gets tensed. AP comes to his room and gets shocked seeing it is messy. Sanskar composes himself and looks at her. AP tells him everything and asks him to accompany him also in the travel. Initially Sanskar refused but AP somehow made him agree. So they all 4 planned to leave to ragini’s place on Saturday Morning.

Precap: All reached the village and ragini introduces them to her family. Swasan encounter after 6 months. Sanskar puts a condition on Raglak marriage to Swara.

So guys how is this episode and sorry yar, there is no swasan scenes in this episode, it is only full and full of Raglak and don’t worry from next episode you will have tashan with Swasan scenes. You will find a new avatar of swara which makes Sanky go mad. I hope you all like today’s episode and pls pls pour your comments.

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