Swasan – Love behind the Lust (Episode 14)


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Swasan – Love Behind the Lust (Episode 14)

Swasan reaches the place where they stay now. It is already raining, he stops the car near the doorstep and swara gets down from the car and runs inside the home where in Sanskar goes to park the car in garage. He comes inside the home runningly and he got wet little. Swara notices this and gets towel for him to dry his hair. He sees her with a naughty smile and bows his head down infront of her. She looks surprise and hesitates for few secs and goes to him to dry his hair.

When she comes near to him, he keeps his hands on her waist and drags her close to him. Swara is jerked by his action and her hands started shivering. He looks at her and shakes his head fastly. Water drops from his hair falls on her face and shoulder, she closes her eyes coz of his this act.

He looks at her and moves more close to her and looks at the water drops on her face. He kisses on her forehead, cheeks wherever the drops are there. He leans to her collar bone on her shoulder and kiss it softly and gently. Swara’s flooded emotions are blowing out of the air and she holds his shirt tightly and starts moaning.

He pulls her more and more close to him and slowly moves his lips from her shoulder to her neck and captures it by his lips. He kisses it everywhere on her neck and without her knowledge swara is responding to his kiss by giving him a space on her.

He stops when he needs breathe and he allows her also to grasp some oxygen. He cups her face gently and rubs her nose with his and says, “I LOVE YOU SWARA” in his magnetic voice.

Swara couldn’t do anything better than standing like a statue and tears flowing down in her cheeks. He wipes it and takes her in his arms and moves to a room.

Swara couldn’t stop herself but responding to all his moves silently. He puts her in the bed and he also laid down beside her after removing his shirt. Swara feels shy seeing his bare body, she turns to other side and closes her eyes. She starts feeling nervous and breathes heavily due to this sudden close. Her hearts beats like a race and she gets tensed seeing him coming close to her more.

He touches her bare shoulder( the party wear dress she wore doesn’t have sleeve) and turns her to face him. He observes her nervous and smiles seeing her body is shivering. To her surprise, he kiss only on her forehead and covers her with blanket and tells her to sleep. He also laid beside her with 2 inches gap.

Swara is relaxed and immediately she hides herself inside the blanket and soon dozed off.

Next morning, Swara wakes up and finds little weight in her body. She tries to move herself without opening her eyes but she couldn’t. She opens her eyes and looks sanskar beside her very close keeping his hands on her waist and his face is very much close to her face. She gets shocked and immediately pushes his hands and gets up from the bed with a jerk. All this made Sanskar wakes up and he rubs his eyes and looks at Swara who is standing with shock face.

Sanky smiles and says, “Good Morning dear”. Swara did not respond to him but moves back again. He gets up from the bed and asks her to be ready to go to home. Swara looks herself and looks back to him. He understands what she is trying to say…he tells her to take bath first. She nods and goes inside the washroom.

She finishes her bath and hesitates how to come out..she finds a bathtowel there and covers herself with it and peeps her head outside the bathroom and looks for Sanskar but she did not see him instead she sees a bag on the bed.

She confirms Sanskar is not there, she then comes out and looks at the bag which has a new salwar set. There is a small smile at the corner of her lips and she takes and wears it. She gets ready till then she did not find sanskar, she comes out from the room and at the exact moment, she finds sanskar also comes out from the other room in full casual suite. He comes out while buttoning his shirt button in hand and looks at Swara in new salwar. He smiles at her and goes to her.

She also smiles at him and they both leaves there to the farmhouse.

Swasan did not utter any conversation till they reaches the farmhouse. All the way, sanskar is thinking about Laksh’s reaction after seeing Swara. Laksh is walking to the hall and door continuously and dialling to sanky’s number.

Swasan reached there and laksh looks at sanky’s car and gets relived. he runs out from the home and stands infront of the car before he reaches the door. sanskar is shocked seeing him and gets down from the car and thinks how to tell him about Swara. Swara also gets down with him and looks at him surprisingly.

Laksh also looks at swara gives a shock reaction seeing a lady with sanskar. Sanky gets tensed seeing laksh’s reaction and tries to talk to him but shocked hearing from laksh’s, “Bhai…who is she?”

Sanky, “Lucky…you don’t remember her? But you told me some girl in temple…something like that…”

Lucky, “haan…but she is a different girl and who is she? I am asking you and inturn you are asking me this many questions….”

Sanky gives a sigh relief and hugs him tightly and says, “Thank you so much Lucky…you know you gave me a life again…ok leave it..y u stopped me here itself”

Lucky, “Haan..i forgot..she came”

Sanky, “She came? Who came?”

Lucky, “Areh…Mr.Sanskar…your so called beloved friend Ms. Shaini Arora came here to meet you specially”

Sanky is shocked and looks at swara who is standing near the car itself and smiles at them. Before Sanskar answers him, they called by AP inside.

Sanky gets swara also and all the 3 enters inside the house. AP calls them inside and suddenly a girl in mid 20’s looks at them and runs to sanskar and hugs him tightly saying, “I missed you so much baby”

Swara fumes in jealous seeing them hugging. She is in verge of crying but controls her emotions and hides her tears, but laksh notices it and thinks to ask sanskar about this later. After a while Shaini leaves sanskar and greets laksh but he gives her a fake smile and looks Sanky who is in full tension and upset mood. AP comes forward and introduces Swara to Shaini, but Shaini with least interest did not greet her properly. But another person who stands with Shaini gives a cheapish smile and greets swara and introduces himself as, “Hello, I am Sharad, Shaini’s brother”

Swara folds her hand and greets him instead of shaking hands with him. Sanskar feels happy but seeing sharad starring swara, his blood boils in anger. He then moves to Sharad and stands infront of him and says, “You all might be tired. Go and take rest, will talk later” He sends both of them to respective rooms and looks at Swara who stands like a statue of not knowing where to go. Sanskar, “Swara…you have your room always…go to ur room” Swara not even look at him and runs to her room and locks it.

Laksh looks swasan and finds their intimacy and smiles seeing sanky looking at the way swara went.

Precap: Sharad misbehaves with swara. Shaini gets to know Sanky’s interest on swara and thinks to seperate them. Swasan seperation due to misunderstanding.

So guys how is this episode and pls give me your comments.

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    1. Sathya

      Thank you dear ???

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    1. Sathya

      Yeah… If we have two villains then we have two heroes too dear… So don’t worry and yes misunderstanding will be there and due to that swasan separation will be there…. But that will be for few days after that he will get his love somehow by hook or crook

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